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PeterNelson - 12/1/2003 at 05:37 PM

Has anyone ever heard of Jimmy T?

Several years ago I worked briefly with a guy named Jimmy T who claimed to have been an Allman Joys roadie in St. Louis, probably late 1967. He quit the Allman Joys when he got an offer from an R&B group, Coal Kitchen, that he thought was more promising. This was before the Allman Joys changed their name and went out to L.A. as Hour Glass.

Later Jimmy was part of the stage crews at both Woodstock (1969.08) and 2nd Atlanta Pop (1970.07). His apathetic work ethic slogan from the old days: "Close enough for rock 'n' roll" (a takeoff on the old civil servant and G.I. acceptance of imperfection "Close enough for government work").

An awestruck Jimmy told wide-eared me stories of seeing Jimi backstage and from the pit in front of the stage, but he never mentioned Duane's being around at the exact same time.

Jimmy T was out of the biz when I met him; do any of you remember him from way back?

DUBLINDAVE - 12/22/2003 at 11:26 AM



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