Thread: Warren & Stefani Haynes send Habitat biggest gift yet

Angelemerald - 9/22/2007 at 01:21 AM

Warren and Stefani Haynes send Habitat biggest gift yet
By Tony Kiss
published September 21, 2007 10:16 am

Asheville raised rock star Warren Haynes and his wife Stefani have sent a sweet gift to the Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity – a check for $127,200 from last year’s Christmas Jam concert at the Asheville Civic Center.

It’s the largest single gift yet from the Christmas Jam, the nationally known rock show hosted each holiday season by Haynes, and featuring top-name stars. In total, the Christmas Jam has donated $650,000 to Habitat.

Proceeds from last year’s jam are being used to built Habitat houses both in New Orleans, and Habitat’s Enka Hills subdivision. Construction of the New Orleans home should be done in October, and work on the Enka house will be underway when Haynes returns this December for the Christmas Jam

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Brock - 9/22/2007 at 01:30 AM

Warren is really something, isn't he Ang? Nice.

PhotoRon286 - 9/22/2007 at 02:09 AM

Very nice.

Can't say enough about Warren.

DerekFromCincinnati - 9/22/2007 at 02:17 AM

Great job by Warren. An excellent and worthy cause.

bluedad - 9/22/2007 at 02:40 AM

Great job by Warren. An excellent and worthy cause.

CanadianMule - 9/22/2007 at 02:45 AM

The man's heart is the size of a house.

Eileen1 - 9/22/2007 at 03:28 AM

Always knew Warren was DA MAN!! Way to go Warren and Stef!!

JMidnightrider - 9/22/2007 at 11:39 AM

Warrren and Stefani...awesome...they really get it

susea - 9/22/2007 at 12:22 PM


cleaneduphippy - 9/22/2007 at 12:55 PM

Warren and Stefani,

Two warm and classy people in every since of word and Habitat is an excellent cause.

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PeachNutt - 9/22/2007 at 01:40 PM

what a great thing to do!!! We need more people like Warren & Stefani.....

Haisija - 9/22/2007 at 02:15 PM

very cool

Peachfan8 - 9/22/2007 at 02:38 PM

Good to see them really putting back into a city that all musicians owe soooo much. Also great to see Warren and Stefani giving back to Warren's home town. You should never forget where you came from, and Warren sure hasn't!!!!

Charlesinator - 9/22/2007 at 03:24 PM

Thank you Warren Haynes for making a big difference in this world. For are a great example for us all.

MarkRamsey - 9/22/2007 at 03:53 PM

Great writer,great guitarist, great singer, now great charity fundraiser! Is there anything he's not great at?

johnwott - 9/22/2007 at 03:55 PM

Great writer,great guitarist, great singer, now great charity fundraiser! Is there anything he's not great at?


gina - 9/22/2007 at 06:16 PM

Warren, you and everybody else can do something real easy to help generate revenue for a very fine group of people who are in the Musicians Village area outside of New Orleans. (about 45 miles outside of it). Each time you have to search for something on the internet, use and you can designate a charity for money to be donated to. The charity you select is People for Plaquemines. (Plaquemines is the name of the county they are in). Info about this on Bill Hudson's page.

Rock on Warren, and consider going down there to help out!

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Angelemerald - 9/22/2007 at 07:17 PM

I hear the show this year will be on the 15th. Someone called the Civic Center and they said the 15th, which is great cause the next Saturday is too close to Christmas. I love going the Christmas Jam. Best night of music this country has to offer, imho.

dougrhon - 9/22/2007 at 07:45 PM

Great writer,great guitarist, great singer, now great charity fundraiser! Is there anything he's not great at?

He's not great at mediocrity.

CowboyNeil - 9/22/2007 at 07:48 PM

Yea Warren,nice to see a Brother being a good Brother!

MoreCowbell - 9/22/2007 at 10:11 PM

Good job for a worthy cause. Way to go Warren and Stef.

Tarzan - 9/23/2007 at 08:29 PM


Angelemerald - 9/23/2007 at 10:17 PM

Warren Haynes & Friends: Jamming For Charity
By Doug Collette

Guitarist Warren Haynes' prolific nature as a musician is matched by his great generosity of spirit. Since joining the Allman Brothers in 1989, and forming Gov't Mule in 1994, the North Carolina native has become a warrior of the road and the studio with both bands, while also serving as a lynchpin of the Phil Lesh Quintet for a lengthy period. Despite his hectic diary, Haynes has continued to stage charity fundraising events on a regular basis.

Haynes has recently resurrected the Evil Teen record label as a means of generating further charitable funds through the release of CDs and DVDs of his benefit concerts and related titles such as Mule's Live at Roseland Ballroom (Evangeline, 2002). Though the first two editions are somewhat spotty, they do achieve the additional objective of illustrating beyond-the-mainstream contemporary rock's diversity and intelligence.

Various Artists
Warren Haynes Presents The Benefit Concert Volume 1
Evil Teen

The Benefit Concert Volume 1, from 1999, is not scintillating throughout, but becomes so shortly into the first disc, when tracks featuring The Derek Trucks Band appear including a sit-in by guitarist non pareil Jimmy Herring on "555 Lake." Musicianship as sharp as the sound mix reappears in a quasi-reunion of The Aquarium Rescue Unit; in their hands, the Grateful Dead's iconic "Turn On Your Lovelight" refuses to become stale. Vocalist Susan Tedeschi lends her sultry presence to the occasion.

This soulful blues woman sounds equally convincing on "Angel From Montgomery," in which she simultaneously confronts and transcends comparisons to early Bonnie Raitt. Meanwhile, the three-man powerhouse that was Gov't Mule with its original bassist, the late Allen Woody, augmented by the late guitarist/vocalist Little Milton, digs into its roots with "When The Blues Comes Knockin'." This follows another fiery interlude with Herring on "Devil Likes It Slow."

Various Artists
Warren Haynes Presents the benefit Concert Volume 2
Evil Teen

Volume 2 of the series (now commonly referred to as "Christmas Jam") is also distinguished by Jimmy Herring: it contains the only officially released recordings of the Allman Brothers band featuring the guitarist, recorded on tour during 2000.

That said, "Come And Go Blues" and "Ain't Wasting Time No More" only hint at the expansive approach Herring reintroduced to AAB as he teamed with precocious guitarist Trucks and bassist Oteil Burbridge (also a charter member of ARU) in 2000. But then extended tracks wouldn't allow for the varied performances otherwise included on this double disc set. Mule's scorching take of "Goin' Out West" features Widespread Panic bassist Dave Schools, effectively compensating for the emotional indulgences of guitarist/harp player John Popper. The erstwhile Blues Traveler does take part in an emotive rendition of Bob Dylan's "I Shall Be Released," but that's also including singer Edwin McCain who introduced the first CD with such intelligence and style as well as Warren Haynes himself.

The once and future Allman Brother and head of Gov't Mule not surprisingly sets the tone for both this set and its companion piece. Yet, with characteristic humility, there is but one true Haynes solo track, the self- referential "I'll Be The One." While each package has its forgettable intervals—"Cry Of Love" is the personification of anonymous rock, and The Bottle Rockets are almost equally generic—the memorable parts of each disc, invariably featuring Warren Haynes in one role or another, are worth returning to.

Tracks and Personnel

Warren Haynes Presents The Benefit Concert Volume 1

Tracks/Personnel: CD1: Beautiful Life/Edwin McCain; Alive/Edwin McCain w/Warren Haynes; I'll Be/Edwin McCain w/Warren Haynes; Rastaman Chant/Derek Trucks Band; Chicken Strut/Derek Trucks Band; 555 Lake/Derek Trucks Band w/Jimmy Herring; Yield Not To Temptation/Derek Trucks Band w/ Col. Bruce Hampton & Jimmy Herring; Turn On Your Lovelight/Derek Trucks Band w/Susan Tedeschi, Col. Bruce Hampton & Jimmy Herring; Ain't That Loving You/Derek Trucks Band w/Larry McCray & Jimmy Herring; Don't Change Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream)/Derek Trucks Band w/Edwin McCain & Jimmy Herring; Just Won't Burn/Derek Trucks Band w/Susan Tedeschi CD2: Angel From Montgomery/Susan Tedeschi; Pretty As You Please/Cry Of Love; Peace Pipe/Cry Of Love; Mule/Gov't Mule; Bad Little Doggie/Gov't Mule; Lay Your Burden Down/Gov't Mule w/Johnny Neel; Fallen Down/Gov't Mule w/ Johnny Neel; Devil Likes It Slow/Gov't Mule w/Johnny Neel & Jimmy Herring; Spoonful/Gov't Mule w/Col. Bruce Hampton, Johnny Neel & Mike Barnes; When The Blues Come Knockin'/Gov't Mule w/Little Milton & Johnny Neel; It Hurts Me Too/Gov't Mule w/Little Milton, Johnny Neel, Yonrico Scott, Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi.

Warren Haynes Presents The Benefit Concert Volume 2

Tracks/Personnel: CD1: I'll Be The One/Warren Haynes; In My Life/Warren Haynes w/Matt Abts; Badness/Chris Duarte Group; Who Knows/Chris Duarte Group w/Mike Barnes and Audley Freed; Nancy Sinatra/The Bottle Rockets; Stuck In A Rut/The Bottle Rockets; Elevator To The Moon/Col. Bruce Hampton And The Aquarium Rescue Unit; Fixin' To Die/Col. Bruce Hampton And The Aquarium Rescue Unit; Time Is Free-Jack The Rabbit/Col. Bruce Hampton And The Aquarium Rescue Unit w/John Popper; Goin' Out West/Gov't Mule w/Dave Schools; Mountains Win Again/Gov't Mule w/Dave Schools, John Popper and Dr. Dan Matrazzo. CD2: Alone/John Popper w/Warren Haynes; Scarred But Smarter/Kevin Kinney w/John Popper; A Good Country Mile/Kevn Kinney w/Tramp; Solitude/Edwin McCain w/Warren Haynes; I Shall Be Released/Warren Haynes, Kevn Kinney, Edwin McCain and John Popper; Come And Go Blues/Gregg Allman w/Warren Haynes; Ain't Wastin' Time No More/The Allman Brothers Band; Born Under A Bad Sign/Allman Brothers Band w/Floyd Miles; Soulshine/w/Dr. Dan Matrazzo; Statesboro Blues/The Allman Brothers Band w/John Popper and Audley Freed.

Visit Warren Haynes on the web.
Warren Haynes at All About Jazz.

MotherTeresa - 9/23/2007 at 11:35 PM

Col Bruce has the Christmas Jam as the 15th on his dates on his myspace page (see my top friends)

vinsanity231597 - 9/24/2007 at 12:37 AM

Awesome - Warren is one of the hardest working and kindest people in the entire world today

Tarzan - 9/24/2007 at 12:40 AM

hey lets not forget warrens old lady works just as hard as he does

hotlantatim - 9/24/2007 at 12:50 AM

Warren Haynes is one of the classiest guys in all of rock n roll (along with Chuck Leavell & Derek Trucks). Thanks for the good deeds and work Warren!

lolasdeb - 9/24/2007 at 05:32 PM

God Bless them both (and the varoius artists, crew, etc who have participated). And this generous and loving gift from someone who would by no means be classified a multi-billionaire. It's wonderful and heart warming to hear about someone sharing the blessings of their lives with those less fortunate.

I know that people like Bill and Melinda Gates have made a commitment to share their wealth with the needy of the world - would be nice to hear even more of these types of stories (I mean really - how much money does a person really need, anyhow ... after it gets into that billionaire stratosphere it's all just gravy ... gravy that could maybe poured on some pour souls rice to offer nutrition)

rottinpeach - 9/24/2007 at 05:43 PM

Where the Habitat houses are built in Asheville they even have a street named Warren Haynes. That would be cool having his name for your address.....We cant say enough good about Warren. The guy makes it happen.

rottinpeach - 9/24/2007 at 05:48 PM

Col Bruce has the Christmas Jam as the 15th on his dates on his myspace page (see my top friends)

I already have a motel room reserved on the 15th. Better get your rooms before the official announcement, the room rates double then.

Tarzan - 9/26/2007 at 07:35 PM

lets all thank warren and crew again

Angelemerald - 10/23/2007 at 07:31 PM
Habitat, musicians help rebuild New Orleans

Erin Brethauer
October 23, 2007 12:15 am

Under a cool, gray Louisiana sky Monday, the pouring rain stopped long
enough for musician Warren Haynes to place a set of life-changing keys
in the hands of Thomas McDonald.

The keys open the door to a home brightly painted in orange along
Bartholomew Street in the Musicians' Village of New Orleans and
represent for the new homeowner "a shot at a future."

"I'm finally going to own a piece of the place I've lived in my whole
life," said McDonald, 38. "This is wonderful."

McDonald, a bass player with four to five different bands in The
Crescent City, will not be the only musician on the block.

Centered around eight acres in the Upper Ninth Ward, the Musicians'
Village is a small pocket of hope for returning musician's and
low-income families hoping to rebuild in New Orleans. Plans call for
the village to include 300 Habitat homes.

Supported by famous national musicians like Harry Connick Jr., Dave
Matthews, Branford Marsalis and Warren Haynes, the village was
specifically started to foster support for the city's cherished
musical artists.

"There's nothing like New Orleans. It is America's richest musical
city," said Haynes, who has been performing on and off in the city for
27 years, "It's a travesty to see all those people in New Orleans
forced out or reluctant to come back. All Americans, beginning with
American musicians, need to get involved."

Of the artists Haynes has known over his successful career, he always
notices there is something different about the players from New Orleans.

"All the musicians that are raised in New Orleans learn to play in
such a unique way," says Haynes, an Asheville native who has earned
acclaim for his guitar work and songwriting with The Grateful Dead,
The Allman Brothers and Gov't Mule. "It's like they're speaking a
different language."

The home in the Musicians' Village was funded with $75,000 from the
2006 Christmas Jam concert that Haynes holds every year in Asheville.

The concert last year raised $127,200 to support the house in New
Orleans and a home in the Enka Hills subdivision.

Along with the keys, Asheville Habitat volunteers who are in New
Orleans to start work on a new Habitat house, presented McDonald with
a toolbox, flowers, a Bible, a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine,
gifts that represent hard work, guidance, nourishment and companionship.

"I had tears in my eyes," said Melissa Rush, an Asheville Habitat
volunteer who presented McDonald the bottle of wine.

For more information on the New Orleans Habitat Musicians' Village,
please visit: and click on Musicians' Village, or
mail a check to: NOAHH — Musicians' Village; P.O. Box 15052, New
Orleans, LA 70175-5052.

Angelemerald - 10/23/2007 at 07:47 PM

Asheville and New Orleans Habitat Trip

For two weeks, volunteers from Asheville will be working in New Orleans through Habitat for Humanity to build a house in memory of William Henry Stevens, an artist whose work reflected the beauty of nature in the Appalachian Mountains and the Louisiana bayous.

Another habitat house, funded by Warren Haynes' Christmas Jam fun was dedicated in the Musicians' Village Monday, October 22, 2007.


This year's Asheville volunteer opportunity:

Before the 2007 Christmas Jam, Lend a Hand with Asheville Area Habitat: Connect with the cause that the Christmas Jam supports by volunteering on the Habitat construction site in West Asheville the week of Monday, December 10th though Friday, December 14th.

To reserve your spot, send the following information to Ariane Kjellquist at name, address, email address, telephone number and 1st and 2nd choice of dates. If you are flexible and can be available on any of the five dates, please mention that.

Required hours are 8:30am-3:30pm. No experience necessary. First come, first serve. Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow fans, delicious lunch, daily raffles and more; and feel good about helping a family in need of safe and decent housing. In addition to this volunteer week, the people will be presenting several events around town this year including afternoon music on Friday 12/14 and Saturday 12/15. Details will be announced in the coming weeks at

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lolasdeb - 10/23/2007 at 07:51 PM

Thanks for sharing this, Angela. It's wonderful to read about anybody's generousity to another in need and it's really special to know that Warren is the kind of guy who shares his blessings with others. The pictures in the linked story are great! Warren presenting the keys to Mr. McDonald then McDonald jamming with Warren later at Cafe Negril. Kudos to Warren Haynes and the other muscians who are helping with the rebuilding effort in New Orleana!!!

PeterNelson - 10/23/2007 at 09:40 PM

I like Stefani Haynes way more than Gwen Stefani.

mulelouisville - 10/24/2007 at 02:17 AM

Does anyone know how many homes Habitat has been able to build with the Christmas Jam funds? $127,000 does not seem much when building a home.

dancingrhonda - 10/24/2007 at 02:24 AM

Does anyone know how many homes Habitat has been able to build with the Christmas Jam funds? $127,000 does not seem much when building a home.

Actually the majority of the costs of the home are paid for by the new Owner. What most people don't realize is that the houses aren't given away. They are subsidized by generous contributions, but the new Owner is given a mortgage that they can handle. The Owners must be gainfully employed and also have to put in a lot of hours building other houses to be $127,000 can make a huge difference.

Angelemerald - 10/24/2007 at 02:30 AM

Yeah I thought it was pretty cool of Warren to sit in that night at a local jam and that Thomas got to play with him. I have no idea who any of the guys were at the jam. I wonder what the set list was. Was there a taper? LOL.

WarrenMcCae - 10/24/2007 at 02:33 AM

Warren is the Man!!!!!!

Angelemerald - 10/24/2007 at 02:42 AM

Here's some photos from last year 06 when Warren gave out the keys to a new home in Asheville due to money that was raised the year before.

This one is from the 2005 Jam when Warren got a street in Asheville named after him.

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Brock - 10/24/2007 at 02:57 AM

I have a very strong feeling Mr Haynes does many other good deeds that we will never hear about. I am proud to be a fan.

Angelemerald - 10/24/2007 at 02:59 AM

Here's the photos from Citizen Times article and the NOLA house this Monday.

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Kreedham - 10/24/2007 at 03:10 AM

I doubt I could go to the show even if I could get a ticket but I'll throw in $25 to add to the pot if someone might get a Habitat address in Ashville. I'll just include a note saying it's in honor of Warren and Stefani.

And don't forget, for the few that don't know, Stefani is on Sirius 17 in the afternoons where Mr. Haynes is often a guest. She spreads the love among the ABB family of bands.

Angelemerald - 10/24/2007 at 03:11 AM

Warren Haynes sits in at Cafe Negril
Posted by Keith I. Marszalek October 23, 2007 9:06AM
Warren Haynes

Gov't Mule and Allman Brothers guitarist Warren Haynes made a surprise
appearance on Frenchmen Street last night performing at Cafe Negril
before a packed house of "those in the know."

The show attracted several hundred music lovers to the rain soaked

When asked how this show came about, the man working the door
commented, "A friend called a friend, who called some friends and it
just all came together."

You just gotta love New Orleans.

From the jam photos by the Erin Brethauer for the Citizen TImes

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