Thread: Is the POTUS a psycho?

BrerRabbit - 11/5/2017 at 10:11 PM

A lot of psychiatrists think so, and a dangerous psycho to boot.

From US News and World report, rest of article here: 4-21/mental-health-professionals-debate-ethics-in-the-age-of-trump%3fcontex t=amp

"We now know medically that psychiatric illnesses are very similar to other medical illnesses, and absolutely is not a reason to put a moral judgment on therapy, or feel shame about it," Lee adds. That reasoning is behind a piece of legislation wending around the Hill with some bipartisan support that would require the presence of a psychiatrist and not just a physician, at the White House to tend to the president's health, says Gartner, who has been having meetings with lawmakers and staff.

The problem with Trump, Gartner argues, is that he displays signs of "malignant narcissim" a personality disorder that includes anti-social behavior, paranoia and a tendency to live in one's own, self-aggrandizing reality. And it's not curable, Gartner says.

"The abnormal is being normalized. That's how dictatorships work. They take over the definition of reality," says Gartner, who began the "Duty to Warn" movement to oust Trump." .
""For anyone to diagnose Donald Trump is easy," Dodes says. "Any competent therapist knows what's wrong with Donald Trump.

Newsweek Oct 14 "The Most Dangerous Man in the World" : -man-world-psychologists-671182.html%3famp=1

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