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ABBDutchFan - 2/4/2018 at 01:00 PM

Recently released. Bought it last week and it arrived from Japan in approx. a week which is quick. Majority of text in Japanese only but still plenty informative text left over in English. A big chunck of the book is an updated discography not unlike Dean Reynold's book "The Allman Brothers Band Discography" but only focuses on official releases and with better images. This new book also contains two photo chapters and plenty of other images through out the book. There's a very detailed break down of all the Fillmore East releases and a list of guest appearances throughout their career (both in English). There's a chapter that focuses on all ABB bandmembers and a chapter with interviews with a few members (both in Japanese). The book itself is only 18 bucks + shipping & handling costs and i find it a great addition to my ABB book collection. The main reason: the pictures are awesome. Many i haven't seen before or have not been published in all the other ABB related books. I think it was really the intension of the authors to only use a few well known iconic images but also to locate outtakes from photo shoots an other unpublished / lessor known gems from all band eras (incl. Duane). The book is also very up to date and for instance includes Gregg's "Southern Blood". Strongly recommended to ABB collectors.


■STORY OF THE BAND 1969-2017
■03/12-13/1971 FILMORE EAST
■LIVE CONCERT CD 2003-2014

Publisher : SHINKO MUSIC
192 pages in total

Published in 01/22/2018

Lee - 2/4/2018 at 01:26 PM

Wow this is interesting! Thanks for posting this. When you mention updated discography, do you know if there are items that weren't in or missing from Dean's book or did you mean updated from the times?

ABBDutchFan - 2/4/2018 at 01:47 PM

Updated from the times. Official (archive) releases since Dean's book has been released. Dean's book digs deeper into the Duane sessionology and bootlegs/imports and for that reason it's still is a cool and must-have book. The Japanese book also doesn't go into details regarding all the instant live / munckmix releases (accept for the Fox Box) that have been made available since 2003 (and therefor weren't in Dean's book either). Too bad the Japanese book doesn't do that but on the other hand it's understandable. There are so many of them...enough the to fill an entire book by itself.

Lee - 2/4/2018 at 02:00 PM

I love Dean's book but I think I will get this one too. Maybe for some point of comparison. While Dean's listings are much more inclusive than what I have been able to add to my collection, I have run across several items that are not listed in the book.

Never quite understood why he put bootlegs in, things I don't consider legitimate.

I asked him to do a follow up to his book but he said there wasn't a demand for it. I think he underestimated himself because it's tough to not pay a pretty penny for the book.

Looking forward to the Japanese book. Hope there a lot of photos.

ABBDutchFan - 2/4/2018 at 02:22 PM

To get an impression:

here's a link to an ebay Japan page that shows more images from the book. But do not buy at these inflated prices!
Usually it's about $ 18,00. I paid 27 euros including S&H.

Sorry, something went wrong with that link; here it is: regg-Duane-Derek-Trucks-Betts/362222267428?hash=item5456212c24:g:--YAAOSw5u taZ~Ho

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canuckABBfan - 2/4/2018 at 07:46 PM

Very interesting.... thank you for posting about it!

Lee - 2/4/2018 at 08:33 PM

I got out for $28.47, much of which is in the shipping. Not too bad I don't think. It would be pretty cheap if you could buy it off the shelf. But I think the flight there and back would make it cost prohibitive.

ABBDutchFan - 2/5/2018 at 08:22 AM

I forgot to actually add a link in a previous post in order to see more images of the book. I edited my previous post to add the link.

Wis608 - 2/5/2018 at 07:19 PM

I wonder if Godzilla is gonna be in the book.

Lee - 2/5/2018 at 09:34 PM

I forgot to actually add a link in a previous post in order to see more images of the book. I edited my previous post to add the link.

Was going to ask you about no link. Hope I converted Yen correctly because your link is twice what I think I paid.

ABBDutchFan - 2/6/2018 at 11:12 PM

No, like i said in the previous post "do not buy at these inflated prices!". The link is only intended so you could see some more images from the book. Those prices on eBay are way too high.

Unfortunally Godzilla isn't in the book.

Lee - 2/7/2018 at 01:34 PM

Well according to the company, my book shipped. Look at the shipping. That's a pretty wide range. From five days to two months!

Shipping Method:Air Mail

No Tracking Service

On average, it takes 5-12 days for delivery for this shipping method.

*May take up to 8 weeks

ABBDutchFan - 2/9/2018 at 05:53 PM

Here's another snapshot from this new book. I don't think i have this Duane picture in any other ABB book or magazine i own:

Budiggle - 2/15/2018 at 05:54 PM

I ordered this, it came very quickly by standard post - about a week. The book is excellent quality but maybe one for the completist (which I am!) as it is in Japanese except for track listings. Many of the pics I had not seen before especially those around '79 so definitely chuffed I bought it

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