Thread: Interesting Legal Strategy

crazyjoe - 3/8/2018 at 04:18 PM

The legal strategy being employed by Donald Trump is very interesting, it seems he feels that when under suspicion and investigation for lies, improprieties and down right crimes, the best approach and defense, is to just tell so many lies, commit so many improprieties and serious crimes that the general public, complicit by being gullible or desperate enough for some imagined power they may gain, or desperate eniugh for revenge for some imagined oppression upon them by others (Hillary, Barack) to believe and support this absolute horse crap. He has enough people on the Intel committies and so forth to TRY and muddy the water, stall investigation's and continue to defraud and fool American Citizens and manipulate Our Democracy for his own personal gain and the benefit his family and close conspirators. I really believe justice will prevail, but it's not a given, our system can be flawed, criminals can and do get away with crimes in a variety of ways. Much as O.J. Simpson got away with murder by manipulating the system, Trump and his administration may well get away with the horrific crimes he is guilty of (promoting racism, discrimination and hatred being just a few). O.J. and Trump do have 2 obvious things in commom, they are both overly entitled, egomaniacal criminals and they will both be playing golf today............Peace.........joe

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