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ArtieL - 4/4/2014 at 01:07 AM

I like collecting Allman videos, and all the great vintage footage uploaded recently to Wolfgang's Fault made me wonder what else might be out there. I don't know if there are any other shows that Bill Graham or anyone else taped but I imagine there must be some great footage out there. While the extent of Duane footage has already been discussed a lot on this forum I did want to ask about a few other 70's shows where there has been some footage floating around.

1. 11/25/75-I am only aware of video for one song. First Jimmy Carter introduces the band, then it cuts to One Way Out, which is not the first song. Does video exist of the rest of the show?
2. 3/13/76-I am only aware of video of a couple of minutes of Ramblin' Man. It seems to have been recorded off TV, because there is telephone number flashing on screen. Does video exist for the rest of the show.
3. 9/26/73-It was mentioned that black and white footage from three cameras exists for this entire show. Does this circulate in trading circles?
4. 9/10/73-The Saturday Night in Macon DVD has 5 songs. According to setlist on this site there were 10 songs played. I read the "One Way Out" book so I know that night didn't go well so the footage might not be very good, but is there still video of the other five songs?

And speaking of videos, if anyone would be interesting in trading my list can be found at:

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