Thread: Looking to pay $$ for one tonight

cokerlee - 10/28/2014 at 04:32 PM

I need to get in there tonight. Will pay up to $350 but can't stomach $500 on stubhub. hit me up at cokerlee at

missed the whole run since i moved out of NYC in August, came back for tonight.

Bros4ever - 10/28/2014 at 05:08 PM

You could go wait at the beacon box office .. people have been getting tickets you'll have to wait for hours though.. Becareful who you buy from.

cokerlee - 10/28/2014 at 05:36 PM

thanks man. can't get there till 7 or so. can't imagine I'd stand a chance. tickets now start at 600 on stubhub! madness. my first show was 7.4.96 somewhere in the middle of Georgia. can't imagine it was more than $25

skibisc - 10/28/2014 at 08:27 PM

Hey all !
I'm in the same boat. Just looking for 1 for tonight.

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