Thread: Effin GoNuts? (Dunkin Donuts?)

LinnieXX - 3/13/2003 at 09:32 PM

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LinnieXX - 2/26/2007 at 01:09 AM

i just wanted to update this thread and say : I FOUND THIS DUDE.

in 2002, some dude wearing a shirt that said "Phukcing GoNuts" he came into the Beacon Jello Shot party and saved my ass. I was deathly ill, puking, the whole nine yards. he gave me something to keep me on my feet.

five years later, december 31, 2006, i see him at the Mule NYE show......i couldnt belive it. he pretty much forgot who i was, but i kept thanking him...afterall, he gave me a gift that got me into the show that night, otherwise i was going to pack it up and go home.........and probably never have had the chance to come to this community the way i have.

i explained how sick i was, and how much he helped, and how my life changed as a result. it was cool for me to have a chance to thank the cat!

/end story/end mystery/end lost and found~

I kept thanking him..........

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