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Author: Subject: Favorite Beacon Memories

A Peach Supreme

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  posted on 1/30/2008 at 08:57 PM
Now that the ticket increase shock/bitch/bewilderment stage is over, (for the time being) how about some good Beacon memories/stories?

One of my best was the Beacon in 2006 when I went with 4 friends, one of whom was in a wheelchair. His and his companion's seat was on the floor and my other friend an I were in the balcony. When we showed him where to enter on the floor and told him we'd see him at half time, the usher looked at us a moment and said, "why don't you guys just all go to the floor and sit together?" and let us all on the floor.

My favorite Beacon show however was my first, 3/13/92. Boy that was fun. Got in, shared a smoke in front of the bathroom with 10 people, got out beers and took our seats 15th row center stage 5 seconds before the lights went out. Statesboro opener sounded oh, so good.
What a night.


A Peach Supreme

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  posted on 1/30/2008 at 09:16 PM
When these really big drunk guys got in a fight 3 rows ahead of me. After the cops got everyone involved out there was one guy left, the big big guy who was now pissing on the seat in front of him !!! they got him out also. ( oh yeah looking at the stage, row u or v all the way over to the left, dont sit in the 3rd or 4th seat on the far end )




Peach Bud

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  posted on 1/30/2008 at 09:20 PM
I wIsh I cOuLd ReMeMbEr

MaYbE tHiS yEaR


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  posted on 1/30/2008 at 09:22 PM
..Having sex in the old projection booth above the balcony during an Allman Brothers show..




Peach Master

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  posted on 1/30/2008 at 09:23 PM
My favorite moment? Has to be my first beacon show. I was traveling in NYC in March 2004 - I was on the train from Boston, and ended up chatting with the guy sitting next to me. Somehow the topic of music came up and we got to talking about the band. He reminded me that they were in town for the annual run. So with nothing to do one night, I decided to wander over to the Beacon and see if I could get in. I scored a left-center orchestra 15 rows back for face value as soon as I crossed 74th. I didn't even stop walking - I walked right in, grabbed a beer and sat down for a great show (Thu 3-25-04).

The lights went down, the music started someone passed a fatty and wow! A nice friendly gal gave me a beer later. She said I looked like I was having the time of my life.

I've seen 7 more since, including two last year at the Beacon! I hope I can make it down there this year.


Extreme Peach

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  posted on 1/30/2008 at 09:26 PM
My best: 3/18/04. My buddy Brian (known here as peachymountain) won us tickets from Q104.3 in NYC to sit on stage. But, not just on stage, where the seats are normally set up stage left. We sat on a huge, empty speaker box about 10ft. from Oteil!!!! It doesn't get any better than that. I still have the sticker/ticket they gave us and it says VIP and in magic marker says "BEST" Maria Malito from Q104 even gave us a little shout out before the show. Thanks again Brian for taking me.

Maximum Peach

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  posted on 1/30/2008 at 09:52 PM
I wouldn't call it my favorite, but it is my most memorable because it is something I see and feel everyday when I put my clothes on.

In 2005 we were in the upper balcony and the steps were extremely slippery from spilled beer and atleast a dozen people fell on them throughout the night and I laughed at each of them. After the show was over my wife and I sat in our seats way after the lights came on and the place was pretty clear. She was going down the stairs ahead of me when I saw an almost full bucket of popcorn. Being the hungry drunk I grabbed the bucket and shouted my wife's name, happy like a kid in a candy store, while throwing popcorn in my mouth. Just as she turned to look at me I slipped and fell on my ass the hardest I have ever fallen in my life. It almost knocked me out. I limped down the rest of the stairs but couldn't go any further. Security reluctantly let us hang out a little longer. The next day I had about 10" of the nastiest bruise ever. And to this day I have a lump on my ass right where I landed on that upper balcony step at the Beacon.

I guess that is my payback for laughing at all the poor souls that fell on those stairs before me.


Peach Head

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  posted on 1/30/2008 at 10:01 PM
32 Beacon shows and counting!

Dazed and confused and Peter Frampton (with the Asbury Jukes horns) nights last year where the highlights of my 4 shows!

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Peach Pro

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  posted on 1/30/2008 at 10:57 PM
spoonfull tues 3/27/07.... so cool to hear some cream as done by the abb...brought back fond memories of the cream reunion in 05


< music where the raw emotion flows out of the speakers and touches you is a gift. To see that music palyed live with others who love it is a privilege. If you are lucky a song will touch a nerve and make every person in the room disapear except you


World Class Peach

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  posted on 1/30/2008 at 11:09 PM

Meeting Lana

30th anniversary poster boy

gin mill 2000

Peach Colored Roses

Bud Snyder

Please Call Home

Good Times

Joe Dan Petty

Sue from NY


There ain't no Good Guy, There ain't no Bad Guy. There's only you and me and we just disagree


Extreme Peach

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 12:46 AM
Little Martha -- Derek & Warren acoustic.
Jessica -- w/Chuck Leavell
Layla -- Butch dedicated it to Duane & Tom Dowd,I think it was the first time played.
That was a pretty magical night for me.


"Always pursue your ideals, but don't be a dick about it" - Les Claypool


True Peach

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 02:14 AM
Sitting in the third row for Gov't Mule for the 2005 NYE run, I forget exactly which night, I believe the first show. Not only did the security guard tell us it was ok to smoke up, he smoked up with us all night. Then the people in front of us started buying the guy beers. I remember thinking, who has it better than this dude. He is getting paid to smoke dope, drink beers, and watch Gov't Mule from ten feet away. I could certainly think of worse ways to make a living.

As far as shows go, I have been to way too many great shows at that venue to ever be able to isolate any one show or moment. Maybe when Phil & Friends(Q) played 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' on the night that George Harrison died. That was a very touching moment.

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Peach Head

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 06:05 AM
1. Last year when Susan Tedeschi walked past me in the row I was sitting
2. Also last year meeting Kid Rock
3. Seeing Bill Walton dancing to the Allmans
4. 2006 show when Gary Rossington came out and played Simple Man


The Road Goes on Forever

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A Peach Supreme

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 06:21 AM
I remember going to a show one night and having a very festive time and then being completely hung over the next day. Badly. But since Lana was throwing a party that day at the Gin Mill, I decided to drag myself over there and at least meet some people where I could talk ABB with who shared my appreciation. After that I would go straight home to bed.
Instead.....I talked with Lana and a whole bunch of other good people for a while and then Lana comes up to me, smiles, and gives me a backstage pass for a meet and greet after the show. Backstage pass after the show vs. level 10 hangover on the ricter scale.
This remains the only Beacon show I have ever been to where I did not have a beer nor was I tempted to.
Many thanks again Lana!


Extreme Peach

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 07:01 AM
3-25-06 Mountain Jam opener, a show which also featured John Hammond


“Music is music- it doesn’t require technique or expertise as much as it requires sincerity and emotion.”.- Danny Louis


True Peach

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 07:58 AM
A lot of my favorite Beacon memories have more to do with meeting some of the folks who post here.

My first fond memory was meeting Bup'1 and Jimmy Walker on the return flight home - two new friends for life!

Meeting the entire (?) Hayseed Mafia and Topdroog and HotLantaTim for breakfast last year was an honor and a treat!

The "organized" tour of the upper west side and Central Park last year was also a treat ("... over here is the rock where George Washington wrote the Declaration of Independence ...").

Musically, it would probably be the Saturday night show from two years back that featured John Hammond as a guest. The show with Bruce Willis (was it the same show?) was excellent, too! That entire run - the band was on fire every night!


Music is love, and love is music, if you know what I mean.
People who believe in music are the happiest people I've ever seen.

Bill Ector, Randy Stephens, Dan Hills and a guy named BobO who I never met - Forever in my heart!


Zen Peach

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 08:44 AM
I just want to say how graet the {{{vibe}}} is at the Beacon. I sat next to Nick (forgot the screen-name, maybe he will pop in) on Saturday night. Thanks Randall and BDOB (Buppalo) for the ticket!

Nick told me he was from a little island off the coast of France, myself I am from outside Boston Mass. He was telling me that this was his third night and was having a blast. He had heard no repeats and agreed Derek was on fire every night. At the intermission he turned and said he would really like to see Whipping Post. I said that would be cool, never get tired of that. When Oteil dropped the bass lines I turned to him and said "CONGRATS!!" We high fived and he had a grin ear to ear the whole time. That is special!

In addition sharing I was sitting with Peteman on 3-30 and were treated to Hot 'Lanta, Les Brers In A Minor, You Don't Love Me, Dreams, Mountain Jam in one show! Our jaws hit the floor


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Extreme Peach

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 08:54 AM
..Having sex in the old projection booth above the balcony during an Allman Brothers show..

You go, Skypuppy!

My best memory was the first year I took my son. The show was exceptional and so were the people we met that night . There was a little boy in front of us who managed to sleep through most of the show and the girl next to me who swore smoke was being pumped in through the vents and asked if she could put her head down on my knee

Closng night of the last run with Johnny Winter was special having been lucky enough to have attended the Fillmore show the Allmans & Elvin Bishop opened for Winter way back in March `71. The second set that night had so much singing from the audience and very high energy. Even folks who had passed out, returned to life to sing the Grateful Dead tunes. Just a great vibe after a run that had turned me off somewhat previously



Not a bro - I'm a girl lol !


Universal Peach

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 10:10 AM
Maybe the best memory of my drab little life....3/21/03, my birthday. First time in over 10 years I had gotten to do anything (thanks Jimmy Walker). Meeting my roomates for the first time---Libby, Bluefox, Benjamin. They even had a little cake for me. Going to the Sweeties Party that night. Meeting Lana just inside the door. Pam, Jeanne, on and on and on....The incredible show that night, Same Thing right before the set break, with the horns....Then capped off by the Layla encore, played for the second time (I still like to believe I might have had a wee part in that), the elevator ride back up afterward, making eye contact with a stranger, just grinning as hard as me, we both said "Layla" at the same time. Sari. The trip to Strawberry Fields the next day, another show that night, the final breakfast with AIQ, Stephanie, Gerald, others....Meeting Rusty and Donna on the way home. The plane lands, the Skydogs are rehearsing a block from the airport, coming down a bit from it all, Jimmy and I telling Brent about what it was like. As happy as I've ever been. So blessed to get the chance....

Pretty cool last year too, with the great jams at the hotel, my brother Brent getting to shine there and at BB King's, just before his world fell to pieces on our return. Pretty cool talking to Derek, Otiel, and Brian Farmer at various points around town.....meeting Top Droog and a cool group over chow....the Central Park sojourn, down front and backstage Sat. night (thanks Butch, Lang, Lefty).

But SkyPuppy wins.

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A Peach Supreme

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 10:37 AM
Dont remember the year sometime about 4 or 5 years ago, the first and only time i have caught the band playing Whipping Post since a show I saw at the Fillmore around 1970. Have seen at least 10 shows since and still never caught Whipping Post again.

Ultimate Peach

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 10:39 AM
Meeting up with a big crew from the GB upon arriving at the Beacon Hotel.
Walking tour around Central Park with my new old friends.
Frim Jolly's pre show party. DO NOT MISS ONE OF THESE...
Meeting Lana and Shey for the first time.And a whole bunch of GB'ers...
New York subways,nothing like what I was told to expect. Friendly folks,imagine that.
An Evening With The Allman Brothers Band at the Beacon Theatre capped with a late night DTB show at the Mercury Lounge.

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"This ain't no ballet-we want people to listen with their eyes closed,to just let the music come inside them and forget their wordly cares..." Duane Allman

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A Peach Supreme

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 11:39 AM
So many great beacon memories but here are some that stand out.

4/1/94. The first time I heard the BWIAB era tunes. They seemed so fresh. I thought BWIAB and Soulshine were the best songs I've ever heard. Dickey was playing like a man possessed. Like NYC didn't think the ABB was that great and he had something to prove. The show closed with Jessica>Mt Jam> Jessica and encored with Whippin post. I was completely blown away. Woody handed me a Fender Heavy Pick from the stage also. I had it in frame with an Autographed picture of the band for years. I donated to friends bar a few years back but I digress. I saw the Dead a few days before at Nassau and saw a band in decline. ABB 94 was sure as hell a band on the rise. This was before the "the beacon run" was the institution it later became. Every ABB show was a gem to me. I had no way of knowing the ride would keep going.

3/97. Last show of the run. Later to find out that it was Woody and Warren's last. Jaimoe came out before the show and said it was the anniversary of the band. Warren and Dickey left it all on the stage that night and I recall a totally exhausted Greg, helping Jaimoe down off the drum riser with the house lights on at the end.

96. Greg up and down early in the run. Redeeming himself on the St Paddys day weekend shows . Went Friday and Saturday night. It was like one long show...

98. Last show of the run. Remember the standing room tickets era ? You think it's too crowded now ? People were lined up on the lodge stairs as seats. Me and my friends went up to the very last row in the upper balcony on the Otiel side and had an incredible time. All we said to each other for weeks was " LAST SHOW - LAST ROW !!" That was the best Jack era show I saw. It just went on and on. They ended up playing Hideaway at the end because I thought they ran out of ABB tunes.

99 - 00. I went to some shows but I thought these years were lack luster. I thought the end was near.

2001. Warren !! St Patricks day. First Row. My beers lined up on stage in front of Otiel. This year was a grab bag because there were holes to fill without the Dickey Tunes. I think they broke out Jessica anyway and the Whipping Post at the end had Derek breaking Strings , they were playing so hard !

2002. Just wild and crazy times in the crowd plus the Hittin the note era tunes debuted. No record but I recall them playing High Cost of Low Living and Old before my time. This was back when security let people hang out on the side door steps abotu 10 rows back on the floor. What good times they were. Some friends from a local motor cycle club would make sure everyone was having a good time but not in the way of any of the disabled fans in the section. 2002 -2003 seems like the same era in my mind. LAYLA was just amazing at this time. Derek really started to come into his own.

2004 and 2005, I felt were so-so. Although the marathon big house show was really special. What a great night that was.

2006. Flat out amazing. They really brought the fire. I missed the Fillmore East show but saw one just as good a week later and then another gem with the Cornell Dupree, Bernard Purdie crew show. Mike Mattison singing " New York City Beacon Soul Stew" with those guys was great. Greg was totally jazzed to be playing with these guys.

2007. Another great year. My wife's first ABB show happened to be the one where Susan sat in most of the first set so she really enjoyed it more than a long jam show but there was plenty of that in the 2nd set. I also caught the Dave Mason/Leslie west show. Great stuff ! Can't wait for 2008.

Other memories are just the great times in the crowd and running into old friends in the local bars and the lobby etc. Some friends I only get to see during the Beacon run it seems. I'm also just realizing that I can count 3 guys who were huge beacon goers who have passed on... So many great memories and amazing music !!


Extreme Peach

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 11:53 AM
My best Beacon moment(s)-
1998- High Falls. It was the first time I ever brought my son. After Jack's solo, I looked over at my son, and he was just in awe of what he had just heard. (so was I actually, but I at least expected it).

2002- I had lurked on GB for a while, and finally started posting. I decided that this year I would find that Sweeties Party at the Beacon Hotel. I had not met anyone, even PM'd anyone yet, so I was kind of a stranger. I was nervous. I knocked on the door, and it opened to reveal a party going on. I walked in and was given such a warm greeting that I felt like one of the family immediately.




"There are fathers who do not love their children; there is no grandfather who does not adore his grandson."
Victor Hugo

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Sublime Peach

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 12:26 PM
In the stairwell with ................Lefty..................

and then all who joined us there......

Happy Times




A Peach Supreme

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  posted on 1/31/2008 at 12:29 PM
My favorite Beacon memory would have to be the 3/20/04 show. It was my first Allman Brothers concert and I was completely blown away by Warren and Derek! Thom Doucette sat in for a few songs and Susan came out to sing Don't Think Twice, It's Alright.



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