Thread: Some stuff I'd like to see.

geetar - 8/7/2002 at 07:10 AM

I would appreciate hearing more good 'ol stories about the beginnings around Macon; About and from folks like Kim Payne, Mike Callahan, Jack & Roy King, Gyro, Satellite, Mama Louise; And how those good folks are doing and feelin today. Any of them reading this, please email me.

I was a Picker and Artist around Macon & Ga. 1970's; Painted the band / lightnin bolts / stars on the front of Grants lounge. Lived in the slave shack, by the other band big-house for awhile (it burned down later), out near Jack-Roy-Puff's place. JK tatoo. Picked with Factory and Nexus. Ran the music program at Jackson unit ... from inside ... '75. Moved to Hawaii '81. Still trying to heal old late '70's vibes. Always good to hear from the old gang.

Denny T
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Pam - 11/13/2002 at 11:31 PM

Aloha to you too!

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