Thread: 9/20/02 Atlanta Freebie

clayabb1550 - 11/30/2002 at 12:28 AM

Post below and pm me w/your addy......

danM - 11/30/2002 at 01:00 AM

Would love to get this show, am new to the board, but a huge Bros. fan.

yurtle - 11/30/2002 at 02:25 AM

Clay quit pushin your freebies on us, we're all tired of you being so pushy. But we do thank you and appreciate you.

KCJimmy - 11/30/2002 at 02:31 AM

Now if you want freebies with no pushyness come over to my thread Just below or just above I don't know. Clay I can't be helping you with your numbers here. Just this once.

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Zambi - 11/30/2002 at 02:45 AM

Would love to get a copy of this one as well. Thanks much Clay.

KCJimmy - 11/30/2002 at 03:03 AM

I Give, Surrender, White Flag. I can't compete with this! Some say he's Pushy but I know better. He has a lot of shows and he is generous, I can't compete with that. I was crazy to try.

I really got to find something to do. You know, leave all you people alone for a while! I'll go find some Barney Miller re-runs on Nick at Nite. Send me a PM if you need some aggrevation.

Ron, I see you down there....I thought you were gonna help me get to 3 pages. Dam there I go again, Sorry. I'm done I promise this time.
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PhotoRon286 - 11/30/2002 at 03:11 AM

Hey Clay, How many are you doing here?
I don't want to be greedy. I'd love to trade or B&P for this. I've got the night before in Birmingham. How about it? I got a show from you today but haven't had time to listen. Sat. we have a hockey tournament. That should mean four hours of travel time to subject the kids to more quality music. They love this stuff too. PM me.

clayabb1550 - 11/30/2002 at 03:30 AM

Woo here ! My bad guys, sometimes what i'm thinking is not what i'm writing. My ententions was for it to be for one only. However, I will b&p it for the ones who posted. Sorry for the screw up !

PhotoRon286 - 11/30/2002 at 04:20 AM

Thanks Clay,
I wasn't sure what the story on this was. With everybody feeling generous due to the holidays, you never know until you ask. How many disc do I send to you and this time I'll add your info to my book.
Once again, I appreciate the kindness, generousity, and just plain fun the folks on this board seem to have in abundance.

clayabb1550 - 11/30/2002 at 04:27 AM

It's a 3 Disker.....

PhotoRon286 - 11/30/2002 at 04:41 AM

Thanks Clay,
I'll be sending three blanks your way.

ffisher - 11/30/2002 at 03:39 PM

Is "3 Disker" the Studio 54 of the South?

SantaCruzBluz - 11/30/2002 at 07:25 PM

Is "3 Disker" the Studio 54 of the South?


ffisher - 11/30/2002 at 10:36 PM

I'm glad somebody got it. Thanks Allen

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