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reelex - 2/16/2010 at 01:08 PM

hello abb maniacs
I'm going to visit 2 dates in march in New York. 18march and 19 march
I was wondering if their is a possibility to make pictures at the concerts?
Because I'm coming over from the netherlands for just 2 gigs and leaving on sunday 21 march.
So it would be great if I could make some pictures
I hope that somebody can give me an answer!

greetz from the Netherlands

verbal - 2/17/2010 at 05:33 PM

greetings to you as well

the offical policy for cameras and photography at an allman brothers band show is::::

no professional style foto gear without a photo pass
photo passes are issued thru the bands publicity firm
to photographers on assignment from publications or stock foto agencys

small pocket sized digital cameras are not prohibited per se
however people using these small digi cameras that become a nuisance
will be asked to stop and if they refuse to comply, cameras will be seized
"a nuisance" can be construed a number of ways actually
ie: constant flashing, shootin all night long, leaning on the stage,
gettin in other peoples way, or just generally bein a pain in the arse
NO VIDEO EVER (that means you too susea)
habitual violators will be violated themselves

we are aware of the desire for foto memories of the event
but please try to be considerate of those around you
and of the wishes of the band
if ya really want visual mementos of the experience
get moogis and take pictures of your huge flat screen at home
just push pause and take it from the comfort of your couch

enjoy and please be respectful of those around you

no detachable lenses --- no flash --- no rude behavior
play nice --be happy-- imbibe responseably -- get home safely

seeya at the palace

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