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TrueBlue - 11/5/2006 at 12:28 AM

Wish I could know about: Richard Lawrence Smith. D.O.B. Feb. 1959. My first love, age 14. It lasted about a year, a long time for teeny boppers! My mother says he's a figment of my imagination. I know he was real. A real 18-year old gentleman (back then this age difference wasn't such an issue*). Treated me great! And never once tried to get into my pants. I think this is his trail: born in Indiana, lived in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston. Worked for Weiner's Stores warehouse. Last seen: 1978. You'd think I'd forget by now but he was awesome!
He broke my heart at the end of the street & left me crying with a story that he was involved in some bad things & didn't want to get me in trouble. I believed him then but realized the "bad things" was more likely another older girl. No matter.

SO........we listened to ABB, Skynrd, Outlaws, Pink Floyd...others. I'm hoping he's still a southern rock fan & will see this & let me know how his life played out.

Oh yea, about me. I had long blonde hair, kinda tall, had a bunch of sisters.
Rich had long pretty hair, blue eyes, tall, hunky, drove a green Gran Torino.
Would just like to know what became of him. Last assumed residence, in Joshua or Cleburne, TX. If married, please disregard!

Doesn't everyone have an old flame (or 3) that we can't get out of our heads?

*just to clarify, even though I dated a boy 4 years older, I would have forbidden my own daughter from dating an older boy at 14. Times have sure changed!

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