Thread: Searching for latest compilation Duane era dvd...

thetoweringfool - 2/23/2018 at 05:41 PM

Hey all! This query should be posted in 'Music' but not sure how much activity is going on over there. Anyway...I'm looking to obtain a copy of the DVD created by Planet Hophead possibly? ScotiaDave? It was the latest one with the complete Love Valley that includes Statesboro n WP synced up w incredible results. The MTN JAM is there of course. This DVD was a two-parter which contained Fillmore 70, Schaeffer clips and documentaries, etc. I ask bc while I have duplicated died and I met a vintage electronics repairman who is certainly one of us. Just worships Skydog and BO (this guy is a badass bassist). While picking up my turntable, I noticed framed pics of the Big House n a pic of Sky's sunburst. I said "Duane fan huh?" and he lit up, lol. Anyway...he made the pilgrimage to The Big House and saw the loop of Fillmore and didn't even know Duane footage existed. This gent would be over the moon if he had a copy of the Duane Love Valley comp. And I'm lookn to get it for him. Anyone feel like a b&p? Thanks!

adhill58 - 2/23/2018 at 06:04 PM

I do not have the exact DVD that you mention, but check your PMs.

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