Thread: Roadies Names?

peachhead76 - 8/12/2002 at 05:27 AM

Just wondering what the names are of some of the roadies I see at every show. The first is the guy who runs the board. Usually he's on the right of the stage. Second, what's the name of the guy that gets Greggs water during the show? Third, is Warren's guitar tech guy? Anybody know....??

mtnplyr - 8/15/2002 at 01:36 PM

Who is mixing the house sound? Incredible job at the Beacon this year! I know the sheds are a b$*&#, but I'm intrigued to hear if there's an improvement.

alec - 8/15/2006 at 02:05 AM

Warren's tech is named Brian Farmer, he's pretty legendary amongst the old mule fans.

verbal - 8/17/2006 at 05:30 PM

the crew members are as follows
vid sutherland production manager
slim judd front of house sound mixer
earl francis lighting director
earl mccoy monitor engineer
davad kohls guitar/keyboard tech
brian farmer guitar/bass tech
jamie van der bogart drum tech
chris samardizch brotherhood of light
pete rabinowitz brotherhood of light
also various light and sound crew members that change from tour to tour (4)
and bus drivers (3) and truck drivers (3)

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