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midnightvwdriver - 12/31/2004 at 01:45 AM

Sometime back in the 70s I read a small article most probably in Rolling Stone magazine [who, come to think of it wrote many and lengthy articles on the ABB back then] a short article about the above named outfit made up of then current ABB roadies.They were I think made up of[ at least some of] the guys pictured on the back of the Fillmore album.I think they only performed at soundchecks integrated as part of their set up duties.
I just dug the name as being really witty.
Does anybody else remember reading anything? [it may not have been in RS mag.- I'm not sure.}

fast43 - 2/11/2005 at 10:01 PM

I saw them play before a show in Lexington, Ky in January 1976

origapch - 6/22/2005 at 02:36 AM

The band was the Almost Brothers Band which was a band made up of the roadies from the Allman Brothers Band.
One of their claims to fame was to be the only band to sell out Macon's Grant's Lounge in advance. The original band consisted of Twiggs on lead guitar,Buddy Thornton on bass, Mike Arts on drums and RedDog on drums. Later on Barry Richmond would come down from Atlanta to jam with them. Barry was too good for the level of play the rest of the band was at so they stopped playing with him. Later on they had a girl come in to play keyboads they ran across while in Texas. When they asked Barry to leave David Cole also known as Trash joined up with them. Trash played guitar and sang. Trash became a roadie with the ABB.
I saw Trash last weekend in Macon and asked him about these days. We had a lot of fun and shared many laughs talking about the early days in Macon.
These stories are all told much better in RedDog's book which is available from him thru his web-site

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