Thread: Would have been proud

zackspeach - 10/28/2014 at 03:21 PM

To stand in the orch one last time last night.

would have drove 3.5 hrs and back and laid down the 2-3 bills for a ticket.

Just for a small selection of those songs played Mon, will be tough to top last night.

But also because I should have been there and was in spirit.

To all that helped me get in over the years WOW.

So many shows. $10-20-30 tops!

Even free ones:

I remember driving hours to see them play on carson daly show in rock center

midnight rider/desdemona i think help me $175 ticket for parking outside 30 ROCK.
But well worth it. Got in at the last minute and hung out like right in front of the band.

But as with many things family and priorities come before new memories.

SO many great 1st row memories thank you RITCHIE!

Thanks To all the guys especially Warren see you next week in Albany!

Glad those of you that can afford and take the chance of getting beat.

so sad that the case but once you get to 6-700 prices your gonna have that.

too many $20 shows to get me off the couch.

Enjoy tonight look forward to the blow by blow and will it crash the sat radio?

Heres to the next Dickey Shows maybe this will help him sell out some of the tiny places he plays. In a way I am happy for him and his son will get the exposure he could use.

For those of you that have hundreds to spend I hope you come out and support the man that is still gonna be out there every spring and summer playing free shows and tops $80 tickets for beautiful venues like infinity hall, ridgefield, etc...

Hope we see some Dickey and friends shows Capital Hint hint Steve?

OK have a great show all see you at a tuna,ratdog,haynes,trucks,show soon!

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