Thread: Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump

LeglizHemp - 8/18/2017 at 01:17 PM

Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump
Explore our updated, comprehensive Trump/Russia timeline — or select one of the central players in the Trump/Russia saga to see what we know about them.


From the outset, Donald Trump has called the search for the truth about connections between his 2016 campaign and Russia a “hoax” and a “witch hunt.” Along the way, he has taken unprecedented steps to stop it. As President Trump foments chaos and confusion about what actually happened — and what continues to happen — this Trump/Russia timeline seeks to offer order and clarity.

Since we first launched it in February, the timeline has grown from 24 entries to more than 400 — and the saga is far from over. Reading it from start to finish is a daunting task, so we’ve added tools that enable users to narrow its content by individual. And, of course, we’ll continue updating it.

Are several congressional committees and special counsel Robert Mueller wasting their time on a “hoax” and a “witch hunt”? Review the timeline, follow updates as they appear and decide for yourself.

Muleman1994 - 8/19/2017 at 02:31 AM

Moyers has a history of playing fast and loose with the facts and is a far-left extremist.
How do you think he would create such a load of crap?
Probably just like the NYT, WAPO, and CNN. No facts, no actual sources and after over a year no evidence what so ever.

Notice that many in the corrupt liberal media are no longer mentioning that fake news?

BrerRabbit - 8/19/2017 at 03:10 PM

far-left extremist

When you are an extremely extreme extremist, centrists look like extremists to you from way out there.

It is an optical illusion created by the great distance from your standpoint to the objective. When you isolate yourself so far away and assume your position is the foreground, then your object appears to be movng toward the vanishing point.

In other words, we are all standing still, you are the one moving further and further out.

You call people on this board extremist, when we are all pretty moderate, varying left or right of center on specific things.

The only full alignment far extremist on this board is YOU, brother.

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