Thread: B&P for 3, PLQ 4-6-00 Pevar and Herring - still open

johnwott - 5/4/2008 at 03:45 AM

Just Found this Great Show, Jeff Pevar and Herring 2 of my faves. they were the 2 "Jazz is Dead" Guitarists
(Jeff replaced Jimmy when Herring took "The Other Ones" gig)

Jeff is another favorite player of mine. Seen Him with Jazz is Dead, CPR, CSN, Blue Floyd, The Machine.
He is a real pro, an amazing Talent and Like Herring a really nice person to sit and talk music with.
Very Humble with loads of talent. He also is a fine singer and sang with this version of Phil and Friends

The show has a great Crazy Fingers and Franklin's Tower is pretty hot as are the Jams with
Herring and Pevar firing away.

Count off the bnp numbers and send me a PM for mailing details.

Once the b&P is done, I am always open to trades.


Phil & Friends
4/6/2000 Oakdale Theater - Wallingford, CT
7:35 p.m. - 11:12 p.m.

Rob Barraco (keys), Jimmy Herring (guitar),
Phil Lesh (bass), John Molo (drums), & Jeff Pevar (guitar)

Disk 1:
Set 1:Jam-> 5:26
Attics of My Life-> 8:57
Jam-> 5:29
Box of Rain 8:04
Dark Star-> 10:57
Cosmic Charlie-> 10:22
Mississippi Half Step-> 11:31
Cold Rain & Snow 10:13

Disk 2:
Set 2:Jam-> 13:45
Wish You Were Here-> 12:19
Alabama Getaway-> 7:27
Jam-> 2:52
Dark Star (2nd verse) 12:09

Disk 3:
Crazy Fingers-> 8:54
Jam-> 12:26
Help on the Way-> 11:44
Slipknot!-> 0:43
Franklin's Tower 9:13
Phil's speach 6:26
E: Like a Rolling Stone 12:28

Recorded by JohnM - Scheops
transfered to cd and shn by PeterG
contact with questions (subject:p&f00-04-06)

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RockRun17 - 5/4/2008 at 09:08 PM

1. Rockrun17 - Thanks man!

johnwott - 5/4/2008 at 10:57 PM

ROckrun1 check your PM.

2 slots open

slowhand6 - 5/5/2008 at 05:56 PM

1. Rockrun17 - Thanks man!
2. slowhand6- gotta take a listen to this one. Thanks again John.

Charlesinator - 5/5/2008 at 10:34 PM

1. Rockrun17 - Thanks man!
2. slowhand6- gotta take a listen to this one. Thanks again John.
3. Charlesinator!!! PMOTW

Thanks John! I love Jimmy Herring and always wanted to hear some Jeff Pevar.

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johnwott - 5/5/2008 at 11:30 PM

Slowhand and I are gonna make it a trade. So

one more BnP slot is still open

1. Rockrun17
2 Charlesinator

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