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Author: Subject: How Many ABB shows have ya been to?

Peach Head

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  posted on 3/7/2013 at 07:56 PM
Im 25 and have been lucky enough to see 27, tomorrow night is 28! I'm sure some of you old timers have seen many more!!!

Allman Brothers Band Shows
1. 3/20/04 @ Beacon Theatre Guests: Thom Duchette, Susan Tedeschi, Kofi Burbrage
2. 8/23/05 @ PNC Guests: Chuck Garvey
3. 8/22/06 @PNC Guests: James van der Bogert
4. 3/27/07 @ Beacon Theatre Guests: Col. Bruce, Audley Freed Susan Tedeschi, Kevin Kinny, Yonrico Scott, Brian Mitchell, Matt Abts
5. 3/31/07 @ Beacon Theatre Guests: Devon Allman
6. 4/8/07 @ Beacon Theatre Guests: David Sanborn, Johnny Winter, Ravi Coltrane, Tony Leone, Jimmy Vivino, Taylor Hicks
7. 8/21/07 @ Jones Beach Guests: John Hall
8. 8/22/07 @ PNC Junior Mack, Bruce Katz, Kenny Brooks, Bob Weir, Steve Kimock, Jeff Chimenti
9. 9/8/07 @ Randell’s Island Guests: None
10. 8/13/08 @ Jones Beach. Guests: Mark Karan, Jeff Chimenti, Roy Hanes, Kenny Brooks
11. 8/15/08 @ PNC Guests: Junior Mack
12. 8/19/08 @ SPAC Guests: Bruce Katz
13. 8/20/08 @ Hartford Guests: Kenny Brooks, Jeff Chimenti, Jay Lane
14. 8/23/08 @ Camden Guests: Jay Collins, Scott Sharrard, Bob Weir
15. 10/13/08 @ Penn State Guests: Ron Holloway, Susan Tedeschi, James van der Bogert
16. 3/10/09 @ Beacon Theatre Guests: Johnny Winter, David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas
17. 3/19/09 @ Beacon Theatre Guests: Danny Louis, Eric Clapton, Susan Tedeschi
18. 3/28/09 @ Beacon Theatre Guests: Floyd Miles, Chuck Leavell, Paul Riddle, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh
19. 8/27/09 @ Jones Beach Guests: Tom Shondell, Jimmy Herring, Jojo Hermann
20. 3/19/10 @ United Palace Theatre Guests: Danny Louis, James van der Bogert, Doyle Bramhall, Justin Stanley, Junior Mack, Chris Jenson
21. 11/22/10 @ Roseland Ballroom Guests: Hook Herrera, Rich Robinson, Berry Oakley Jr., Artemus Pyle, Danny Louis, Audley Freed, Chuck Garvey, Jim Loughlin, James van der Bogert, Vinny Amico, Cody Dickinson, Luther Dickinson,
22. 3/24/11 @ Beacon Theatre Guests: Leslie West, Shawn Pelton, Danny Louis, James van der Bogert, John Kadlecik, Scott Sharrard, Reggie Pitman, Brian Mitchel, Jay Collins, Tom Guarna
23. 7/27/11 @ Beacon Theatre Guests: James van der Bogert, Natalie Cole, Danny Louis, Ron Holloway, Bill Evens, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Phil Lesh, Devon Allman, Billy Gibbons
24. 3/21/12 @ Beacon Theatre Guests: Bernie Williams, Ruthie Foster, The Juke Horns, Rocky Lawrence, Susan Tedeschi, Tony Trischka
25. 3/24/12 @ Beacon Theatre Guests: Jimmy Hall, Bruce Katz, Scott Sharrard, John Popper, Rob Barraco, James van der Bogert, Alvaro Benavides
26. 8/1/12 @ Chastain Park, Atlanta, Ga Guests: Ike Stubblefield, William Bell, John Calipa, Al Schnier, Jim Loughlin, Carlton Frog McWilliams, Duane Trucks,
27. 3/2/13 @ Beacon Theatre Guests: David Grissom


A Peach Supreme

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  posted on 3/7/2013 at 07:59 PM
60? About a third of them at the Beacon.

True Peach

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  posted on 3/7/2013 at 08:04 PM
47 so far:
1.) May 23, 1979- Uptown Theater, Chicago
August 18, 1979- Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
June 21, 1980- Alpine Valley
August 13, 1980- Poplar Creek Music Theater, Hoffman Estates, IL
5.) June 25, 1981- Summerfest, Milwaukee (main stage)
August 8, 1981- Alpine Valley
August 27, 1981- Poplar Creek
December 27, 1981- Rosemont Horizon, IL
July 11, 1989- Poplar Creek
10.) August 18, 1990- Alpine Valley
August 10, 1991- Poplar Creek
November 30, 1991- Mecca, Milwaukee
June 20, 1992- World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL
June 27, 1992- Summerfest, Milwaukee (rock stage)
15.) June 25, 1993- World Music Theatre
May 17, 1994- The Warfield, San Francisco
May 18, 1994- The Warfield
May 21, 1994- The Warfield
June 30, 1995- Concord Pavilion, CA
20.) July 1, 1995- Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
August 23, 1996- Concord
August 24, 1996- Shoreline
September 3, 1996- The Fillmore, San Francisco
September 25, 1997- Concord
25.) September 26, 1997- Shoreline
July 31, 1999- The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles
August 1, 1999- Shoreline
August 3, 1999- Concord
March 16, 2001- Beacon Theater, New York City
30.) March 17, 2001- Beacon
June 10, 2002- The Warfield
June 11, 2002- The Warfield
June 12, 2002- The Warfield
May 7, 2005- Santa Barbara Bowl, CA
35.) March 20, 2006- Beacon
March 21, 2006- Beacon
September 1, 2006- Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
March 30, 2007- Beacon
March 31, 2007- Beacon
40.) March 13, 2009- Beacon
March 14, 2009- Beacon
May 12, 2009- Fox Theater, Oakland
May 13, 2009- Fox Theater, Oakland
September 1. 2009- Charter One Pavilion, Chicago
45.) September 2, 2009- C1P
August 10, 2012 Peach Feat, Scranton, PA
August 11, 2012 Peach Fest



You don't work, the man don't pay ya.
There ain't no saint to come and save ya

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Extreme Peach

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  posted on 3/7/2013 at 08:29 PM

I've seen them 24 or 25 times. I saw my first show @ Woodstock '94 in Saugerties, NY and my last @ the Peach Festival last year in PA. I won't try to list them all, but I think about 15 of the shows were at the Beacon.....last in '09 when they had King Curtis's old band and J. Herring join them.

Beacon highlights include the first time they ever played Layla (Butch came out spoke of Tom Dowd), and also the first Mountain Jam "sandwich" set.....opening night ('03, I think) with C. Robinson from the Crowes, and the Big House benefit show with Mule and DTB, etc.

Not the extended list that many here have, but I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had on a limited budget.


Zen Peach

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  posted on 3/7/2013 at 09:04 PM
63, I think. The first one was 3/18/97 at the Beacon and the last one was Tuesday. I think 35 to 40 of those shows were at the Beacon. I've also seen them at the Palace, Roseland, Jones Beach, at Great Woods in Massachusetts, Virginia Beach, Raleigh and Charlotte NC, the HiFi in Atlanta, and the Rosemont near Chicago.



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Extreme Peach

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  posted on 3/7/2013 at 09:21 PM
I saw them for the first time on October 16, 2009 at Starplex (aka Smirnoff Music Centre, aka center, aka Gexa Energy Pavillion) in Dallas and they were really good. Widespread Panic played as well and were very good. I had a chance to see The Allmans in 1993 at the B.B. King Music Festival, but I was only 8 at the time and it was outdoors in August in Texas, so my grandma came and picked me up early from that show. I saw Junior Wells & Buddy Guy that night, but missed The Allmans, BB King, & Eric Johnson.

Peach Extraordinaire

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  posted on 3/7/2013 at 09:33 PM
I'm right around 50 shows. I am going to have to go back and count up the last few years.

My first was July 1990 right when Seven Turns was released (saw the Woody/Warren lineup 6 times; should have gone to more!)

My most recent one was in August 2012 at the same location as my first: Chastain Park Ampitheatre.

I will be seeing them twice in April at Spirit of Suwanee Park.


Tim L.


True Peach

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  posted on 3/7/2013 at 10:15 PM
I have seen them 63 times since my first show in 1992. I would say that around 20 times at Jones Beach, around 35 times at the Beacon, and the rest at SPAC and one or two other places like Mountain Jam and Southampton College.




Universal Peach

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  posted on 3/7/2013 at 10:31 PM

I'm coming up with around 76, give or take a few.

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Universal Peach

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 01:14 AM
As usual, I was a little late to the party but I still made it!

1 - 5/2005

2 - 5/2009


"It's all about Allman Brothers pride." T Thompson Greek Theater, Los Angeles 5/6/2005


Peach Master

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 04:10 AM
first show 2004 Red Rocks

Last show 2012 Lincoln,NE

between 20-30ish in between in the states of Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Colorado, Texas, Alabama, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Texas and....that may or not be it...

I think I've seen the Mule as many times, but in more states....

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Extreme Peach

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 04:42 AM
Going back to 70...74 shows altogether. I don't count the off shoot bands if I did it would be well over a 100.


Run Gypsy Run roll on down the high way


Zen Peach

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 05:47 AM
First show?.....1973 Oakland Colosseum.....w/Charlie Daniels and Marshall Tucker bands opening.
#2 was 1/1/74, I remember that Gregg did not finish the show....
In Oct. of '75 I saw them at the Forum in L.A... The "Win lose or Draw tour"....not memorable at all.
In 1979 I caught them in both San Diego and L.A. Dangerous Dan Debuts. At the Forum show, you were handed a circular sticker with the Brothers on it with the date of the show. I had that on the inside of "Enlightened Rogues' for the longest time. I also remember a lot of chatter about Jim Essery blowin' a mean harp in the parking lots before the shows,,
In August of 1980, John Belushi joined the Brothers on stage after doing a cartwheel in a Dodger jacket...Awesome.
In the fall of '81 they rolled into my new Hometown of San Diego, I made it to the show with some friends while on shrooms via a Taxi-cab. I recall nothing from this day.
1989 my friends and I road tripped up and down the state catching shows at the Shoreline, L.A., Concord and Sac....The band was "Hittin' the note" and all of the talk in the parking lots before the shows was about Warren...and that, "I heard they've been on fire man" kind of chatter, way cool.
In Aug. of '90 my girlfriend and I almost didn't make it to the show in Costa Mesa. Not having tickets we had to "scalp" two and ended up waaaay in the back...I remember not being able to see or hear and just got after it via beers...
In Oct. of '91 once again caught three shows in a row and managed to tape a good percentage of the Starlite bowl show in San Diego. Liittle Feat opened
In July of '92, caught them in Concord and sat in amazement as Warren ripped off the opening lines of "Don't keep me wonderin' "..."Blues Traveler" opened.
In May of '93 caught three in a row with the San Diego show in the Middle, taped most of that one as well.
In May of '94 I caught one of the nights during the Wiltern run, spent the night in that rat-hole of a town.
In July of '95 I spent the 4th of July with the brothers at the Del Mar Fair.
In 1996 I got back stage after the show and Met Allen and Warren for the first time. Very, very cool...
I think the '97 show in S.D. was my first Jack Pearson show......
I didn't see the band again until 2007 in Aspen where I met Derek and Oteil out by the tour bus ... after the show, my girlfriend and I met Jaimoe and took him over to this venue with "live" music and got him up on stage....Very cool memory..

Latest show?....2009 Escondido.....The Doobie Bros debacle...

With how many GAB & DBGS shows in between......

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True Peach

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 08:42 AM
After this weekend, I am probably approaching 50. Started in '89 at Atlanta's Lakewood Amphitheatre, and there has only been a couple of yrs since then where I saw none. See some of you tonight!

Peach Pro

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 09:09 AM
This coming Tuesday and Wednesday will be 45 and 46.
1st show 1979 Richfield Colisium, Cleveland.


Extreme Peach

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 09:41 AM
Around 50.

First was in Atlanta 1995. Seen them every year since 1995, started going to multiple shows every year since '98. Have caught them through out the Southeast...Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Macon, Live Oak...hope to catch them at the Beacon a couple of times before they call it a career, so I am aiming for next year.


Peach Master

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 09:50 AM
I had fun putting this list together. Looks like 24. I guess I need to make a visit to NYC next week for 25

Oct 5, 1989 – Orpheum (Boston)
Sep 15, 1990 – Great Woods (Mansfield, MA)
Sep 5, 1991 – Great Woods (Mansfield, MA)
Aug 4, 1995 – Great Woods (Mansfield, MA)
Aug 26, 2001 – Music Meadows (Hartford)
Mar 25, 2004 – Beacon Theatre (NYC)
Aug 21, 2004 – Great Woods (Mansfield, MA)
Aug 20, 2005 – Great Woods (Mansfield, MA)
Aug 26, 2006 – Great Woods (Mansfield, MA)
Mar 30, 2007 – Beacon Theatre (NYC)
Apr 3, 2007 – Beacon Theatre (NYC)
Aug 8, 2007 – Bank of America Pavilion (Boston)
Aug 16, 2008 – Great Woods (Mansfield, MA)
Mar 26, 2009 – Beacon Theatre (NYC)
Aug 29, 2009 – Great Woods (Mansfield, MA)
Mar 13, 2010 – United Palace Theatre (NYC)
Nov 18, 2010 – Orpheum (Boston)
Nov 19, 2010 – Orpheum (Boston)
Nov 20, 2010 – Orpheum (Boston)
Mar 25, 2011 – Beacon Theatre (NYC)
Nov 30, 2011 – Orpheum (Boston)
Dec 2, 2011 – Orpheum (Boston)
Mar 25, 2012 – Beacon Theatre (NYC)
Jul 28, 2012 – Comcast Theatre (Hartford)
Mar 12, 2013 – Beacon Theatre (NYC) - hit my 25!

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Zen Peach

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 10:12 AM
Seen them 91 times. First show June 26, 1996. Most recent was last year's Peach Fest.

1996 (1) Camden
1997 (1) Camden
1998 (1) Camden
1999 (1) Camden
2000 (1) Beacon (March 17)
2001 (2) Camden, Holmdel
2002 (2) Beacon, Wilmington
2003 (6)
2004 (11)
2005 (19)
2006 (11)
2007 (6)
2008 (6)
2009 (9)
2010 (5)
2011 (7)
2012 (2)

March 14, 20
June 28 Atlantic City, Hilton
August 1 (Montage), 5 (Penn's Landing), 6 (Holmdel)

2004 Tour
March 19, 25, 26 (Beacon)
Aug 21 Great Woods, 25 holmdel
Sept 4 (Atlantic City, Borgata) 24, 25, 26 (fox run) 30 (Bristow), Oct 1 (Raleigh)

Allman Brothers 2005 Tour
March 10, 12, 14, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22
May 20 Savannah, GA* (no show due to severe weather)
July 9 Manchester, NH
July 16, 17 Burgettstown/Bristow
July 23 Penn's Landing
August 16 Toronto
August 19 Montage
August 20 Mansfield
August 21 Hartford
August 23 PNC Arts Center
August 24 Jones Beach
August 26 Atlantic City
Sept 6 York, PA (had tix, couldn't make it to show)

ABB 2006
March 11, 14, 17, 18, 20, 23, 25, 26
June 23, 24 niagara Falls
30 Atlantic City

ABB 2007
March 20, 26
April 2, 8 Beacon
August 18 Camden
August 19 Bushkill

ABB 2008
August 16 Holmdel
August 17 Great Woods
August 23 Camden
August 30 Red Rocks
Sept 30 Merriweather (Columbia, MD)
Oct 10, 11 Atlanta, GA

ABB 2009
March 12, 17, 19, 21, 26, 28 Beacon
August 19 Holmdel, NJ
August 21 Camden, NJ
Oct 6 Merriweather, MD

ABB 2010
March 13 (couldn't make it due to weather), 19, 20
Nov 11 Philly, Tower Theater
Nov 13 Atlantic City
Nov 18 Boston

ABB 2011
March 19, 26
April 15, 16
Nov 25, 26 (Tower Theater Philadelphia)

ABB 2012
August 10, 11 (First Annual Peach Fest)

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Extreme Peach

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 10:25 AM
102. starting in 1991. sheesh. my next show, lord willin' and the creeks don't rise, next Wednesday at the Beacon.

most in any year: 10 - 2005, 9 - 2009, 8 - 1998, 7 every year from 1999 - 2004.

Hi, CUJO! 91 - dude!

49 Beacon
18 Charlotte
11 Raleigh
6 Atlanta (4 Fox, 2 Chastain)
5 Red Rocks
3 United Palace NYC
2 Scranton
2 Va Beach
2 Wanee
Manassas, VA
Salem, VA

fun topic.

PS: it's REALLY fun to look at some of the dates on y'all's lists and think "i was at that show! great show!" if i had time (or a list) i'd put my dates up as well.

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Peach Head

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 10:30 AM
I guess I "might" qualify as an old timer.........first show June 8,1974 Roosevelt Stadium,Jersey City show.....tonight at The Beacon..........gotta be scarin' the hell out of about 100 shows.............and hope to see a bunch more! Good health to the ABB!

Extreme Peach

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 10:44 AM
Nassau Coliseum 1973. Ditto Roosevelt Stadium. If you remember the 1970's, you weren't really there? I remember seeing Gregg at the Felt Forum in 1974. Back then we did the Long Island circut at My Fathers Place, Calderone Concert Hall. Then NYC at Academy of Music on 14th st. Bottom Line in the Village. The Beacon was a beer soaked broken down old theatre. But it was OUR dump. If we weren't seeing Dickey/Gregg, it would be Lynyrd Skynyrd with Charlie Daniels opening at the Academy. Marshall Tucker Band at CW Post "Dome". Outlaws with Hughie and Billy Jones. Hot Tuna at the Suffolk Forum. It's a wonder I graduated high school. (Got kicked out of catholic high and finished up 6 months early. Went to San Francisco and caught the SNACK Benefit as well as several Winterland shows with Kingfish and John Cippolina. Then caught Jerry and Merle at Keystone and Palo Alto. A productive visit I'd say.)
So my answer is "many".

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A Peach Supreme

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 10:52 AM
These two at the Beacon will be 108 and 109, adding in Wanee and Peach Fest we I will get to 113 this year..................First was at the Buffalo Memorial Aud in 1979. Pretty much seen every show ever played in Canada over the years since then and most in NY, Penn, Mich and Ohio............yikes!!


Up in the Great White North Eatin' A Peach For Peace!!


Extreme Peach

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 11:05 AM
I don't really know the exact number: first show was September 1971 @ Clemson with Duane. Caught them every time we knew they were within driving distance thru the '70's, saw them in augusta Ga in "80 or '81 right before they packed it in. Only time I ever left a show thinking it was not worth the effort. When the reformed, first show was Greenville Sc in 1991, and Was lucky enough that business had me in NYC every month or 6 weeks, so I was able to catch a show or two at the Beacon each year or so from '92 thru 2002. Last Beacon show was the 40 anniv night in 2009. Also with better communication options by mid-90's we were able to find out about shows within our home area before hand, rather than afterwards like the old days, and managed to catch a summer tour show or two each year ( Chrlotte, Raleigh, Atl and anywhere in SC). Favorite Venues, love the Beacon, Fox in Atl, and loved finally seeing them in Macon for Big House grand opening WE. Home venue with most shows woud have to be Pavillion in charlotte, haven't missed one there since early 90's. Hopefully I will see them in April on Fri night @ Crossroads fest @ MSG and this summer/fall somewhere @ a shed in the Carolinas. Number of shows probably 75 or so, but I'd never count them all! There is no better sound than when the lights go down and the first notes of "Don't want you no more-> come thru the dark beginning a new evening with 'the Best of them all- From Macon Ga. - the Allman Brothers! '

Peach Pro

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 11:12 AM
Unfortunately, only 4 shows:


All at the World's Fair Park in Knoxville, TN (site of the 1982 World's Fair). It was such a great place to see shows back in the day. For some reason they quit having shows there quite a while back. I really miss it.

On the plus side, I can relive these awesome gigs anytime I want; I have them all on CD with 3 of the 4 from off the soundboard


Shandy Glover (southerncdman)
"Help thy brother's boat across and lo!!...thine own has reached the shore"

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A Peach Supreme

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  posted on 3/8/2013 at 11:22 AM
I've seen ABB 30 times (Tomorrow's show will be #31!)

2004: 3/20, 8/22
2005: 3/19, 8/21
2006: 3/26, 8/12, 8/26
2007: 3/30, 3/31, 8/4, 8/8
2008: 8/16, 8/20, 8/30
2009: 3/20, 3/21, 6/5, 6/6, 8/29, 8/30
2010: 3/13, 11/16, 11/20
2011: 3/12, 12/2, 12/3
2012: 3/10, 7/28, 8/7, 8/8



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