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Fretsman - 12/29/2017 at 05:43 AM

I was going through my old videos I never made public and dug out these from Mr. Betts to unlock. I was side stage so the sound isn't as balanced as if I was out front, but sweet none the less.
I've professed my love for the man and his music. I look forward to seeing him in the near future. Here's 3 songs that he threw in the mix some nights, but not always. I was going to wait until the 5 year anniversary of the 2 from 1/11/13, but why wait. Dig into some Dickey now?

Having A Good Time 1/11/13 Ridgefield, Conn

My Getaway 1/11/13

Workin' For A Living 3/8/14 Ridgefield, Conn

ManWithNoName - 12/29/2017 at 11:49 AM

I've never heard "Workin' For A Living" before. Is that a cover or an original that Dickey didn't play very much?

The_Newt - 12/29/2017 at 07:07 PM

Thanks for putting these on youtube. Have a great 2018.

Fretsman - 12/29/2017 at 10:39 PM

Sorry ManWNN, I'm not familiar with the origin of the tune either. I do love the guitar work

Thanks for putting these on youtube. Have a great 2018.

My pleasure Newt, With Mr. Betts doing more of this, It'll be a great year.

Hoping you all have a Great, Safe, Loving, & Prosperous New Year

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