Thread: Paul Riddle?

bumba - 2/6/2003 at 04:27 PM

would anyone else consider Paul Riddle a frequent guest? He is my favorite drummer, and I would love to see him romping with the Brothers at the Beacon!

Stephen - 2/6/2003 at 05:01 PM

He sat in for Jaimoe one time -- don't know how frequent a guest he's been though.
Yes indeed, Paul is a wonderful drum player -- haven't heard him since the Tucker days, would love to hear what he's up to nowadays.

bocat - 4/3/2004 at 08:30 PM

I always liked his style. Really doesn't get in the way of the other musicians.

cleaneduphippy - 1/4/2005 at 04:17 PM

Here's a link to Sevenmoore.

which is a band that Paul Riddle and Jerry Eubanks (sax/flute player in the orginal Marshall Tucker band have put todgether) have put together.

They have a CD out, and although I haven't heard it yet, from what I've heard other people say about it, it's a good one.

Capn - 7/26/2009 at 01:33 AM

interview with Paul T.
Toy and George

Toy gives credit to the Allman Brothers for Tucker's exposure

( I was at the taping of this show in NYC 1981, day after they played GSAC... met Redd Foxx in the green room )

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Capn - 9/28/2009 at 04:35 AM


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