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origguestroadie - 3/26/2009 at 05:01 PM

Dave pastore as i remeber it was with the band crew in the begining. He was part owner of Pastore Music in Union City. My brother and myself were very close to dave and he considered us as 'brothers'.
For many years we would meet not only the Allman brothers band crew either on the tirnpike or at shows to bring gear or pick up gear to get fixed at dennis electronics which also use to be in Union City, but many other bands including The marshall tucker band, Dickie Betts band (he was also at Daves wedding and played a few songs as Blue Oyster Cult (also good riends of Dave and the crew with muself)was the 'wedding band' and my brother and I were the security for the day.

If you look at some old pictures from back then you may be able to see the Pastore Music sticker (round with a big P in middle) on many road cases. Dave had found that after he would put some up at places they played the venue would take them down so i suggested why not use spray glue to put them up. Once he did that when anyone tried to remove them they had a hard time and would leave them.

Just look at the credits on some of the early albums and you willl see either Dave Pastore or Pastore Music in them.

There are also many gold albums from some of the bands still hanging in the store.

Dave passed about 10 years ago and i have missed him very much. Everyone I speak to says the same thing.

2 years ago I spoke to Doug Gray from The MTB about Dave and he said he also misses him.

At the time my brother and I were both always welcomed at shows by the crew and they would always give us crew passes and would ask us to watch gear or play security instead of using the rent-a-cops. The Fillmore shows, which my memory banks have little left of, was one place were the crew loved having us there.

I have not seen Gregg since a show in 78 in NYC with his band.
Dave had moved to Florida and we grew apart but always met when he came to the area to see his family.

I was wondering if any old members of the crew or friends from back then remember Dave and have some stories to pass on.

I know I have many from meeting the crews to get equipment to being at the store at 3 am to meet the crew or band bus and give them equipment.

I have been trying to get in touch with Gregg since back than Dave had told me when ever I asked about my brother and I going to a show that all we had to do was go to the venue and say Pastore Music. Once a crew member would come out and see who we were we were in. Crew pass and all.

thanx for any info.

GOD Bless JOHN-Orig guest roadie..


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mojofreddie - 1/6/2011 at 05:52 AM

Wow it was very interesting to read about my friend Dave I have been out of touch with the Pastore family since I moved away in the mid 1980s it was the mid 70s when I worked for Dennis Electronics in Belleville NJ then Union City NJ thats where I became friends with Dave and his younger Brother I had many a sleepover at the Pastore house. Dave had me make up a very small supply of T-Shirts with the Allman Bros. Mushroom on the front and the Pastore music logo on the back Also for Stevie Wonder and the Wonderloves and Alice Cooper all customers of Pastore Music I sure wish I had kept some of those shirts for myself. I am very sad to hear about David but he lived at least 2 normal lifetimes and left his mark on many people. Anyone with information about those clasic T Shirts or evan a picture of one contact me at Just curious Thanks

DirkNJ - 9/30/2011 at 04:20 PM

My name is Dave Larsen and I had known Dave Pastore since before he went to Vietnam. I have many, many happy memories over the years and I miss him terribly. I kept in touch with him until the very end which came way to soon. I will be posting some of my memories of Dave in the near future, I hope that many more of you do the same.

DirkNJ - 10/1/2011 at 01:08 PM

I am also a musician, I play Bass Guitar, Keyboards and MIDI foot pedals interfaced into rack mounted Synthesizers. My family first met Dave when he was in his late teens and we saw him go off to Vietnam, we often received letters with pictures enclosed while he was away. I remember the day he came home from Vietnam, a van had pulled up in front of my house and Dave came out the side door. After not seeing him for a long time I was surprised and happy to see him, he had spent several weeks living with me until he could establish himself back in the states. Over the years he would almost always show up unannounced and usually with a new car. In 1981/82 Dave had his driver license suspended for 6 months so he hired me to be his driver for those 6 months. As a young musician I traveled with Dave 5 days a week to many music stores in New Jersey, New York City and Long Island.

I remember the wedding well, Victoria and Dave had their ceremony on a small bridge over a small stream I think that was on Victoria's parents property in Colts Neck. If I remember correctly Peter Frampton was also going to perform at the wedding but was involved in a serious motorcycle accident just prior to the wedding. After the honeymoon and all I help Dave and Victoria move into their new house in Middletown where they lived until moving to Jupiter, Florida.

The last time I saw Dave was in April 2001 while down visiting my wifes parents. I had noticed that he had lost weight but he said that he had been exercising on a regular basis. I received the first phone call the day after he was admitted to the hospital, I tried to clear my schedule to come down but I didn't make it in time. I did attend the memorial service 2 weeks later and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about Dave. The next time that the Allman Brothers played in Holmdel, NJ I had given one of the beautiful memorial flyer to one of the guy's at the sound board. I asked only that he give it to one of the band members.

The person who wrote about the Pastore Music stickers you are right on, in fact I still have the belt buckle that was made in the form of the Pastore Music symbol, I will always treasure it.

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