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chicharron - 9/4/2005 at 03:19 AM

can anyone tell me what that album title means, or where the heck is idewald south?

oggiephenix - 9/4/2005 at 04:32 AM

You have misspelled the name - It is Idlewild South

Taken from:

Work on a second studio album had already begun in February and continued into July. The band was doing so much travelling that they decided to name the album Idlewild South after their Macon farmhouse headquarters.

Now if you're so smart why didn't you go looking for the answer yourself?? It onlly took me a minute to find it.

Looks like you do have the time to waste on the net. . . . . .

Go back to school or something

(Your post on another topic posted below:

I rarely post here, because I dont have a lot of time to kill on the internet (unlike some others may) Things like college course work, raising a family, etc.)

Je me demande pourquoi J'ai pris le temp de trover ta reponse. . . . . . . .
Probalement juste pour avoir le plaiser de te envoyer chier.

A bientot. . . . . . .

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LexABB - 10/27/2005 at 12:27 AM

that was harsh

harvey - 1/11/2006 at 12:11 AM

and not strictly correct . . . seeing as how the farm was named after an airport because of all the travelling they were doing . . . so I guess further investigation is still required by someone . . .

Colin "I'm so smug because I know the answer" Harvey

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