Thread: Since Mexico is supposed to pay for the wall, the Palestinians

StratDal - 12/7/2017 at 02:40 AM

will pay for the new embassy? index.html

LeglizHemp - 12/7/2017 at 02:43 AM

makes my head hurt

gina - 12/13/2017 at 12:22 AM

Why do we need only one embassy? Couldn't there be on in Tel Aviv for the current day Israelis only, since they believe that is their sovereign state, and another one in Jerusalem where Palestinians could go? Eventually they will have to share that land, but for now, we cannot just side with Israel and not acknowledge the Palestinian people. Ismail Haniya, of Hamas said to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and just recognize Israel can lead to a new intifada.

God himself decreed that never again would there be two states. He did not want two states, he wanted one, but since the current political climate will not really accept that, then we need two embassies in all fairness to everyone. God is probably the only one who can unite ALL the religions under one banner. Ayman Al Zawahiri wanted to unite all the Muslims under one banner and end the factionalism, but you can see the state of affairs of the Muslim people. It will be a long time until those groups unite, there are 73 different factions of Muslims, there are 72 different groups of Christians, and 71 different groups of Jews. (The Quran says so that's where those numbers are from).

I understand Trump's concept that Jerusalem was the place where Jesus, who was sent to help the Jewish people, lived and preached and eventually when Jesus returns Jerusalem will be the capital of HIS kingdom, but when he takes over (Jesus), all religions will be done away with. There will be his laws and his people, ONE NATION. It is clear in Ezekiel. The true Jewish people were Semites, they were the descendants of Abraham. ALL MANKIND really has one mortal father, the religion in the beginning was Abrahamic, even the Muslims will tell you that.

We as a nation cannot just side with one group or the other, we are called to be a global community and try to help promote peace among all peoples.

BrerRabbit - 12/13/2017 at 05:11 AM


Smells like New World Odor.

lukester420 - 12/13/2017 at 03:29 PM

Shhhhhh! We arenít supposed to remember that Cheetoh fingers promised that Mexico was paying for a wall.

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