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Author: Subject: 2012 Concerts-Who Did You See? Best?

True Peach

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  posted on 12/28/2012 at 07:30 PM
Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mtn Boys
Yonder Mtn String Band
Darrell Scott
James McMurtry
Dan Toler Benefit (Jimmy Hall & Drippin' Wet, Toler/Tucci, etc)
Tom Petty & HBs
Musical Box
Mule/Dr John
Roger Waters
Capricorn Experience (Wet Willie, Cowboy, Randall Bramblett, C Leavell)
McMurtry (again)
Neil & CH
Holiday Hootenanny (Misc players)

I really wanted Neil to be the best, and it was great, but I have to say Springsteen hit it out of the park for me. Nothing like touring behind a great new album and playing most of it in concert (think he did 9/12 songs from Wrecking Ball). Unbridled energy and enthusiasm for nearly 3 hrs. This was but my 4th time seeing him, going back to '87, and it was the best of all. A classic artist that continues to earn his keep.


Peach Extraordinaire

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  posted on 12/28/2012 at 07:57 PM
Acoustic Hot Tuna
Allman Bros
Infamous Stringdusters
Trombone Shorty
Bela Fleck w Marcus Roberts
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
Arlo Guthrie

they were all the best


True Peach

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  posted on 12/28/2012 at 08:04 PM
In best to worst order (and worst wasn't all that bad)

Derek & Susan and BB King

I'm one of the folks who like the DTB! Just a great show with all the pistons firing in the right order! I probably had the best seats for this show than for any ever! I sat right behind Derek's Alabama kin. BB was practically sitting in my lap. The best set by BB (for me) in over 5 years.

Dukes of September

Basically Steely Dan minus Walter Becker - plus Boz Scags and Michael McDonald. I'm not a huge McDonald fan, but the guy's got pipes! Great set by an incredible band featuring covers and originals. Boz belting out Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell (Cest la vie)" - a highlight!

Gregg Allman (Alabama Theater - Birmingham)

Best set list - best performance of any GA & Friends show that I have ever seen! We got everything from "Queen of Hearts" to covers of Little Richard's "Lucille" (Floyd on vocals). His voice was strong and the band tight!

Ringo's All Stars

The first time a Beatle performed in the state of Alabama!
Yeah, it was just Ringo - with a true cast of all stars! Todd Rundgren was a fan favorite and Steve Lukather just doesn't show up as high on those "top 100" lists as he should (the guy's a killer!). Just a fun, fun show!

Allman Brothers (Chastain Park)

A good show - but I guess I didn't get as much Koolaid as some of the other attendees. Gregg was just not in top form. As good as all the guests were (at one point there was only 1 member of the band on stage!) - they were just kinda overwhelming. At least for me.
Show highlight - Ike Stubblefield stepping up to bat for Gregg on like the 3rd song. He did light a fire, though!

Neil Young (Tuscaloosa)

This was actually a very good show. My not being a dyed in the wool Neil fan is probably all that keeps me from giving this one a higher rating. Great set by Neil and band. That Neil liked (and mentioned) the railroad trestle right behind the venue made this special!

Gregg Allman (Montgomery)

Here again, Gregg just not in top form on this evening. All in all, a very good show. The band was great! High point for me (on this night) - Jaimoe's Jass Band! Jr. Mack is awesome! The show later (Al. Theater) was as different as night from day.

Honorable mentions:

Bonnie Raitt with Randall Bramblett

To be honest - I went to catch Randall, who was just fantastic! I only stayed to hear Bonnie for about 5 tunes. She was great - maybe I'm just not a huge fan. Dunno.

I also saw dozens of club shows:

Jack Pearson - 3rd and Lindsey - Nashville.

You'd be hard pressed to find a more talented, yet approachable player than Jackie P. He played a standard (stock) Fender Squire (import Strat) - showing that it's the player - not the axe that makes the music!

Rollin in the Hay (often)

If you ever get the chance to catch these Birminghamsters - do so! You will not regret it. Johnny might be the best guitar player I have ever seen. I really mean it.

I know I saw some other shows, just can't think of them right now. Maybe an edit later?

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People who believe in music are the happiest people I've ever seen.

Bill Ector, Randy Stephens, Dan Hills and a guy named BobO who I never met - Forever in my heart!


Ultimate Peach

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  posted on 12/28/2012 at 08:36 PM
Allman Brothers (5 out of 10 Beacon 2012 shows)
Steve Winwood
ZZ Top
Bob Dylan w/ Mark knopfler
The Who

....and Gov't Mule on 12/30

I really loved the March 17, 2012 Allman Brothers show at the Beacon. Grace Potter was a guest
and they played Jessica (my favorite!!!) Great show, probably the best of the 2012 run.


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Zen Peach

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  posted on 12/28/2012 at 08:57 PM
Both of the ABB shows at Peachfest in Scranton were stellar

Seeing the Beach Boys fulfilled a life long dream

Trigger Hippy - Saw them at Wanee and Peachfest. Amazing both times.


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RIP Hugh Duty
RIP John Ott


Zen Peach

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 03:05 AM
Lets see here 2012 was a good year for live music for me and this list is in no order

Chris Robinson Brotherhood- Was a Sunday and there was maybe 200 people in the place but what a great show, they played like it was a packed house. Hope to catch them again

Soulive- Was totally blown away, Krasno is a hell of a guitarist
Toubab Krewe
Gov't Mule- Was a treat to have Donald Kinsey sit in for the encore but the whole show was a good one
Stickmen/ Adrian Belew Power Trio/ Cimson Projekt
Mickey Hart Band
The Macpodz
The Ragbirds
Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds
Eric Bibb, Paul Thorn and Ruthie Foster- Was the three of them on stage just each doing a song with the others helping out.
Bob Dylan
Dumpstaphunk- They only played for about 45 minutes before the curfew but damn was it good. The festival was terrible at getting bands on and off stage all day.
The Bright Lights Social Hour
Umphreys McGee
Dr. John and the Blind Boys of Alabama- Such a spiritually uplifting show
Ultraviolet Hippopatimus- Set One was a cover of the Graceland album and set two was an original set with alot of sick jams




Extreme Peach

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 03:20 AM
Gov't Mule
Patti Smith
Ian Hunter
Bill Nelson
Foo Fighters
Jack Bruce

A very slow year


From a time before PC'S


Universal Peach

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 07:05 AM

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Dickey Betts & Great Southern
Dewolff (psychedelic seventies rock from a young Dutch band)
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat
Hook Herrera
Kamchatka (psychedelic stoner power trio from Sweden)
Okta Logue (young psychedelic band from Germany sounding a bit like early Pink Floyd)
The Tubes

I guess it was a psychedelic year for me...




Peach Bud

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 08:28 AM
Not many this past year but they were all great

Hugh Masekela @ Dartmouth
Bob Weir In Pittsfield
Allmans in Boston


Maximum Peach

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 09:27 AM
Bob Dylan w/ Mark knopfler

Am jealous

Dislike the term bucket list, but...I must see Mark Knopfler some day.

David Byrne too.

Hell, why I'm at it, Lou Reed.


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Ultimate Peach

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 10:22 AM
1.Savoy Brown/johnny winter_awesome show
2.Stone temple pilots-STP was on "that night"
3.Allman bros/santana-had a great time,gregg was terrific
4.dave mason-one of the most underrated guitarist out their
5.warren haynes band-Chris cornell (tie)-Warrens band was phenomonal,chris cornell what a voice
6.Ray lamontagne-awesome singer
7.robert cray-enjoyed him more than I thought I would
8.chris smither-It is hard to put this one man show on the bottom, he is amazing!!


Peach Master

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 10:26 AM
Jimmy Buffett
Tedeschi - Trucks x 2
Bruce Springsteen
Dave Matthews Band x 2



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Peach Pro

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 10:52 AM
Only made a few shows this year

Levon Helm-one of his final shows one month to the day before he passed
Buddy Guy/Jonny Lang-was 4th row in the pit!
Kid Rock-was in Tampa covering the RNC and got a pass to his show, ended up 2nd row dead center
Kenny Wayne Shepherd-Not very good seats, but got a meet n greet so was able to get a couple of the pictures I took of their show last summer signed by KWS and Noah.

I think that's it, if there was more they must not have been that memorable...


Universal Peach

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 11:36 AM
Saw a few more shows this year than last year, including some really good ones.

I was somewhat disappointed in Rush and the ABB at Chastain. Both shows were good with great moments, but I have seen better from both bands. The Peach Fest webcast from August 11th was worlds better than the Chastain show, and I enjoyed the Rush show I saw last year better than the one I saw this year.

Most of the shows that really knocked me out this year were small club/theater level shows. These were my favorites....

MASHUP w/ Pedrito Martinez Group--Blue Nile, New Orleans, 5/3/12

Ike Stubblefield and Grant Green Jr. are two of my favorite musicians, and this "superjam" featured them with two of New Orleans finest, Terrence Higgins on drums and Wycliffe Gordon on trombone. The result was better than 99% of these "all-star jam" type of gigs. Pedrito Martinez is a red hot Cuban percussionist and his band was great, including a lady piano player who played very well in the Latin jazz piano tradition.

Dr. Klaw--Blue Nile, New Orleans, 5/4/12

We didn't see anything that great at the Fairgrounds during Jazz Fest, but both of these night shows were absolutely fantastic. Dr. Klaw is another "supergroup" with members of Lettuce and Dumpstaphunk and they are awesome!

Deep Blue Sun/Col. Bruce Hampton and Pharoah's Kitchen--Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta, 8/17/12

This was a dream come true for me, to see my friends Deep Blue Sun play with Col. Bruce. It's an honor for any local Atlanta band to share the stage with the Colonel, and DBS was up to the challenge and blew the roof off. This was the first time I had seen Bruce in a while and his new band knocked me out. Just a great vibe and a fun show.

JJ Grey and Mofro--Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, 12/28/12

The last show I saw this year was definitely one of the best. I may have to create a separate thread for it. JJ is the best frontman in music today in my opinion, and the band has come such a long way in the past few years. The horns really add a lot to the sound of the band, and JJ was so soulful and charismatic last night. Variety was sold out and the band fed off the energy of the amped-up crowd and really delivered all night long.

Here is a link to a recording of the show last night. Some of the banter and crowd singalongs probably won't translate as well to tape as it did in person, but still a lot of good stuff to be heard.....


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Peach Master

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 11:44 AM
Did not get to see a lot this year due to life and $ getting in the way. I did see some good stuff though.
ABB in Lincoln,NE
Phil and Friends Broomfield run
Weir,Robinson, Greene accoustic trio.........


Zen Peach

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 02:11 PM
Top five;

1. Tedeschi Trucks Band in Cincinnati

2. Melissa Reaves in Boone, NC

3. Songwriters showcase in Nashville featuring Larry Cordle, Pam Gadd, Tim Stafford, Wil Maring and Donna Ulisse

4. Infamous Stringdusters at Appalachian Uprising in Ohio

5. Ratchet Mountain Rock Farmers at Clifftop Music Festival in West Virginia




Zen Peach

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 02:26 PM
1. Bruce Springsteen & E Street

2. Gov't Mule (twice)

3. ABB @ Darien

4. Alice Cooper"

Noone puts on a better show than The Boss!


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Peach Pro

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 03:43 PM
1. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, en Cork y Dublín
2. Billy Idol, en La Riviera, Madrid
3. Royal Southern Brotherhood, en Piedras Blancas, Avilés
4. Dickey Betts & Great Southern, en la sala Caracol, Madrid
5. The Cult, en la Riviera, Madrid
6. Eamonn McCormack & Brian Robertson, en el Wheelan's de Dublín
7. Mick Taylor, en la sala BBK, Bilbao
8. The Delta Saints, en la sala Monkey Club, Gijón
9. Hogjaw, en la sala Monkey Club, Gijón
10. Dirty York, en la sala Acapulco, Gijón




Peach Master

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 07:18 PM
1) Buddy Guy (2)
2) Gregg Allman
3) Govt Mule
4) Bruce Springsteen
5) Bobby "Blue" Bland
6) Siegal Schwall

Loved them all but I had not seen Bobby Bland or Siegel Shwall in over 30 years .. it felt so good.

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Peach Master

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 07:47 PM
Can't really remember all of 'em but off the top of my no particular order:

Bonnie Raitt @ Johnny Mercer Theatre-Savannah, GA: Wife and I have wanted to see her forever and she DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Sarah Syskynd (sp?) opened and kind of blew our minds...phenomenal vocal talent. Bonnie was worth the wait.

Primus-Tabernacle:Atl.,GA...Halloween night. Pure insanity w/ a sold-out bunch of crazies in ATL. rocking out to weirdness only Claypool & Co. can harness.

The Georgia Gov't Mule Run: Athens>Atlanta>Macon. Boy, oh boy did the...well, boys; dig deep into the old-school catalogue for this run...particularly Athens. Hard, heavy and inspired. Throw in the acoustic shows/meet and greets @ Rooftop of GA Theatre and The Big House and this was a road-trip for the ages....WHEW!

...and how could I have nearly forgotten...BEST OF THEM ALL: My beautiful new bride and I's honeymoon in San Rafeal for Phil's 1st Ramble @ Terrapin Crossroads. Opening night...dinner and drinks at the Crossroads restaurant...lots of smiling, inquisitive new friends eager to chat w/ the newlyweds from the Deep South awaiting a great show. Phil w/ his sons, Chris Robinson come out and announce the entire history of the venue they're about to break in will be dedicated to the late, great Levon Helm...and they do "The Band"...start-to-finish! EPIC. They killed it...So many wonderful west-coasters helped us celebrate our honeymoon...even broke us off a free batch of that "Cali."...after-all, you cant fly with it! We met Phil that night and he was delighted and humbled we were there to celebrate our honeymoon w/ him. And the most wonderful part of it all is that it would have never happened if a trusting soul wouldn't have LITERALLY gone to the venue and bought us tickets/mailed it to you couldn't aquire ONLINE tickets for Terrapin Crossroads at that point. We immediately reimbursed him and the rest is history...Phil really got a kick out of that! Oh yeah, and the next night they played 'Workingman's Dead' start-to-finish...Chris Robinson sang the hell out of New Speedway and High Time!

...Needless to say...A GREAT YEAR!


Peach Extraordinaire

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 08:03 PM
Didn't see many this past year.

1.Tommy Talton
2.Warren Haynes Band
4.Govt Mule/Dr John
5.Allman Brothers

I liked everyone of them, but WHB blew the roof off the House of Blues in Orlando. I think it landed in Lake Toho. Good fish cover <"))))><


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True Peach

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 09:53 PM
Noone puts on a better show than The Boss!

He does? I did not know that!


Peach Master

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  posted on 12/29/2012 at 10:59 PM
I have been hitting less shows due to varied work/life issues, but I caught a few and 2 are absolute stand-outs.
The Rockfest w/ Kim Simmonds, Leslie West, Rick Derringer, Johnny & Edgar Winter, was so friggin' right up my alley its ridiculous, I caught their show @ The Count Basie Threatre in NJ. What a fun beautiful night of music, A cherishable moment of my life!

The Love For Levon show spoke to both my ears and heart. I loved the Man and his musical contributions to my life, it was my own personal mourning and celebration of his life. I'm just a face in the crowd, but some of the folks that shared the room that night on stage are a parallel world that my life has intersected with theirs for 35+yrs of my 49 blessed years. Just as I've seen my Family, Friends, & Children grow & age. I've seen theirs and have incorporated mine with theirs at varied venues. Some of these jokers up there could almost play where's Waldo finding some of us jokers? I have to tell you that my generation has seen some of the best of the best musically. I didn't make Jimi, The Beatles, Elvis, Primetime Motown, & some others, but I have an active relevant music scene that I'm living now that they may be coming up short of. I pity future generations in search of the ingenuity and ground breaking passions of what we've experienced. I'm talking from the heart, but I'm still babbling, so I'll just end with a couple pic's (Leslie was outstanding during his set, but did not come out for full cast ending, but Thankfully @ L4L they all were able to).....


Zen Peach

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  posted on 12/30/2012 at 12:53 AM
Warren Haynes Band at the Fillmore is Silver Spring was pretty dang good.

But the best show of the year was TTB and Scrapomatic at The Warner.
That is one bad ass band.

But the best time I had was with Trigger Hippy in DC. Joan came out to the end of the stage and danced with me. That made my year.

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Keep on Smiling


Maximum Peach

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  posted on 12/30/2012 at 10:20 AM
The best shows I saw in 2012 were...
1-Devon Allman, and Honeytribe.
2.The Jason Bonham Led Zep Experience.
Both shows were absolutely outstanding.


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