Thread: My New Way Of Doing Things, Offers Included

oldcoot - 7/21/2003 at 09:19 PM

I’m sorry that it has to come to this, at least for the short term, but there’s a change in the way I’m offering my freebies and B&P’s.

For some time, as yet be determined, in order to grab a freebie or a B&P from me, I will have to know you personally, have received a B&P from you, or have traded with you previously.

Further, to receive the show from me, you must keep track of exactly who you send the show to, whether in trade or a B&P, and be willing to provide that to me in the event any of the shows surface on ebay.

Ideally, anyone you send the show to should be willing to provide the same information, upon request. It probably would be good to make that an upfront requirement. In this manner, I would hope that the possible source for any shows that might end up on ebay would be easier to determine and then isolate.

The shows that I offer here, in almost all cases, come from the “shoebox” and therefore, if they end up on ebay, the only possible way for that to happen is through someone on this site. If it continues, I will stop offering shows.

I realize that this will make it initially more difficult for newbies to receive some of these shows. Still, I feel it a prudent step to take. I strongly believe that some of the newbies, past or present, are very likely the ones grabbing a show here and there and then heading straight to ebay.

I commend those who are aggressively going after the scum on ebay. Please keep up the scrutiny and keep tying these jerks up in knots. It is appreciated. Continually harassing them and finding out their actual names and addresses seems a great way to make a dent in this.

Now that the “sermon” is over, I’m offering these shows. Your copy is a freebie for your B&P offer to at least five others. You may restrict, or not restrict, your B&P offer any way you see fit. Please only one freebie per person. Once you claim the show, wait for my okay and then post your own separate B&P offer and conditions, if any.

Again, I must have traded with you, received a B&P from you, or know you personally in order for you to claim the show.


Gregg Allman 7/1/83 Uncle Sam’s Nantasket Beach, MA. Nice show complete with horns. Three songs are cut but what’s there is well worth it. Gregg is very upbeat and animated throughout. Nice versions of Queen Of Hearts, Sweet Feelin’ and an over-the- top Matthew’s Arrival which is difficult to find without cuts. One disc needed.

Midnight Rider/Dreams/Sweet Feelin’/Hot ‘Lanta/Queen Of Hearts/Trouble No More/Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’/Need Your Love So Bad (cut)/Leave My Blues At Home (cut)/Come And Go Blues (cut)/Melissa/Matthew’s Arrival/Statesboro Blues

ABB 2/26/91 Opera House Seattle. Very nice show including an awesome, early version of True Gravity. Two disc show.

Statesboro Blues/Blue Sky/Low Down Dirty Mean/Southbound/Good Clean Fun/Loaded Dice/Elizabeth Reed/One Way Out/Ramblin’ Man/True Gravity/Jessica/Whipping Post

ABB 1/17/92 Kosei-Nenkin Hiroshima, Japan. The boys made a Japanese swing in ’91 and ’92. This is a terrific effort including a sterling rendition of Liz Reed. Two disc show.

Statesboro Blues/End Of The Line/Blue Sky/Nobody Knows/Low Down Dirty Mean/Melissa/Come On In My Kitchen/Seven Turns/Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad/Hoochie Coochie Man/Get On With Your Life/Elizabeth Reed/Revival/Southbound/Whipping Post

Thanks for your help and I’m open to comments, pro or con, about my approach to getting these shows circulated.

tenbears - 7/21/2003 at 09:32 PM bad I havent traded with you before OlCoot. I track all incomming and outgoing.

Sorry...had to drop server down.

I was going to add:

Tracking helps me 'member who to thank, who's taken care of me and who I'm flippin' to. In the light of recent e-bay events, its not suprising that some traders will restrict the music, cuz they dont want thier shows ending up on the block. These ebay skanks are already f'in it up for us newbies. Ive heard tales of the shoe box. Now, thanks to some loosers tales is all it will be.

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yurtle - 7/21/2003 at 09:33 PM

I'll take your -

ABB 2/26/91 Opera House Seattle. Very nice show including an awesome, early version of True Gravity. Two disc show.

Statesboro Blues/Blue Sky/Low Down Dirty Mean/Southbound/Good Clean Fun/Loaded Dice/Elizabeth Reed/One Way Out/Ramblin’ Man/True Gravity/Jessica/Whipping Post

Thanks for sharing

Denza - 7/21/2003 at 09:36 PM

I totally understand where you are coming from, and as much as I hate not being able to get in on this offer as I don't think we have traded before, I support you 100% (Hopefully someone here I've traded with that finds me trustworthy will get one of these shows!).

I am for the short term also not going to let offers go out to newbies with say less than 50 posts. I hate to do that, but its my gut instinct. Maybe it's just me, but I did a little checking and it does seem like there is some hit and run going on here, but this is just my decision. Hopefully things will improve.

A few bad apples...

WasntBorn2Follow - 7/21/2003 at 09:38 PM

I agree with Coot.. I'll take the Gregg Allman show.

oldcoot - 7/21/2003 at 09:39 PM

Yurtle, you are good to go on the '91 Seattle show.

oldcoot - 7/21/2003 at 09:42 PM

Wasn't Born 2, you're good for the Gregg show, offer away. PM me your address.

That leaves the '92 Hiroshima.

WasntBorn2Follow - 7/21/2003 at 09:45 PM


You should have my address from my Warren Zevon B&P, but just in case, pm sent.


Dino - 7/21/2003 at 09:48 PM

OC, you gotta do what you see fit, and nobody should question it ..... I have been thinking back to all the freebies I have sent out to "Newbies", that I have never seen on this site since .... The E-bay crap is very upsetting to all of us, and I am proud of everyone for going after the few "bad apples" .... Quite an impressive little community here ...

WasntBorn2Follow - 7/21/2003 at 09:51 PM

Definately Dino. I agree. Me, Clay, and Hoosier have been on top of these eBaystards like flies on sh**.


bigeasy - 7/21/2003 at 09:59 PM

I'd like to apply for the Hiroshima.I THINK we've moved tunes one way or the other.

Absolutely no hard feelings if you pass me over.

I 100% agree with some of the above statements.I sent out a ton of Beacon to folks I haven't seen since....

This truly sucks for the newb.Thanks ebay turds.

PAFEE - 7/21/2003 at 10:04 PM

OC, I think I'm #2 for ABB 1/17/92 Kosei-Nenkin Hiroshima, Japan show. As always, thanks for all the hard work you do to get the music to us. Pm on the way, Paul.

WasntBorn2Follow - 7/21/2003 at 10:05 PM

^ ?

LinnieXX - 7/21/2003 at 10:23 PM

hey Jeremy!
i'll take the Gregg Allman 7/1/83 Uncle Sam’s Nantasket Beach, MA. when you get it!
i don't do the "ebay thang" ever since i got ripped off for a Marijuana Girl poster.

are we doing the individual b&p's in this thread?
if so, keep me in mind WasntBorn2SellOnEbay......

Old Coot, i think that you are doing the right thing. like a lot have stated.....we don't mind helping out newbies but i get a little tired of the "i can't wait to hook everyone else up" thing and it never happens.

oldcoot - 7/21/2003 at 10:29 PM

Linnie XX, no, it wasn't my intent that people sign up here, rather, whoever gets the show from me offer their own separate B&P offer. Yurtle & Wasn't B2F are good to go. Some offer right up with the understanding that they don't yet have the show. Others prefer to wait until its physically in hand before making their offer.

bigeasy - 7/21/2003 at 10:29 PM

I haven't heard from Coot one way or the other so I'm going to withdraw to avoid any confusion.

Thanks for moving the shows Coot.PEACE

WasntBorn2Follow - 7/21/2003 at 10:30 PM

Hey Linnie, to make it easier and less confusing, I'm going to make the B&P in another thread. Since you asked though, you have an automatic spot For everyone else, I'll be putting up the B&P a bit later. Thanks

LinnieXX - 7/21/2003 at 10:34 PM

noted, with thanks - Cooter and WB2F..........

yes, waiting until the disk is in hand is best; IMHO - sorry to jump the gun, it's just that i've got this thing for Gregg Allman and don't know his solo stuff that well yet.
Sign me up Jeremy when you do your new thread, i'll be most appreciative.

christ, i just came off like a newbie, didn't i? oh well.

Houndog56 - 7/21/2003 at 10:34 PM

I was in Uncle Sams a lot in the early 80's
grew up in Weymouth,MA not far from Nantasket Beach

never knew Greg Allman played there. wish I had

would be a great venue to see him


oldcoot - 7/21/2003 at 10:45 PM

Pafee has the '92 Hiroshima. Look for their offers.

PhotoRon286 - 7/21/2003 at 11:00 PM

I'm not organized enough to keep track of who gets what. I did over 50 b&ps of the Oldcoot Near Perfect show. Hate to think that stuff I have given away to "newbies" has ended up in the hands of ebay scum. We do get a lot of 1st time, only time folks though. And do we all remember GDKilgoreTrout and MysticDancer around Beacon time? Had some "Rare festival Soundboard" master tape he was gonna get on disc and offer to just about everybody. Haven't heard a peep since, have we?

nypeachhead - 7/21/2003 at 11:30 PM

I think the Hiroshima show is still up in the air. OC honestly dont know if we have traded or b+p'ed in the past. I see you in here alot though and I am thinking there is a good probability we did. If so I will offer that show back up .NO PROBLEM...

mikem367 - 7/22/2003 at 12:32 AM

OC, I agree with you and respect your decision. I keep a log book of every trade, b&p, etc that I do. That's the only way I keep myself straight. I have not traded with you yet, so I will wait for one of the others to offer it up. As I have traded with yurtle, clay, jim b, phillybob, dbhelm, suk0, wasntborn2follow, and many first timers. We will pass ways someday.


gondicar - 7/22/2003 at 01:35 AM

oldcoot, nothin' but support from here. Although we've never traded directly, I have benefitted from your offers in the past and hope to again in the future. Peace.

KCJimmy - 7/22/2003 at 02:26 AM

Coot I'm with ya all the way. I think I will establish the same policis with respect to tracking shows. Ididn'e see how many of these you are doing but I would love to get in on the 1/17/92 if possible and will re-offer right away. If that one is done I'd take the ABB 2/26/91

Let me know


garrydempsey - 7/22/2003 at 10:09 AM

pretty disturbing that it has come to this. hope it is only for the short term. I support your idea 100%. such a pity that a few greedy people are jeopardising things for the genuine folks out there. preventing these people from getting hold of these shows will go a long way to putting an end to it.

Roughale - 7/22/2003 at 11:29 AM

I can fully relate to this drastic change in behaviour, but it also makes me a lil sad, because it shows again that some greedy few can spoil the fun for the regulars or newbies.

As you can see by my number of posts, I could be seen as a newbie, well, I think I am around here, but no matter what, I roamed and trade like hell in the Black Crowes area and learned a lot, noone is safe of bein cheated anywhere, but as long as you do not follow and cheat yourself, I think it will all be well (yes, I do believe in that karma thing )

Now this brings me to the point in this thread, will this stop the few bad ones from getting and selling live stuff illegaly? I doubt that. It will limit the fun for newbies for sure and that is bad... Please, do not take this as if I am criticising your decision, cos I am not, just stating my opinion on this.

I dunno, but since it is a privilege offered by the artists to give fans the most of what they deliver by giving recording allowances, we should do everything possible to keep that! I saw the ebay actions and fully support that, I will check German ebay shortly, let's see what can be done there

Maybe even the artists could do much more, for example by putting a note on their releases stating something like "If you search for live recordings, check our hompage's forum and ask for a trade - refrain from paying money for illegal copies" That might limit the number of buyers significantly and thereby ruin the market for the sellers...

I once helped a friend to record the Aerosmith/Black Crowes show in Berlin and that friend - in a moment of brain damage - sent the tapes to Japan to get a bootleg made of it, thinking it would make me even more happy to get a real CD with that gig, so I explained the situation and told him that I would do anything to ruin the sales, to which he was indifferent as he got his 5 free copies for the source...So I offered CDR copies of that boot for b&p or trade and warned people about it as the boot was rather medium quality (DAT recording with a small microphone in an open air arena not very close to the stage). I saw that boot on many record fairs, covering dust, dropping in price and all, so there are ways!

Keep thinking up more ideas - we will win in the end

2GONE - 7/22/2003 at 07:41 PM

Being one of those "hit and run" newbies, I just wanted to commend everyone here for going after the e-bay scum. I also want to offer my word of honor that I would NEVER sell any shows that I score here or anywhere else.

Peace all, Wes

only 53 days till The ABB come to my town

turtle - 7/22/2003 at 10:30 PM


I would like to get the greg from uncle sams if possible. I saw Iggy Pop there. Kind of a dumpy big room with a high stage and tall tables with tall bars stools. Right on the beach.

I remember Iggy rolling around the stage with glass everywhere and blood. Kind of scary.

Use to have the best wooden roller coaster the Comet. The tore down the park to put up ugly brick condos.

oh well. hope to see some peach head at dickie tonight in cambridge.

WasntBorn2Follow - 7/22/2003 at 10:31 PM


i'll be offering up the B&P for that shortly..


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