Thread: Question about the re-issued Fox Box

ABBDutchFan - 2/27/2018 at 06:25 PM


I have a question about the 2017 re-issue of the Fox Box. I know that some edits were made regarding lengthy crowd noise (which resulted in this re-issue being 8 discs in stead of the original 9) and read comments and reviews stating that the re-styled packaging was a bit flimsy. The 3 shows are in cardboard digipacks (orange, green and purple) stored in a (indeed flimsy) cardboard outer box. Well, today i received this Fox Box which i bought on eBay. It's from an Asian seller. The CD's themselves are inside the digipacks and are protected by very thin / flimsy transparant plastic sleeves. So no regular paper envelopes. How did you receive your Fox Box bought from this site or other US retailers? Because the CD's were in those very flimsy plastic sleeves and there was a bit of glue residue somewhere on the box my first reaction was: "i hope this isn't one of those Asian counterfeit products". I never heard of an ABB product being counterfeited like that. It's usually bigger acts / household names like Bowie, Beatles and Stones of which boxsets were pirated. So maybe i'm just a bit paranoid. Any help is welcome.

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