Thread: Moogis Mix, Butch's Drums

LukeMilanese - 3/14/2009 at 06:49 PM

Moogis is great and the band sounds wonderful. But, I still think Butch's drum kit is not fed to the Moogis. I can hear Jaimoe's clear as a bell. The two kits are tuned so different. They are very distinct. I can hear Butch's coming through other stuff like vocal mics and such. Not trying to be a jerk hear just think somethings wrong. Jaimoe does the accenting and Butch's drives the bus. Without Butch's kit, its not that huge thunderous wall of drums we have come to know and love. Hope Butch reads this and they fix it. Great run!!!! I can't wait until Monday, I'll be in 2nd row Gregg's side.

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