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seeburg220 - 8/14/2007 at 01:41 PM

Big hello to all

I've been an ABB fan since about '77 or '78, when I got my hands on "Brothers & Sisters" vinyl gold. Shortly after, I discovered Laid Back (Gregg's record) - which I still think is one of the best studio-produced albums of all time. I never get tired of Laid Back.

Anyhow, at 42, I find that musicians of today overall, are lacking in talent, compared to their predecessors. I really think the talent-pool has dried up in America for a complete band. Just listen to any ABB or early Chicago, or Yes, or many others, and you'll find that 99.999% of today's groups don't have or don't showcase talent anywhere near those they followed. I feel rock and roll is becoming a lost art. The saving grace I guess is, that there will always be fans and unknown musicians who crave the type of music I grew up on, and will keep the music alive through covers, as well as recordings. It's like classical music I suppose. There really isn't any new classical music that is being made today, aside from background music in movies. Yet, 200 years later, you can still hear Beethoven and others who put their lives into their work. Today, it's all about the money, unfortunately. Imagine if Tchaikosky or Rachmaninoff had taken that attitude? I admit, I like a palatte of music - Southern Rock, blues, classical, classic hard rock (pre-80's), bluegrass in small doses, etc.

Bio of me: married, 2 kids, rocker, air traffic controller by trade, love small block Chevys, old pinball machines, jukeboxes (hence my user name). Never considered myself a Repub or Dem, but after the last 6+ years, I'll be pulling the "D" lever on all of them; totally disgusted with the way this country is being run.

I've rambled on enough here. I'm going to the show tonight at Nissan Pavilion in VA. Can't wait. Saw them there in '94 and have seen Gregg & Friends twice. Rock on -


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Haisija - 8/14/2007 at 01:51 PM

Welcome to HTW Mark.

ABBDutchFan - 8/14/2007 at 06:01 PM

Welcome !!! I guess you will meet plenty of regulars here who have the same taste
in music. A little "warning": this good old website is pretty addictive.

Cheers !!!

ladymule - 8/17/2007 at 12:49 AM

Welcome seeburg!

I love pinball too. Played lots of pinball at the local arcade when I was in highschool. Loved the jukebox in the arcade too. I remember playing Dust in the Wind and Van Halen's cover of You Really Got Me. Good memories.

Quinn - 8/21/2007 at 12:37 AM

welcome, have fun

ZekovicZoran - 8/21/2007 at 07:33 AM

After my dear sis Kim and bro Roger, I have to say welcome and have a good time here, dear bro Mark!

petri - 8/22/2007 at 08:00 AM

Welcome to the club and greetings from Finland!

pesty - 8/22/2007 at 07:09 PM

Welcome!!!! Like ABBDutchFan said "it is addictive here". You find you just have to check in to see what the topics of the day are, give support and get support.

bogthing - 8/22/2007 at 09:55 PM

Hey welcome Seeburg, used to feel the same way, then my son sent a link to a band called "My Morning Jacket" I was blown away. Guess it's out there, always bubbling under the surface.

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