Thread: Any studio photos from Brothers & Sisters era ?

sunkel - 11/3/2017 at 12:57 PM

Aside from the album photography and a few outdoor pics , I haven't seen much in the way of recording studio photos from the 1973 Brothers and Sisters / Laid Back / Highway Call era . Has anyone else viewed any photos from this time period ? Granted , the schedules that band members kept in those days , and the recording process as it was during this era in the bands history , made the idea of " let's get together and record a few tracks " a bit difficult . But it would be cool to see Betts and Dudek working , and all the rest of the guys in the process of making all this great music . We have some original band studio shots , some Eat A Peach in Criteria shots , but mid '70s studio photography would be great . So , dig through your own photo archives - got anything ?
And the official Dan Hudson album photography on Brothers & Sisters - a few alternate shots have been circulated , but I would guess there is a lot more out there . A really pivotal time for the band , I hope more photos may exist .🍄

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