Thread: Lets Turn This Thing Around....

mckendrick - 3/6/2005 at 02:31 PM

Lets turn this thing around and ask; Who would you like to see being a frequent guest of the 'Brothers?

I don't know about frequent, but I'd like to see Eric play with 'em - just once or twice maybe - just so he could truly hand over the reigns to some of the tunes he and Duane did together.



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skypup - 3/10/2005 at 08:14 AM

Feel the same way. I hope someday it happens.

mckendrick - 3/13/2005 at 06:34 PM

I heard an archived Clapton interview on a BBC website conducted by Paul Jones, and when he asks about Duane; Clapton sounds like he wants to skirt the topic and he sounds REALLY choked. I think he must seriously miss Duane,


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