Thread: ABB at Crescent Park Skating Rink with ARS -1982?

debrantley - 1/13/2015 at 02:26 PM

Anybody else go to this show? It was New Year's Eve at Crescent Park Skating Rink in Marietta, GA. Atlanta Rhythm Section opened. It was just before Paul Goddard left ARS (RIP, P.G.), so it must have been NYE 1982? Can't find anything on the web about this show. We arrived just before the show started. It was general admission and we asked about seats up front. We walked with an usher to the front, and just as we got there, they opened the floor area right in front of the stage. We sat on the floor the whole show 20 feet from the stage! It was surreal seeing the Brothers like they were a local group doing a gig! One thing I remember, I called for 'whipping post' several times, and they never played it.

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