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porkchopbob - 3/14/2009 at 05:32 PM

So I was at Tuesday night's show, which was a fine, solid show. The band never kicked things into the stratosphere on Tuesday, but there was a lot of good stuff going on. A lot of people seemed to be worried that the band hadn't gotten their Beacon legs yet (or wouldn't find them). Well, Friday night they came out blazing. Fantastic show, everything you would want from a Beacon show - the energy was definitely there.

I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me, but I preferred the first set to the second set. Both smoked, but I guess since there were only three ABB songs in the second set, two of which I heard during Tuesday's second set (even had the same closing song), I enjoyed the first set more. Actually, it's a testament to the energy they brought - the juke horns on "Southbound" was about as good as it gets and "Into the Mystic" will always be better than the band's pedestrian cover of "And It Stoned Me". Bruce Willis is always welcome, "Smokestack Lightning", well, smoked. Their new instrumental is pretty interesting, definitely feels like a Derek tune - not a lot of melody or structure like a Dickey Betts instrumental, but a lot more freedom and room to play. I liked it. Derek's solo on "Whipping Post" in the encore was balls out amazing.

But while the second set definitely kept up the energy, I felt Boz Skags's 4 songs was a bit much. I knew "Loan Me a Dime" was coming, and the other three songs were nice but none of it was really interesting to me, except maybe "Sick & Tired" which I always dug from Johnny Jenkins' album. "Ain't No Love..." was nice, I guess since Gregg jumped in. I guess I've just never been a huge fan of "Loan Me a Dime", nor have I ever been a huge fan of Boz's voice, which is quite weak - he sounds like a muppet to me. It was all nice, but I would have rather traded "It Takes a Lot to Cry" for another Allman tune. Well, since it sounded just like "Key to the Highway" to me in the back of the balcony, it might as well have been, I guess. Lots of nice moments while Boz was up there, but I just thought it went 1 song too long. When they did turn back into the Allman Brothers it was worth the wait, "The Same Thing" definitely did not disappoint - those Juke Horns are something else.

I was also surprised at (but not necessarily disappointed by) how soon the set list has started to repeat its self. A few songs here and there are naturally going to find their way back into the rotation after three nights, but 9 of the 16 songs (9 of 12 if you don't count the Boz tunes) were played on Monday and Tuesday. I know there's a long way to go, but I was surprised considering there are 60 plus songs in their catalog. I wasn't necessarily disappointed as "Don't Keep Me Wondering" and "No One to Run With" absolutely smoked on Friday, just surprised that so many songs had been repeated so quickly. Perhaps working out certain songs over early in the run is how they get their Beacon legs. It was all still great, not a gripe. Hell, even the a-hole that pissed in the sink couldn't ruin it for me.

Still, all in all, any one who thought the band didn't kick it into the next gear on Monday or Tuesday, you need not worry. The band was on top of their game last night. Still the heavy weight champions. I'm taking a week off, looking forward to next Saturday.

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