Thread: In memory of mom 9-20-36 ~ 2-27-04

BigDaveOnBass - 9/11/2006 at 08:15 PM

I was going to wait to do this closer to the actual date, but I can't hold back any longer.

Mom would have been 70 on September 20th, so, in memory of Jan Wang, Happy Birthday Mom! I miss you so much, but you are never far from my thoughts and my heart. Until we are joined again at the foot of the throne....

Love, David

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LinnieXX - 9/11/2006 at 08:18 PM

dave, i love how you shaved your head to match hers.

you are a good son, and a good friend. i'm wish i could ease your pain, but cannot.
hang in there, you are loved!

nlitndrog - 9/19/2006 at 02:07 AM

A beautiful lady.... Peace to both of you.

BigDaveOnBass - 9/20/2006 at 01:46 PM


Thinking about you today. Say "Hi" to Grandma and Timmy for me.

Love you and miss you,


greggswoman - 9/21/2006 at 01:01 AM

What a beautiful lady. Dave, my sincere condolences to you.

susea - 9/21/2006 at 03:32 PM

Obviously two beautiful people. Bless you Dave. Can't wait to meet you! we come!!!

illness - 9/21/2006 at 06:26 PM

Be strong BDOB, we will all meet up again.

BigDaveOnBass - 2/25/2007 at 11:23 PM

Thinking about mom. Tuesday the 27th will be three years.

Rusty - 2/26/2007 at 01:50 PM

That's sweet of you to remember your mom, Dave. As long as she's in your memory, she's still with you. I'm sure she brags about you in heaven all the time!

BigDaveOnBass - 2/27/2007 at 03:22 PM

Hi Mom. Love you. Miss you.

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lolasdeb - 2/27/2007 at 03:57 PM

Thinking of you today, Dave. These 'anniversaries' of loss can be so hard. Your mom looks like she was a wonderful person (what a great smile!) and I'm sure you were a joy in her life.

WharfRat - 2/27/2007 at 05:32 PM

Much love to you brother..

greggswoman - 2/27/2007 at 10:27 PM

Lovin' vibes to you, Brother Dave!

Haisija - 2/27/2007 at 10:51 PM

Right on Brother.

punknseed - 2/28/2007 at 12:49 PM

Dave, I feel your pain, my condolences.

lolasdeb - 5/11/2007 at 06:02 PM

Giving thanks for all mother's this weekend and thinking warm thoughts of those mom's and of those of us who love (and some who have sadly lost) these heros in our lives.

Peachfan8 - 5/15/2007 at 04:32 PM

Dave, This mother's day was my mother's first without my grandma. My grandma past in march 07, almost 6 months to the day after my mom's dad died. My grandma helped raise me until my mother met my step father so I know how incredibly hard it is to not have that physical prescence. All we can do is know that they are only gone in flesh, and that we indeed never stop feeling thier influence in our lives.

BigDaveOnBass - 9/19/2007 at 10:36 PM

Well, here we are at your 71st birthday. Time has taken the edge off of the grief of losing you, but you are still missed every single moment of every single day. I still love you, I still miss you. Sometimes I still cry for you. Happy birthday, Mom.

Rusty - 9/20/2007 at 12:27 PM

Happy Big-Dave's Mom's Birthday to everybody!

I know it feels good to remember your mom, Dave!

Haisija - 9/20/2007 at 01:43 PM

No doubt, the sweetness of Dave's love for his mother shines on all whom this man reaches out and touches.

lolasdeb - 9/21/2007 at 09:20 PM

Thinking about Dave and his mom. I know it's got to be hard not having her here with you, Dave, but if it's any comfort I know she's looking down on you and shining her light on you life and I'm guessing getting a big grin on seeing what a wonderful man she brought into this world. God Bless.

BigDaveOnBass - 2/27/2008 at 12:30 PM

Thinking about you today, Mom.

I know you didn't like tattoos, but I got a new one. It's for you.

I still miss you.

peachygurl - 2/27/2008 at 01:33 PM

Wow, Dave, what a beautiful way to show your LOVE for your Mom! Even though she may not have liked tattoos, I am certain she would be/is honored that you paid tribute to her in this way! Tattoos are a wonderful way to express yourself! The pictures of your Mom are nice...she was a beautiful woman with eyes & a smile to match! God Bless her!

lolasdeb - 2/28/2008 at 03:54 PM


BigDaveOnBass - 9/19/2008 at 08:29 PM

Happy 72nd birthday, Mom. I still miss you, always will. All my love...

BigDaveOnBass - 2/27/2009 at 10:23 PM


God, I can't believe it's been five years already.

curry - 2/27/2009 at 10:50 PM

Your Mom's love and beauty shine through in you, Dave.

Dorothyann - 2/27/2009 at 10:57 PM

Always carrying your Mom in your heart, a part of you every day ~ we are the lucky ones to have been given the gift of being the children of such wonderful parents. I feel that closeness and longing for my Dad, that you do for your Mom.

Your Mom is shining down on you, mo chara...

BigDaveOnBass - 9/21/2009 at 08:48 PM

And yesterday was yet again another birthday without you, mom. We had a wonderful weekend at St. Simons Island with mine and Cathy's families celebrating Kyle's CD release. You'd be so proud of him. We felt your spirit, but still cried for you because we miss you HERE so much. It doesn't matter how much time passes by, I can't get used to you not being HERE with us. I know you watch over us and hope you're not too disappointed in me. Love and miss you.

BigDaveOnBass - 2/27/2010 at 04:15 PM


BigDaveOnBass - 9/20/2010 at 12:43 PM

Happy birthday Mom. Love and miss you.

BigDaveOnBass - 2/27/2012 at 06:23 PM

8 years ago today...

But this photo is from 1953 or 4, when she was 17 or 18. Mom was a beauty.

Stephen - 2/28/2012 at 06:38 PM

Bless your heart, bro -- your ma's beauty was life-long, & w/respect passed down to your girls & on, in a family of wonderful people -- my dad passed on in 1994 but my mom is 82 & the most wonderful active 82 there is -- always my best Dave, this thread beams w/love for a special lady

TheBabe714 - 2/28/2012 at 08:45 PM

~God Bless~

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