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Just not really my cup O' tea:

B & P hold da B. Your postage and mailer modified Freebie!

First person (with good ole' US of A address only) to:

1. PM for my addy and post that offer is taken (closes the door) gets it (sorry folks my post office sucks and I can't deal with them dealing with overseas stuff).
2. Then I'll PM you my addy
3. You mail me return postage and mailer.
4. Once I get your mailer and return postage I'll send dem your way.

I got a new external hard drive so I am getting rid of some old CD's!

Here's the freebie info:

Billy Joel & Elton John, 2/8/2002 (Friday), 1 of 3, Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT (SBD Shn A ).
1. Yankee Doodle Intro
2. Union Jack Intro
~~Billy & Elton~~
3. Your Song
4. Just The Way You Are
5. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
~~Elton John~~
6. Funeral For A Friend -> Love Lies Bleeding
7. Someone Save My Life Tonight
8. Philadelphia Freedom
9. I Want Love
10. Rocket Man
11. Take Me To The Pilot
12. That's Why They Call It The Blues
13. Levon

Billy Joel & Elton John, 2/8/2002 (Friday), 2 of 3, Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT (SBD Shn A ).
1. Elton Band Intros
2. This Train Don't Stop There Anymore
3. I'm Still Standing
4. Crocodile Rock
~~Billy Joel~~
5. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
6. Allentown
7. Don't Ask Me Why
8. Movin' Out
9. Prelude >
10. Angry Young Man
11. Lullabye
12. River Of Dreams
13. New York State Of Mind


Billy Joel & Elton John, 2/8/2002 (Friday), 3 of 3, Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT (SBD Shn A ).

1. I Go To Extremes
2. All Shook Up Tease
3. We Didn't Start The Fire
~~Elton & Billy~~
4. Only the Good Die Young
5. My Life
6. Here Comes The Sun
7. The Bitch Is Back
8. You May Be Right
9. Bennie And The Jets
10. I could have danced All Night > Great Balls Of Fire
Encore: (Elton & Billy)
11. Piano Man


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Is this just for one? I saw this tour in Chicago. It was amazing. pmotw. Thanks.

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