Thread: My one time meeting with Gregg Allman

crazyjoe - 12/24/2017 at 12:18 AM

Hey You know we all miss Gregg in our own ways and sure do relish the sweet, sweet sounds the Brothers shared with us. My one meeting with Gregg left me bothered in a strange way, because all though I had always blended with all sorts of people from congressman to athletes to street bumbs, I blend in with everybody! In '87 I even met SRV and made Friends with him as he did with everyone. But in late summer 2005 outback of the Rosemont Theatre as my Buddy and I were standing around chatting with Ron Holloway and Jack Pearson, the stage door burst open and one of my 2 musical Heroes, Gregg walks straight up and shakes my Buddies hand and then turned to me, and I just fackin froze couldn't stick my hand up, barely speak. I recovered a little and we discussed a little music and he mentioned at that stage how much he didn't often care or enjoy performing "Whipping Post". He spent the same time with the 30 or so Folks hanging out. It just hurt me that Gregg wanted to shake my hand and I got choked up and didn't do it!!!! .....Really no where else I could share this so thank Ya'll much!!!.......Peace......joe

Lee - 12/24/2017 at 12:06 PM

That's cool though Joe. And that show was great. Everything on the setlist was old stuff. Nothing newer than the 70s as I recall. And Jack did a great job playing in place of Warren. That entire run with Jack was great actually.

Sorry to digress.

crazyjoe - 12/24/2017 at 04:41 PM

Yeah Lee, Gregg was awesome signed everyone's stub. You know that group of Chicago Area Allman Partiers? What is that called, a mob, syndicate, organized chaos? Anyway, Super Friends Justice League type quality Folks, as fan who just popped up it was crazy, my dad flipped, I took him to see Mule at Navy Peer June '05, he's an old hippy, he was there in Byron to see the Brothers, the Experience, Etc. He said so many Folks was buying each other beer and wine and huggin, he thought it was a flashback!!!!!!.......... Peace......joe

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