Thread: Off the charts!!

Vanistheman - 3/13/2009 at 04:11 AM

1)I've always loved Trouble No More....and Greg hit it again tonight!
2) Who's Been Talkin' is my favorite Wolf tune, and I love the ABB/Warren's version with a Santana flavor..
3) BHW outro/The Other One Jam...WOW!! And it took off further from there!!
4) Buddy Guy was charasmatic w/o being too stagey and played very well. They were having a lot of fun in The Sky is Crying!!!
5) You Don't Love Me came off much better tonight
6) Nice set closer with Trey, Page, and Buddy on for Southbound!

7) 2nd set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I kNow you Rider sounded great....solos were rich and a nice change of pace
IMOER...likely my favorite ABB song and Derek smoked it!!!! I enjoyed Trey's work too!
I never would have guessed a Dreams and Jessica to follow Liz Reed...they keep you off balance!!
8) Statesboro encore was awesome and the extension was lots of fun...warren ws having a ball The most enjoyed that I've enjoyed that one in a while...

still odd that they haven't played anything from their last 4 studio albums except NOTRW???

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