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gina - 10/30/2014 at 03:58 PM

There are more nights and songs but here's some of them, why should they retire just because Derek and Warren are leaving? Are there not other players who would like to continue the legacy? Players have come and go over the years for various reasons, but the band did not just hang it up. So why now? Too much trouble to jam and interview? As I mentioned in another thread Andy Aledort and Dickey can bring it, that other stuff would just need to be worked out.

Blue Sky 3.4.14

No One Left to Run With 3.21.14

Dreams 10.24.14

Soulshine 10.24.14

Come and Go Blues 10.24.14

Midnight Rider 10.24.14

Trouble No More 10.24.14

Whippin Post Circle Whippin Post 10.24.14

Leave My Blues at Home 10.24.14

Hot Lanta 10.24.14

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