Thread: What happened to Tommy Talton?

Twiggs - 1/10/2004 at 04:10 AM

What ever happened to Tommy Talton? Last time I saw him was in a hotel room in Chattanooga around 1978 and Cowboy was literally breaking up right in front of me. Loved Tommy and Scott Boyers backing of Gregg Allman on the Laid Back Tour. Saw one of the shows at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta and it was historic, with the full orchestra. COWBOY was a great band. Anyone know what happened to Tommy and Scott?

Wink2 - 1/16/2004 at 01:08 PM


I asked that same question I believe two years ago on the guest book.
I can't give credit to who responded but was told that Talton was living in France
and Boyer was I believe in Alabama from what I can remember.
They were a fine group weren't they? They had an album out titled
"Boyer & Talton" which is great.
I've looked for a CD copy but just can't find one, anyways I hope
that helps.

Twiggs - 1/2/2005 at 04:09 AM

I picked up the CD of Greg Allman Band Live recently (re-release of 1970's album). Got a lot of great memories of Cowboy from their portion of the CD. Time Will Take Us is just incredible. WIsh I could relive that Greg Allman show I saw at the Fox Theatre on his first solo tour.

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MissTerry - 1/9/2007 at 01:23 PM

I just ran across this thread looking for a place to post about Tommy's new band, The Tommy Talton Band. Tommy's new band is awesome! As many know, he and the band played GABBA Fest last year, and I've seen them several times since then. He and his awesome keyboardist, Tony G, did an intimate couple of gigs at a small club in Marietta, GA over the weekend (Crystals) and it was absolustley fabulous!

Go check them out. Tommy's guitar licks are sweeter than ever.

Go to http://www.tommytaltonband or

LinnieXX - 1/9/2007 at 04:28 PM

Tommy kicked our asses at the Jam For Duane.

He is quite the man......

horacegammet - 4/13/2007 at 04:32 PM

I ran into Tommy at the Oct '05 show in Atlanta. Hadn't seen him in a while. He looked good--real healthy. I thought he might play that night, but they never called him up.

Gritzman - 3/15/2009 at 08:22 PM

Tommy is doing GREAT. The Tommy Talton Band has their second CD coming this month on Hittin The Note Records and they are playing a lot... He also does dates with Cowboy partner Scott Boyer and also Randall Bramblett. Tommy's slide work is like listening to Duane.... Hoping he may show at The Beacon this year with the ABB! Crossing my fingers.

R.I.P.LizReed - 3/18/2009 at 01:43 AM

i knew he would resurface for this run!! Great slide work although he was visibly googly eyed at Derek Trucks slide work. . .he certainly held his own.

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