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tcmek2 - 8/13/2010 at 09:29 PM

I'm from Boston, got on ticketmaster at 10am sharp yesterday to buy tickets to the 11/19 show and got shut out. Was looking to buy four tickets so I could take my wife and sons, we go to concerts as a family.

Anyway, no four block tickets available. Just for laughs I go on ebay and stubhub today and there are >450 tickets, (just bought yesterday right), up for sale and 2x - 4x face value. I stopped counting at 450 as I was getting disgusted.

So real fans, I'm 55 y/o and been listening to the AB for a while, get shut out. This isn't unique to the Allman Bros, I know, but it's annoying that these bloodsuckers get tickets to make a buck and real fans don't.

Just blowing off steam. There, now I feel better.

I would never buy tickets from a scalper, I hope they starve.

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