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4kneek8 - 9/17/2007 at 06:32 AM

Here's my first post on here. I've had this site on my poot for more than 2 years,listening to those 2 Duane interviews by Ed Shane and (can't remember) in Noo Yawk City. And i've finally joined up.
My name is Eddie and i'm 58 years old and yes children I gots some tales I can (and will) tell. First, I wanna let you know that i am not lyin' in any of my stories...when I stretch the truth, trust me, you will know it.
I first moved to Atlanta in July of 1967. A band i worked for was playing at the "Pink Pussy Cat" it was across from the atlanta cabana at that time. I worked as the road manager for this band hence I got the nickname "Eddie the Road Manager.
Some women came in the club one night and invited us to a "coffee house", over on 14th street.The Gig ended and we went looking for to party. Now you youngins need to realize that back then, to party, meant to drink. the band bought a couple of 6-packs from a sympaththetic bar maid, as the oldest person in the band was 19. And you can bet, being in town for only 3 days, we didn't know the guy at the Fruit Jungle well enough to ask for booze....anybody remeber the fruit jungle on Piedmont?
OKAY, back to part of the story. We go to the Coffee House and it blew our fkn minds...we were just long haired rednecks from North Carolina that loved the blues, and the beatles (and didn't get a lotta gigs 'cause you couldn't shag to our music).
The place was dark, quiet, black lit,te spot light for the tiny stage was a flood light, fitted into a large coffee can. I'll never forget the person who was playing that night, Jim Neiman,very talented guy Jim. Jim did alot of originals along with Dylan, The Beatles plus Man he was way cool. The next summer 1968(?) Jim and about 3 other freaks along with a guy who called himself Pirate (who owned the car, a '32 ford roadster). Can you imagine that drive? 5 Hippies in 1968 driving across the freakin' country in a hopped up hot rod painted primer grey. No fenders, no rumble seat. I don't recall any of them gettin busted. Nieman, had freaked out took a lot of acid (at different times) out there in Frisco and the scene was like everybody rippin everybody else off and burnin straights. Jim took a leave of of abscence an the next time I saw him, he was clean cut with straight clothes and workin security.

HERES my disclaimer why did I choose to do this? To let others who missed this period of time get an idea of it, how it was and what went down from a complete amateaur. I ain't even claiming its all true but it is from the best of MY memory witch you should know has
great gapping holes in it, and for the selfish reason of hoppin some of my freinds from back in that time or even their kinfolks might see this and we could hook up and have a fes laughs, and I can practice my limited typing skills.
So, there you have it. If enough people don't like this I'll quit. If enough people don't say anything i'll assume * and keep on trying to remember what happened...Eddie The Road Manager.

ladymule - 9/17/2007 at 11:59 PM

Welcome, Eddie!

Quinn - 9/19/2007 at 11:35 PM


4kneek8 - 9/21/2007 at 02:28 AM

Thanks for the welcome folks...i 'preciate it.
I mentioned in my last post about the "fruit jungle" This was kinda like a 7delesbian in 1968. Oh sure it sold fruit but was yer basic late nite munchie stop by after the show 'cause we got 'em kinda place
Some of you older folks might remember it, my story, of course is mysterious 'cause most of the times i was in the fruit jungle it was after 2 in the morning and you know about that. There was a rumor that one guy, i have no idea what his name was but bless his heart. He has, I'm sure passed as he was very grey and slow (like me now) back then (see massive errors in spelling, syntax, etc. but i'm trying) speaking of trying focus edward damit focus...Remember i said something about a rumor? Well the rumor was, go ahead and pick out your munchies, have a joint in your hand, pick a good place in line if there was one,pay with joint and mr. jungle would look at you kind of paranoid and ring up a 25 cent item bag it up and look at the next customer...we never took advantage of the guy and some of us tried to get him to come party, but he chose to stay in the jungle..i've often thought about this guy, wondering about his life after the fruits, but in his own way he was a brother too, wouldn't you agree? He did'nt know it but he sure kept alot of starving freaks happy....Eddie

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