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cohenf - 8/9/2007 at 02:27 PM

Both Boston nights terrific. 8/8 a little more energized, partly due to the nature of the setlist. Daesdemona, to me, has become a highlight due to the way it accents GA's soulfulness as a performer and vocalist. The Mountain-Dazed-Mountain was mindblowing. Covering Dylan, Morrison and LZ and making it all so seamless is only more evidence of this band's tremendous artistry.

We were so fortunate to see Susan up there with them for both nights. I'd be happy if they'd make her a regular part of the band. Vocally and instrumentally she fits right in and, like Warren, she could take time out for her own stuff. One could say she laid back too much on guitar, but one could also say that it would have been superfluous given the chemistry of rock's greatest guitar tandem of Warren and Derek.

If Susan was a regular, I think the guitar chemistry would remain undiminished and, more importantly, they would have an additional set of outstanding, bluesy pipes. Plus, a female voice, particularly with Susan's bluesy husk, woiuld add some refreshing texture to the band's sound. I'm not saying ABB needs her or more texture, but she'd be a welcome addition. It would be like adding a Bonnie Raitt to the band. While GA's voice is astonishingly (miraculously?) strong, it never hurts to have more vocal chops. As GA ages, ABB would have Warren, Susan and Oteil to fall back on for vocal chores.

To me, "Drums" always goes on too long. This tradition needs to be modified. At 15-20 minutes, it hurts the show's momentum. "Drums" should go on for no longer than 5-10 minutes for it to have maximum impact. Adding Oteil as a fourth in the percussion ensemble does nothing to make "Drums" any more interesting

dadof2boys - 8/9/2007 at 02:51 PM

..would love more SUSAN---her guitar work on 3/30/07 was stinging Chicago excellent player & great voice & this 8/8 show is sounding more & more like the special one of the far....

rosshmusic - 8/9/2007 at 02:54 PM

I would like to get that one on munkmix...

newt&earl - 8/9/2007 at 02:59 PM

..would love more SUSAN---her guitar work on 3/30/07 was stinging Chicago excellent player & great voice

And she blew everyone away at Crossroads! You should have seen some of the looks on people's faces!

susea - 8/9/2007 at 03:26 PM

I could go on and on...was at both Boston shows! Have my reviews in both set list threads!

rottinpeach - 8/9/2007 at 03:32 PM

15-20 minute drum solos????

The only thing I can say about that is its a bad time to hit the beer lines and restrooms.

Sounds like by the reviews, we here in Charlotte, are going to have a "ONE HOT NIGHT"

newt&earl - 8/9/2007 at 03:48 PM

From the Boston Herald: mat=text

Virtuosos Trucks, Haynes reignite Allman Bros. fire
By Jed Gottlieb
Wednesday, August 8, 2007 - Updated: 12:17 AM EST

It’s not what Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes can do, it’s what they can do together.

At last night’s Allman Brothers Band show at Bank of America Pavilion, the two guitar phenoms parlayed their telepathic chemistry into a series of Homeric jams that came close to rivaling the collaborations of the band’s original axmen, Duane Allman and Dickie Betts.

Like the legendary Allman-Bettspartnership, Trucks and Haynes don’t duel, nor does one guitarist play second fiddle to the other. Think Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, not Batman and Robin.

Even on the Allmans’ most mediocre songs, many of which filled the group’s first set including “Every Hungry Woman,” “Soulshine” and “Revival,” the pair’s licks and long solos buoyed the tunes into near masterpieces.

Although Trucks and Haynes have been playing together on and off for more than a decade, it’s been only recently that their alliance has turned Gregg Allman into a sideman in the band he’s fronted for four decades. Even since last year’s Tweeter Center stop, Trucks and Haynes have honed what makes their tag team smackdown of virtuosity so awesome - their differences.

On “Woman Across the River,” Haynes and his contorted expression stepped out for some scorching, straight blues that Freddie King would dig. On “Statesboro Blues,” Trucks infused the twelve bar with a whiteout of frenzied notes all while standing perfectly still looking like a peaceful Buddha. And then when the two traded riffs or climbed on top of each other and crushed the crowd with their doubled yet distinctive onslaughts, it was even better.

While old guys Allman and founding drummers Jaimoe Johanson and Butch Trucks (Derek’s uncle) still do a decent job of keeping up, it was a night for the young guys - and gal. Derek Trucks’ wife, Boston’s own Susan Tedeschi, joined the band on a couple of songs, singing Derek and the Dominos’ “Anyday” and later adding wickedly cruel telecaster licks. (Yes, the couple have kids, but no word on whether any of them will be the Second Coming of Hendrix.)

The show had a few down moments and could have used more of the Allmans’ marquee songs and more action from underused, superbassist Oteil Burbridge. But that’s why the band’s playing a pair of Boston dates; Every new gig is another chance for Trucks and Haynes, and with luck, Burbridge and Tedeschi, to retrofit Allmans’ standards for the next generation.

lolasdeb - 8/9/2007 at 04:06 PM

Great review! I've got goose bumps! Glad to hear that Boston just got served up 2 BIG helpings of great music (susea - I KNOW you were out there shaking it up)!

tag team smackdown of virtuosity
LOL - love this phrase!!!
(Yes, the couple have kids, but no word on whether any of them will be the Second Coming of Hendrix.)

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