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IrishAngler - 10/27/2014 at 03:11 AM

Incredibly fortunate to have seen Wed, Fri and are some of my notes along with some color commentary about the adventure. If you If not...that is cool too. Just my two cents on three shows that I feel remarkably lucky to have seen. These guys are so freakin' good and it's been an honor to see them.

WEDNESDAY - Picked up 14th row Center Orchestra for face value 20 minutes before showtime....long ride in from Jersey so a roll of the dice paid off big time. Whew. Thanks to whomever it was that sold me that ticket - great guy. "Brush with Greatness” moment: While I am normally my graceful gazelle-like self I nearly knocked a guy over in the packed lobby - so I turned to apologize and it was Jackie Green. I gave him that “are you…….so and so” look and he nodded. Coincidentally, he was the guest at the Tedeschi Trucks show last month at the Beacon and sat in for three songs playing three different instruments…. keyboards, harmonica and guitar….he was legit. But I digress….

OK – the show….absolutely loved it. I heard some downer(and some positive ones too) reviews about Tue….more than just rust – like a totally lack of energy and weird vibe. Well there was none of that. First set came out swinging with Statesboro and into a great Gilded. The middle of the set was all good with some nice song selection. But then the coffee kicked in and we were treated to an insane Black Hearted Woman into a huge jam. I’m not sure if it is the post-show high or what – but that could possibly be a top 20 song ever….just a big kick-ass nasty monster to end the first set.

For the 2nd half once they did standard versions of Melissa and Same Thing it was game on. Come and Go was awesome…..then, similar to the tone set by Black Hearted Woman, they beat the hell out of us with a sick Desdemona…just ridiculous guitar shredding and the place was going crazy. A hoppin’ Southbound led to right into a 20 minute Mountain Jam that sandwiched a great Percussion session. One Way Out was solid closer – although the original setlist had Whipping Post in that slot but they changed it.There were actually a lot of real-time changes to the 2nd set.

Some notes…..
•Greg was good – but an edge has been lost in his voice.
•lots of smiles on stage – especially Derek who is typically more reserved -but he was having a good ‘ol time. He and Marc we joking around across the stage the whole night.
•Same for Oteil – he is just in his own little world like he is still tripping from his days in Aquarium Rescue Unit.
•No Whipping Post, Jessica, Blue Sky or Dreams played yet…so hopefully one or more of these big boys get unleashed soon
•I hate paying $10 for Bud Light. Still, one hell of a night for $300 all in.

FRIDAY - Overall it was your typical Beacon show - but this is a relative term being that these guys set the bar so high that their typical night is another band’s wet dream. My loge section was pretty mellow so that kinda brought my mood down a little– and I was also 100% sober - but the good music was there. I might sound a bit critical below about Friday but that’s because Wednesday was so rockin….and Saturday – well…that was insane.

Set One: Hot'lanta, No One To Run With, Leave My Blues At Home, Worried Down With The Blues, Soulshine, True Gravity, Dreams, Black Hearted Woman
Set Two: Done Somebody Wrong, Come And Go Blues, Rocking Horse, Trouble No More, Midnight Rider, Blue Sky, You Don't Love Me > Soul Serenade
Encore: Whipping Post > Will The Circle Be Unbroken? > Whipping Post

Really dug the Hot’lanta opener into a great sentimental No One To Run With. Soulshine, one of my personal faves, got things moving again and moved into what I thought was the best song of the 1st half – True Gravity. Derek really took us for a ride here. I had big hopes when I heard those opening notes of Dreams – it was good but it never really “hit the note”. Maybe it was where I was sitting - i don't just came across as a bit off to me. I have no doubt they’re going to try and make good on this one in the Mon/Tue run….it deserves better. Black Hearted was a great closer. It was nowhere near Wednesday night’s monster –but solid.

2nd set – love the bluesy/swing feel to Done Somebody wrong and put my head in a good place. Come and Go – nice but, like BHW, nothing like Wednesday’s highlight C&G. Rocking Horse was good but it was Trouble No More where things got hopping. Warren kicked in and tore into it and the audience responded in kind….just great stuff. Midnight Rider – a classic with great lyrics and nice sing-along for the audience but let’s face It – musically, this one goes nowhere. But they made up for that with a 3 song ending w/ Blue Sky, YDLM in to Soul Seranade. All were very well done. And then……there was the encore. WP>Circle>WP……lights out, bad-ass and tight. BOOM! Everything you wanted in an encore and it sent me home all jacked up.

• 2 consecutives shows w/ Black-Hearted Woman as the first set closer – interesting.
• Greg’s voice was MUCH better than Wednesday…..more clarity and soul.
• In addition to the ’57 Les Paul Goldtop I was told two other of Duane’s prized guitars were used this night. Admittedly I wouldn’t know but I think it says a lot about wanting to channel that energy and sound if the The Big House let’s those relics out of the showcase.
• Marc’s percussion playing is insane. I find myself watching him pound the skins as much as I focus in on Derek’s fretwork. But has he ever used the massive gong? I don’t think so.
• Warren seemed a bit “off” until Trouble No More…..I wasn’t keeping count but it appeared he took more solos than Derek – and yet just wasn’t firing like we’re used to seeing him. Again – still GREAT stuff…but not what you’d think of with this being the last Friday Beacon show ever. I dunno – maybe it was just me. Reviews on are saying that Friday was “epic”....glad others felt that way. Alan Paul was saying via facebook that this was the best show so far. I thought Wednesday’s was a bit better. To each their own, I guess.

But hey, I still got Dreams, Rocking Horse, Blue Sky and Whipping Post in one show….I am NOT complaining.

SATURDAY - . I really don’t even know where to begin. The vibe in my section was intense for the last weekend show ever. Great people all around us – everyone chatting it up with everyone - having a blast…fun stuff. There was only one other night that equaled Saturday in its pre-show energy for me - and that was 3/19/09 – the first Clapton show of the 40th Anniversary run. As this was supposed to be(and in my opinion, should have been) the final night we knew we were in for a treat. On Wed and Thur the lights went down at about 8:25 – Saturday was about 8:45… just built up the excitement.

Set One: Don't Keep Me Wondering, Statesboro Blues, Woman Across The River, Ain't Wasting Time No More, Stormy Monday, Dusk Till Dawn, Stand Back
Set Two: Midnight Rider, I Walk on Gilded Splinters, Jessica > Will the Circle Be Unbroken > Jessica, Trouble No More, Into the Mystic, In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed > Politician > Elizabeth Reed
Encore: Come On Into My Kitchen, One Way Out

A great 1-2 punch opened it up and they went into one of my all-time favorites as Woman Across the River signals Derek and Warren engaging in an ax battle and it was fantastic. Really enjoyed the deep Stormy Monday and Stand Back was a nice surprise to close the opening set. Everything was solid, Greg sounded great, both Warren and Derek shredded everything, crowd was loud and super appreciative - it was setting up to be a Beacon classic.

This brings us to what is among the best full sets of ABB I have ever seen. I saw some gems in ’09 and this is right at the top of that pile. Midnight Rider into a spirited version of Splinters. It was at this point when sh!t got real. Jessica….just damn….an absolute beast. Here is my buddy's video – at the 5:00 mark things start to heat up. Couple this with embedding a “Circle” inside of it and it was one of the best single songs I’ve seen them play – the place was absolutely rockin. It was everything a Jessica should be and then some.

In the first of the night’s two tribute songs Warren spoke during a moment of rare banter that the next song was for Bill Graham as it was one of his favorites( he died 10/25/91) – Into The Mystic was awesome and Warren’s vocals were perfect…just beautiful. Then came a Liz Reed that sandwiched Politician – the second tribute – going out for Cream’s Jack Bruce who died earlier in the day. Liz was huge and the Orchestra section was going ape-sh!t. When the set ended folks were just screaming….the crowd was loving life, blown away and completely in awe of the fellas on stage. I turned to my wife and said “there is simply no encore to finish this – anything will be anti-climatic”. Well, it was…..a bit. Kitchen and One Way Out(same Encore as Wed)….loved em and it was a great ending. But the crescendo they built during Set 2 was just so damn high it just wasn’t fair to any song save a Whipping Post - or a Dickey appearance – neither of which were happening. I left the building with that same feeling of 3/19/09 – that something really special just took place and we were among the 2,984 people who were damn lucky to have witnessed it.

Some thoughts on the night

• Two instrumental brutes and two tribute songs along with some of the finest playing possible made the 2nd set one for the books.
• Warren found a 6th gear, shifted into it and floored it – he was cookin’ all night.
• Clearly, Will The Circle Be Unbroken will be played every night. I heard everyone in attendance at Duane’s funeral sang it… I get its significance. Never knew that.
• Wish these guys were a lot younger and had more years to play.
• Lots of grown men hugging/laughing/back-slapping each other after the show – having just seen their last show.

Many great times at these shows….too many to list. Just glad I got share them with you fine folks.



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[Edited on 10/27/2014 by IrishAngler]

kevinumberger - 10/27/2014 at 05:10 AM

But has he ever used the massive gong? I don’t think so.

Years past he used to hit it......for one song---course I don't remember which song but I remember seeing him hit it...

And yeah----I love watching Marc ---especially durin dreams and black hearted woman.....

Forever_Duane - 10/27/2014 at 05:21 AM

But has he ever used the massive gong? I don’t think so.

Years past he used to hit it......for one song---course I don't remember which song but I remember seeing him hit it...

Whipping Post

kevinumberger - 10/27/2014 at 05:39 AM

That's what I was thinking but couldn't remember if it was that or mountain jam....

I just arrived home after seeing the sun come up two nights in a row after the shows so my brain is not thinking right now....

FattyB - 10/27/2014 at 12:12 PM

Thanks IrishAngler - loved the review. I'm going tonight for the only time on this run. My 101st and final ABB show - very excited yet very sad. Can't wait!

OriginalGoober - 10/27/2014 at 12:17 PM

Thanks for your posting your observations!

beaconandeggs - 10/27/2014 at 12:24 PM

Thank you Irishangler..that was incredible critique. Going tonite . Saw 2 shows this March..been going for 7 years . Excited, yes..sad, don't think I will will live on, Gregg's band, TT, Mule..but something incredibly special will have ended by tomorrow night.Glad to have been part of it.

kdick - 10/27/2014 at 12:31 PM

Great review. I was there on the weekend and couldn't agree more that vibe for both Friday and Sat was incredible. For me if this is the end of the this lineup I am good with the way it went out. Covered all of the bases and more. You are right, not just men hugging but also in tears. This band truly has changed my life in so many ways. But I say again, be happy that it happened not sad that it is ending.........peace!!

stormyrider - 10/27/2014 at 03:49 PM

great stories, thanks for sharing.

was Jackie wearing his hat?

IrishAngler - 10/27/2014 at 03:56 PM

Jackie had on his hat for sure. I was in the Loge section for the show and saw "The Hat" by the backstage door really stands out.

Quinn - 10/27/2014 at 06:15 PM


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