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bluedad - 9/6/2010 at 05:46 PM

During the GABBA weekend, there will be a members jam on Saturday, September 18th at 1PM at The Big House (under the gazebo). The jam will probably last no more than 3 hours.

All players are encouraged to join GABBA ($15.00) and the membership lasts a year. $1.25 per month...cmon.....

BigDaveOnBass and I are bringing equipment with the exception of drums. Dave can chime in about what PA equipment he is bringing and what he needs. I am bringing a Marshall and Music Man amps and a few guitars (Les Paul and Strat). Anyone that wants to play either of my instruments are welcome For the record, I don't have any left handed guitars

We are trying to get a line on who's coming and what instrument they are playing and even what songs we want to play.....

Sign up here

1) bluedad (guitar)

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