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I voted for Gary Johnson in 2012. I will probably vote for him or Jill Stein in this election, whichever one is stronger in the polls at election time. The goal is too get a strong enough showing for a 3rd party to make the major parties take notice. Once you turn to 3rd party voting it really doesn't matter what the candidate's positions are because they are not going to win. What does matter is that at least one of the candidates performs well enough to be relevant. In my memory Ross Perot did that in 1992 and again in 1996, George Wallace with 13% in 1968, and maybe John Anderson with over 6% in 1980. Ralph Nader and Ron Paul made a lot of noise but were never significant in the elections. I wouldn't have wanted any of those 3rd party candidates for president, but they were strong enough to affect the conversation, and that is really the point. Right now both major parties are acting like they own the process because they do. That needs to change. Some folks think if you vote 3rd party you are wasting your vote because they'll never get elected, or some want to argue about differences in positions between the Libertarians and the Green party. I think those people are missing the point. 3rd party voters need to unite behind one candidate if they are going to ever have an impact. Splitting the 3rd party vote so that every candidate gets a fractional share is a waste of time, but working towards having a single strong 3rd party challenge is not a waste. It is a goal.

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