Thread: 2007 Motorsports and Bench Racing Diary

Brock - 2/22/2007 at 03:58 AM

There appear to be some members who enjoy racing as evidenced by the frequent posts re the 07 Daytona 500. This thread is intended for comment on any form of motorsport, Nascar, open wheel, sportscars, bikes, rally, whatever. Enthusiasts only please; I know some don't like racing or some of its fans. Not interested.
For the inagural post, this is to invite Leafsfan to comment on his trip to Daytona; leave no detail unreported, no matter how sordid!

MusicCityBluesBro - 2/22/2007 at 04:23 AM

Racing? That ain't no stinkin' sport! All they do is ride around in circles all day! ...

Ha! OK... So most here know... I was an addict once, got treatment, and now i'm just a fan.

Great idea for a thread, Brock.

Larry O

Here's an interesting story from earlier today.

GM executive wants NASCAR to go green
/ Associated Press
Posted: 2/21/07

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) - While working for General Motors in Brazil in the 1990s, Brent Dewar got a firsthand look at the country's successful switch from an oil-based economy to ethanol.

Dewar wants to see the same thing happen in the United States, and he thinks NASCAR can help. He's lobbying officials to consider a switch from gasoline to ethanol.

"We would embrace it," said Dewar, GM's vice president of field sales, service and parts. "We think it would be great on a lot of fronts, because obviously it would send a signal to the public. A lot of people don't understand the benefits of ethanol."

Other racing series already are embracing renewable fuels. Beginning this season, the Indy Racing League's IndyCar Series will race on 100 percent ethanol. And the American LeMans Series will race on a 10 percent ethanol blend.

Now, Dewar and others in the garage said they believe NASCAR should explore alternative fuels - and no, not the kind Michael Waltrip was caught with in Daytona.

"Without a doubt, I think we should look into it," driver Jeff Burton said. "Although our impact on environmental issues is probably very, very small from an actual use standpoint, from a marketing standpoint, we could have a major impact."

Driver Kyle Petty says NASCAR's marketing horsepower might drive alternative fuels into the mainstream, helping consumers get over the image of hippies tinkering with their 1980s Mercedes to make them run on vegetable oil.

"I think once you start seeing alternative fuels show up in places like racing and places where you least expect them, then you don't think about that guy with the Volkswagen van that runs off of whatever," Petty said.

NASCAR is taking one step in the direction of environmental responsibility by getting the lead out, catching up with a change most consumers made in the 1980s by switching from leaded to unleaded fuel.

NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston said officials are willing to consider renewable fuels, too.

"In terms of looking at the next step, obviously we're open to options," Poston said.

Petty figures the whole country will switch to renewable fuels at some point, so it makes sense for NASCAR and its official fuel supplier, Sunoco, to lead the way.

"You would like to think that they would take a leading role in it, especially through Sunoco's involvement," Petty said. "Because I know Sunoco's taken a huge step in that direction."

NASCAR teams also would have to modify their cars to run on ethanol, but Dewar said the switch wouldn't be a "major investment." And he said it ultimately would be worth the hassle.

Still, even proponents don't portray ethanol as a magic wand. Despite its benefits - it's renewable, can provide a slight performance advantage, isn't imported from politically volatile countries and burns cleaner - ethanol isn't as efficient as gasoline.

Although today's cars can run on 90 percent gasoline/10 percent ethanol blends, cars have to be specially equipped to run on heavier blends of ethanol.

GM and other car companies sell "flex fuel" passenger vehicles that run on gasoline or E85, an 85 percent ethanol/15 percent gasoline blend. But E85 isn't widely distributed in the U.S.

In Brazil, gas stations carry regular gasoline and 100 percent ethanol. Most of the country's cars can run on either fuel. Given fluctuations in fuel prices, Brazilian consumers must make an informed choice every time they fill up. Dewar said gasoline is about 20 percent more efficient than ethanol. So if ethanol is more than 20 percent cheaper than gasoline, ethanol makes economic sense, as well as environmental sense. Dewar was in Brazil in December and said ethanol was 50 percent cheaper than gasoline.

Technological innovations also could drive down the price of ethanol, he said. Today, most ethanol in the U.S. is made from corn. In Brazil, ethanol is made from sugar cane. Some research indicates certain kinds of grass and even wood chips might be better suited to making ethanol. Researchers also are working to develop enzymes, Dewar said, that break down waste products into ethanol. In five years, Dewar expects cars to literally run on recycled garbage.

With all that in mind, Petty said it's time for NASCAR to think about going green.

"I think the global-warming thing, and all the things that are written about that, a lot more people are aware of the fact that we do need to do something," Petty said.

MusicCityBluesBro - 2/22/2007 at 04:32 AM

Yet another F1 driver could soon be in NASCAR. Hope it works out for him.

Larry O

F1 champ 'very close' to lining up NASCAR sponsor
/ Associated Press
Posted: 1 day ago

MONTREAL (AP) - Being a pop singer is fun but Jacques Villeneuve says his real career remains in auto racing.

And his agent Craig Pollock says Villeneuve's challenge is to amass the most impressive collection of racing titles ever.

The former Indy Car, Indianapolis 500 and Formula One champion from Iberville, Quebec is close to getting started in NASCAR and will also race the famous Le Mans 24-hour event June 16-17 in France.

"It's something he's never done before," Pollock said Monday at Villeneuve's record launch. "He's done open wheel racing. People might find him going to NASCAR unusual, but which Formula One champion has ever had a chance to win the NASCAR series?"

Pollock said Villeneuve is "very close" to lining up a title sponsor for a NASCAR ride.

Villeneuve may do some driving in ARCA, the Craftsman truck series and the Busch series, which has a race in Montreal on Aug. 4, before moving up to NASCAR and the Nextel Cup.

Brock - 2/22/2007 at 04:55 AM

Ethanol?! That there's fer drankin' around these parts! Wait, isn't that where Nascar came from? Junior Johnson toting 'shine in a hopped up car? Maybe it fits after all. I personally wish ethanol would go away; it has only about 2/3 the energy of gasoline and will simply make some special interests(ADM) rich in its feel good guise.
As for Jacques driving in Nascar, I don't see it. He is(was) a splendid driver, but his edge was off last yr in F1 (dumped mid-season for Polish driver R Kubiza) and his French Canadian personality really will be a tough sell. Fiery Colombian Montoya may well work.

heineken515 - 2/22/2007 at 12:34 PM

Great idea for a thread...more importantly where is leafsfan's report ??

A guy here at work went to the 500 with his family, sat in the backstretch or superstretch as they call it in Daytona...he said it was pretty cold. Reported that lines at the concession were long, only to find out when you got up there that they were out of coffee and hot chocolate.

Anyhow, I also follow Motocross/Supercross...James Stewart (now that Rickey has moved on) is unbeatable...oh, that is when he doesn't fall while 10 seconds ahead of everyone like last week.

Brock - 2/22/2007 at 01:16 PM

I called Leafsfan out last night via PM. Maybe he's in the Volusia Co. jail! I definitely want bikes to be part hereof; my minibike and enduro bikes from my youth really started me off in appreciating all things motorized.

No1ToRunWith - 2/22/2007 at 02:40 PM

What do you think is the top 5 going into California??

Roush is going to be strong. I expect a good run from 17 -Kennseth. Stewart will rebound. Two dark horses are Mark Martin and Clint Boyer

fast43 - 2/22/2007 at 03:11 PM

Stewart will rebound. Two dark horses are Mark Martin and Clint Boyer

If i'm not mistaken the year that Smoke won his first championship he finished 43rd in the 500 too.

Never thought i'd see mark Martin and darkhorse in the same sentence. I wouldn't be surprised if Mark ends up driving the whole season. And Boyer had a couple good runs at California last year

BTW a little plug here. I'm a photographer for the Salem Speedway in Salem Indiana. Some of the greatest drivers ever have won at Salem, AJ Foyt, Mario Andretti, Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon to name a few. If you'd like to see some of my shots from the last 2 seasons you can click on my website in my sig. The 2005 pix will only be up for a couple more weeks.

Brock - 2/22/2007 at 03:35 PM

"we got ourselves a movement" A Guthrie.

playallnite - 2/22/2007 at 08:39 PM

Quote: his French Canadian personality really will be a tough sell

I think Jacques is a pretty laid back person/ driver at this stage of the game, he has already been World Champion and he has already made his name in the USA; both he and JPM are Indy 500 winners. Jacques will be busy this year anyway with the new Peugeot prototype Le Mans car(a very hairy looking beast) My favorite driver of all time was his father Gilles Villenueve (RIP)

MusicCityBluesBro - 2/23/2007 at 06:11 AM

"What do you think is the top 5 going into California??"

1. Stewart
2. Kahne
3. Kenseth
4. Edwards
5. Johnson/Gordon

...o.k. ...5ish


Paging Leafsfan, paging Leafsfan...


Martin to run Daytona in July:

The ink on Mark Martin's 2007 Nextel Cup calendar boasts 22 races in the #01 U.S. Army Chevy. But if you flip to July, to the small box hosting his July 7 to-do list, the pencil markings suggest another story. The Pepsi 400? That wasn't on the original slate. It is now. Martin told Monday that the July 7 race at Daytona International Speedway was on his docket all along, but he chose to wait and see the outcome of Speed Weeks. He had more fun than he's ever had. No pressure. And, oh yeah, he nearly won the Daytona 500. Martin stressed we not get carried away with this. He doesn't desire to run the entire slate, though some of his colleagues think otherwise. "Winning [the Daytona 500] wouldn't have changed at all how I feel about things. I've learned to never say never, so I'm not going to do that. But I'm very happy and comfortable with my schedule, and even if we'd have won the race I'm just thrilled with what I have laid out in front of me. If I want to change [my schedule] I have that luxury," he said. "I haven't gone and asked [to run the whole schedule], but I can tell you they haven't said no to anything else. I don't think that'd be a problem, but I also don't think that'll happen." Martin's current projected schedule is quite front-loaded. He knows he might get bored in the second half of the year. The Food City 500 [in Bristol] will mark the first race since Valentine's Day 1988 that Martin won't be in the Cup Series field. That's 617 straight races [currently hs is at 618, going into Bristol he will be at 621]. Martin is scheduled to be in Lake City, Fla., that weekend to be Ricky Carmichael's crew chief in a late-model race.


Ricky Carmichael
Title: Driver for Ginn Racing

Birthdate: Nov. 27, 1979
Hometown: Clearwater, Fla.
Resides: Tallahassee, Fla.
Ht: 5'6", Wt: 150 lbs.
Nickname: RC
Spouse: Ursula
Children: Expecting twins in April (boy & girl)
Hobbies: Hunting, Wakeboarding

Ricky Carmichael, considered the greatest motocross racer of all time, is moving to NASCAR. He announced last October that he agreed to a multiyear contract with Ginn Racing, beginning with the 2007 season.

Carmichael, 27, will start off in Ginn Racing's driver development program, which will include a combination of approximately 15 events in late model stock cars, ARCA and possibly the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. His program will be accelerated in 2008, according Jay Frye, Ginn Racing's CEO and general manager.

Carmichael is a 15-time American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) national champion and holder of a record 144 career wins in Supercross and motocross. He has won 62% of the races he entered in his career (154/246) and has won 79.3% of the outdoor motocross national events (96/121).

"There were other teams showing interest in Ricky and we are thrilled that he decided to join Ginn Racing," said team owner Bobby Ginn. "He brings to our organization many intangible qualities which have made him one of the great champions in all of motorsports."

"What's even more remarkable is that Ricky has achieved a legendary record and is still in the prime of his racing career," Ginn added. "He has both the physical and mental skills to make a successful transition from two wheels to four wheels."

Carmichael is also planning to run an abbreviated Supercross and motocross schedule in 2007 with Team Makita Suzuki Racing.

"To race in NASCAR has always been a dream of mine," said Carmichael. "This is a new challenge and I have no illusions that the transition will be easy. I truly understand the difficulties that are ahead. But I am committed to do whatever it takes to eventually make it to the Cup series."

"I am excited about joining Ginn Racing," Carmichael added. "After talking to Bobby (Ginn) it was evident to me that this is an organization with a strong commitment to compete at an elite level. It's a good fit and I can't wait to get started."

Since joining the AMA Motocross circuit full time in 1997, Carmichael has never lost an outdoor championship. He won three straight 125cc championships followed by seven consecutive 250cc titles. His record also includes five indoor AMA Supercross championships.

The 2006 season was the fifth time that Carmichael captured the double -- winning both the AMA Supercross and Motocross championships in the same year.

Next closest to Carmichael's 144 career victories is Jeremy McGrath's 89 overall wins.

MusicCityBluesBro - 2/23/2007 at 06:21 AM

This was a sad day for this race fan, who was simply trying to avoid an accident. I HOPE they throw the book at the gunman. Don't understand why the girl isn't being charged, when she sorta initiated these actions by yelling "get the gun". No way should she walk scott-free!

Larry O

Daytona 500 fan killed in road rage shooting

Three Jacksonville men have been charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of Eddie Houk, 36, Land O Lakes, who was leaving the Daytona International Speedway with an older brother Sunday night when he was shot and killed on Interstate 4 in a road rage incident, authorities said today. The men were apparently passing through the area but had not attended the race, deputies said. More details will come later in a press release, but Volusia County Sheriff's Office spokesman Brandon Haught confirmed it was a road rage incident.(Daytona Beach News Journal)(2-19-2007)

UPDATE: Sheriff's investigators combed through an Interstate 4 exit Tuesday morning searching for the handgun used in the road-rage killing of a 36-year-old Tampa-area father heading home from the Daytona 500. Investigators were at the Orange City exit looking for the weapon, sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson said. One of the suspects involved in the shooting, Ronlee Harvin, 21, told investigators he flung the gun from a window of the SUV he was riding in afterward. Meanwhile the grieving family made funeral plans for Eric Houk of Land O' Lakes, a youth soccer coach, husband and father of three, including a 5-month-old son. Seminole County sheriff's deputies arrested Harvin, Charles Onasanya, 19, and David Paul Edwards, 21, as the trio and a female passenger sped west on the interstate Sunday night into Seminole County. Edwards is charged with second-degree murder, accused of shooting Houk in the stomach. The other two men are charged with being principals to second-degree murder. The suspects and the woman are from Jacksonville. Eric Houk and his brother, Michael Houk, encountered the three suspects about 9:20 p.m. Sunday after Eric Houk swerved his pickup into the emergency lane of the interstate to avoid hitting another car. The victim had no idea that Onasanya, who was driving the SUV, was already tooling along in the emergency lane to bypass heavy post-race traffic on I-4, officials said. Angry at being cut off, Onasanya swung his SUV around Eric Houk's truck and he, Harvin and Edwards got out, along with their female passenger, whose name is not being released by sheriff's investigators. The Houk brothers also got out of their pickup and Eric Houk and Onasanya started arguing, investigators said. When the argument turned physical, the female passenger yelled, "Get the gun," a police report shows. She will not be charged, though, sheriff's spokesman Brandon Haught said, because saying that "is not a crime." Onasanya ran back to his vehicle and retrieved a handgun belonging to Harvin. The gun made its way to Edwards who fired a shot into the air to get Eric Houk and Onasanya to stop fighting, the report said. Edwards fired two more shots at Eric Houk, though he was unarmed and not threatening, officials said. Seconds later, the three suspects and the woman took off in the SUV. Eric Houk died just before 10 p.m. at Florida Hospital DeLand, officials said. The suspects were arrested soon after on I-4 in Seminole County. (Daytona Beach News Journal)(2-21-2007)

Brock - 2/23/2007 at 11:26 AM

Leafsfan replied to my PM invite here and said it was "Awesome". I then asked if he'd expand on that here. I hope he will, especially given that so many gave him 500 tips. LF, eh, eh?

heineken515 - 2/23/2007 at 01:47 PM

Big Ricky Carmichael motocross fan here, not sure how he'll translate to NASCAR, but he may suprise us all.

For those that don't follow Supercross/Motocross...he is the greatest and when James Stewart came along, those two were incredible. They were/still are SO MUCH better than every other rider that they would almost lap the entire field...that means the guy who finished 3rd or 4th was a lap down. Seen it, they were/are incredible.

Also, for those who might watch it on TV now and again but don't ride a dirt bike, yes they make it look so easy, it is not and quite possibly one of the most physically grueling sports out there.

No1ToRunWith - 2/23/2007 at 03:07 PM

Just read an article that both Stewart and Busch had 40g hits during their crashes!

Kurt Busch Comments on 'Tony Stewart LIVE' Sirius Satellite Radio

Yeah, it was, uh, you know, Tony just got back up to the front from, uh, his pit road penalty and he passed us with a head of steam. I was like, “Man, this guy is strong.” And so, at that point, there was no sense in fightin’ him; you know, he got by us.

Ah, there was a draft that we all got down the back straightaway. My little brother was behind me. I think, uh, Jeff Burton was in the mix, bunch ‘a fast cars all lined up. And we were—rolled down the three and four with a head of steam. And I, I started pushin’ a little bit. I looked up in the mirror to check out where other guys were, and I looked back in front ‘a me and there’s this orange twenty car [laughs] sideways. And I just—I was shell-shocked; I was froze because this guy just motored by me. And I was like, “Man, why is he sideways?”

And I, I think I messed up because the whole situation could’ve been avoided. But, you know, it, it’s, it’s one of those racin’ things where you can sit there and armchair-quarterback it a hundred different times, but it’s just so tough, Tony. And, eh, just havin’ the shot at winnin’ the Daytona 500 go out the window that quick. I mean, it takes months to prepare, but somebody can take it away in the blink of an eye.

Oh, yeah, exactly, and that’s what happened. I mean, literally, in, in about a four or five-second span, I mean, we went from havin’, in my opinion, the two best cars on the racetrack all day ta, ta both bein’ in the garage and, and, you know, havin’ our days be over.
But, ah, you know, uh, like you said, I mean, um, you know, we, we got a good run, and after our penalty had, had run from the back. And, uh, you know, our car was actu—our car was a little tight at that point, too, and it was important to try to get to the lead, uh, to get the, uh, push out of the car ‘cause if you could be the front guy, it made your car handle a lot better. But, uh, we had—I think we had freed the car up so much tryin’ to get through traffic ‘cause when—uh, you, you never got a chance to go back to the back like we did. But we went so far back that, uh, you know, when we got back in traffic on the first restart, it was so tight back there that I couldn’t pass anybody. I was havin’ trouble the first three our four laps just stayin’ with the pack.

So, uh, you know, as we started movin’ up, it was a situation where you wanted to, to uh, you know, you had to keep freein’ your car up if you were gonna keep movin’ forward. And then once we got up there, I, I think we were, uh, prob’ly in a position where we finally got a little too free at that point. But, ah, you know, like you said, I mean, you know, I never even lifted, the, the—you know, as fast as we’re runnin’ there, once you get those cars sideways and scrub a little speed off, and, and as close as we are to each other, uh, you know, there, there really wasn’t any, anywhere for anybody to go.

So, uh, you know, the, the good news is, I mean—with the, with the crash—and then I’d, I had heard two different reports today. I got a report that our crash was, ah, ten g’s—which I knew there was no way ‘cause I can, I can hit the wall with my fist at over ten g’s, uh…


You know, with the, the—I got the report from J. D. and it was over forty Gs; so, uh, you’re basically multiplying your body by forty, ah, when you hit the wall like that. But, uh, you know, like everybody said, it was a, a, a very similar accident to what, uh, we saw with Earnhardt, Senior, there. So, uh, was very, very, uh, glad that we had the soft walls. Uh, was glad that I had a Hahn’s Device on. Um, I’m just curious, are you, are you half as sore as I am today?

Man, I’m, I’m very sore. You know, if we both hit the wall at the same speed [unintelligible], uh—would you hit it harder since you weigh more?

I’m, I’m down to one-eighty.


No1ToRunWith - 2/23/2007 at 08:44 PM

No1ToRunWith - 2/23/2007 at 08:54 PM

San Bernardino County 200

Tv- Speedchannel
Radio - MRN

Race Length: 100 Laps/200 Miles
Track Layout: 2-mile oval

2006 Winner: Mark Martin
2006 Polesitter: David Reutimann

Practice Speeds

maximumule - 2/23/2007 at 09:08 PM

The Five Maximum NASCAR Drivers of all time.

1. David Pearson - By far the highest win percentage of races entered and 2nd on all time win list with 105. Probably wont be surpassed for a long time if ever. Silver Fox.

2. Dale Earnhardt - Sunday Money! Came up the hard way! I saw a Big E highlight reel that was unbelieveable. The man could freakin drive and was a total hardass on the track.

3. Richard Petty - His 200 wins will NEVER be matched. It would take an averave 10 races for 20 years - NO WAY! But Petty raced in in a much longer season and with other advantages like the 426 hemi and first manufacturers sponsorship.

4. Junoior Johnson - Bring back a North Wilkesboro Race. Johnson Quote "the fastest car i ever drove was a liquor hauling car". Did a stint in the Big House for making (not hauling) shine. He never got caught in the car. 73 years old with a 36 year old wife and two small children. My Freakin Hero. Go Junior.

5. Tony Stewart - The best pure driver ever but his resume is not yet complete - if it were he would very likely be higher on the list.

Heres a question for you - Why is Darlington egg shaped?

maximumule - 2/23/2007 at 09:10 PM

Anybody want to start a fund to put a hit out on Kurt and Kyle :>

maximumule - 2/23/2007 at 09:11 PM

I always thought the way earnhardt drove was similar to the way Warren plays - think about it.

fast43 - 2/23/2007 at 09:14 PM


Heres a question for you - Why is Darlington egg shaped?

The minnow pond.

No1ToRunWith - 2/23/2007 at 09:18 PM

Craven / Busch Darlington

[Edited on 2/23/2007 by No1ToRunWith]

leafsfan - 2/24/2007 at 12:04 AM

Going to try and get something written tonight.

No1ToRunWith - 2/24/2007 at 04:48 AM

Mark Martin robbed again. Was the dominant truck all night and spun by Hornaday coming to the restart!

leafsfan - 2/24/2007 at 06:00 AM

Okay here goes, My first Nascar experience was above and beyond all expectations. First off thanks to all that helped with tips for Daytona. Yes it was fricken cold once the sun went down as all had warned. Many folks left during the race for warm cars, buses or hooters (the restaurant).
Here's my review of the whole dam shooting match from booze at hotels, BBQ in Orlando and of course the races I saw.
Hotel Booze in Orlando - for a CDN free booze at hotels is unheard of so the hampton suites shucking wine, beer and booze for tips only was incredible. Sadly my father in law not a big drinker did not understand how someone can sit at a bar stool for more than a bag of popcorn and one free glass of beer. His loss.
BBQ in Orlando - went to Sonny's BBQ pit on Orange Blossom Trail - awesome BBQ (any authentic BBQ is amazing for this Northerner).
Busch Race Saturday - headed to track on bus for day of exploring track, happy hour and Busch race. Went to track museum, definitly overpriced at $23 you could be through there in 1.5 hrs easy. Movies, simulators etc. all extra $$$. Did enjoy history part of track but lack of old cars was a dissapointment to me and father in law. Nothing with a 43 anywhere???
Enjoyed the Busch race immensely again first time in this type of venue so the rush of seeing the place for the first time, soaking in the atmosphere, meeting fellow race fans was all great. They really cram you in the place. We were in Roberts Tower row 25 great seats. Sat beside two monster bikers from New Jersey. Good people everywhere. ASked them about Yogi's in NYC.
The race was enjoyable, I believe junior led a couple and everyone was pumped about that. Racers seemed to be a little reserved other then Harvick who had a great car.
Drank beer ate cheeseburgers all good. Quite suprised how laid back the whole place was. It felt like any race track in North America, just a fricken big one. I mean local high school football team flipping burgers, nothing really flashy about the place, Thankfully.
$7 bones for a big bud and 4 bucks for a pretzel, I'm in.

Back to hotel Saturday night. more free beer and hooters (restaurant).

Sunday up at 4:30 for bus at 6:30 (father in law needs his digestion time).
On the bus and all were excited, folks from everywhere around states and Canada. Buffalo to Georgia, Toronto to Victoria.
Got to track and went onto track for walkabout through pit lane, party area and track.
Walk through track was great. Pit crews put up with our questions (they stated it was easy to put up with us since early in season).
Signed my kids names on finish line (just about where Martin crossed I think).
Checked out Speed pre-race show, they pre-taped around 9 am. I thought it was live.
Area around garages was cool, took some video of the Martin car getting worked on etc.
Now to the race. Had scanner so enjoyefd listening to leaders and spotters.
Suprised by lack of chatter as well.
Man this is taking long. Everyone saw the race, I was pullling for 20 and 8 but Harvick won me over. He was on a mission. One scanner listerner stated Martin's spotter was screaming "29's coming, get high, get high" but no movement from MArtin.
The wrecks, the people, the atmosphere I would recommend Daytona to fans and non fans. It was a great time. I was amazed to not see any drunks, scraps, idiots. Everyone was cool and happy to chatter, laugh (what was Blaney doing???) cry (20) and just hoot and holler through the green white checker. I'm also a bigger Nascar fan then I was before (I warned my wife this might happen). Watching Dale ride/skim the wall through 1 and 2 was amazing. I thought the front and back stretched were wider but when the annoucers starts getting excited about three wide I understand why. Hope you enjoyed my babble. Lots more to talk about but I have hockey tonight. Git er done. Thanks

fast43 - 2/24/2007 at 07:53 AM

Nothing with a 43 anywhere???

That's just downright blasphemy.

Darlington has a nice little museum.

You should try to go to Darlington or Martinsville. IMO the last of the tracks with the old time feel.

heineken515 - 2/24/2007 at 01:08 PM

Nice synopsis Leafsfan, glad you had a good time, sounds like you did it up right! I think the drunks and idiots were there, you just couldn't see them...although they may be a victim of the astronomical prices. The old days of drunken idiots may still exist somewhere in the infield, but I hear that Talladega is still hootin and hollerin.

maximumule - 2/24/2007 at 03:37 PM

Leafsfan - glad you had a good time. The good old boys are still there for sure. We used to call a part of the infield "Jurassic Park". Funny thing was the turn 1 and 2 areas were fenced off for the RV's and Prevost buses. Very very nice. Some of those things had to be in the 1,000,000 dolllar price range. On the other side of the fence was an old school bus with a home made pig cooker in tow and a very rotund gentelman cooking something up. Quite the paradox.

Fast43 - you man is and will always be the king. Damn shame that there is now no young Petty waiting the the wings to take over. Kyle never really realized his potential and Adam was a crying shame. The day that there is no true Petty on the track will be a very sad one. I may be wrong but I believe that in the history of NASCAR there has always been a Randelman Rocket in the field - Lee, Richard, Kyle or Adam. Maybe you can shed some light on that one.

Any of you guys do the Charlotte Race?

Brock - 2/24/2007 at 04:30 PM

Well done Leafsfan. Thanks for the review. Maybe we should invite some of the Nascar fans are redneck people over so they can consider an objective report rather than some 30 year old stereotype. Very happy you made it to the pits; that was very interesting to me on my 05 visit. I was able through my scamming brother to have pit passes for the Busch race, very cool and you can get really close, like 25 feet from pit wall, highly recommended if you can swing it. Saw this one guy down there and I said to my bro, "that guy looks like Eddie Cheever....that is E Cheever!" Bro chatted w/ him and he admitted doing a recon on a possible Nascar deal. Nothing came of it to my knowledge. At the beginning of the IROC race, I was down in the pits and driver Max Papis and others paraded by. I was close so I yelled in my best Italian (which is good, w/ my heritage) "Ciao Maxie". I think he freaked out to hear such a thing at Day-tone-er, but it got a big paisano grin. On that Sonny's BBQ, son, we need to talk!

fast43 - 2/24/2007 at 04:36 PM

There's been a Petty in every race since day one. The Woods could also claim that if they hadn't only raced part time in the 60's and 70's.

I'll have to find them and post but I have some pix of a 15 yr old Adam Petty as part of the Charlotte pre race show riding a giant Harley crushing cars. I really think Adam had what it takes to be a big time star.

I've been to Charlotte but won't go back there or to any other track that Bruton Smith owns. My boycott is in protest of him buying North Wilkesboro and closing it.

heineken515 - 2/24/2007 at 04:37 PM

On that Sonny's BBQ, son, we need to talk!

Oh yea, I was going to comment on that too...not sure where you're headed on this Brock...but slow down a minute. If Leafsfan is from Canada he truly does not get too much southern BBQ and Sonny's is an OK representation...sure, sure there is better, BUT there certainly is worse.

Leafsfan, Sonny's is a good example of southern BBQ. When I moved down here from NE Ohio 23 years ago, my idea of BBQ was anything cooked on a grill, I had no idea. Not making any assumptions about what you know about BBQ, but ... oh nevermind.

fast43 - 2/24/2007 at 04:45 PM

You want Bar B Que you have to go Owensboro, KY. Moonlite BBQ is it!

They also have the International BBQ Festival in Owensboro in May.

Now back to racin

Brock - 2/24/2007 at 04:46 PM

Heiny, you're right, Sonny's is ok(pulled) and I eat it maybe once a month. But in addition to being 1/4 Italian, I am 1/2 W Tennessean. My dad used to cook a pork butt in the oven at 175 for like 24 hours per the family recipe. Haaawe, that's good! Jerry Clower.

maximumule - 2/24/2007 at 06:16 PM

I thought Humpy Wheeler owned LMS.

Lexington NC also has some outstanding BBQ.

heineken515 - 2/24/2007 at 11:28 PM

BBQ and racin' reference...they used to serve these awesome BBQ pork sandwiches at Rockingham...I believe Eastern Carolina BBQ, vinegar based, they were awesome.

I was (and am still a bit) upset when they shutdown the buddy from Raleigh and I would rendevous there every spring...gee about this time as it used to be the 2nd race on the schedule....ah good times, good times.

fast43 - 2/25/2007 at 12:21 AM

I never got to go to Rockingham. I almost went a couple times but the weather was nasty and I stayed home.

I liked North Wilkesboro, I just like the short tracks I go to martinsville used to really enjoy the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. I'm sure ol Larry O can tell a few stories about that track.

leafsfan - 2/25/2007 at 05:31 PM

Yes sadly the closet we get to southern style bbq here in the Great White North is buffalo wings with BBQ sauce. LOLOLOL You should see what passes for mexican food up here!!! (I quero taco bell)

Still pumped about Daytona and one point that blows everyone away up here is that you could bring your own beer to the track!!! And then go out to your car for more if you ran out!!!
You can't walk down the street in Vancouver, BC with a bag of wine without being questioned by the police on your intentions. (a couple of riots in the 90's kinda scared the crap out of the laid back west coast types here). Pot on the other hand can be smoked anywhere. Little Vansterdam some say.

We always say americans know how to do sporting/concert events up right.

Have a good one

maximumule - 2/25/2007 at 06:14 PM

2-25-07 Speed Racer's day today i do believe.

Brock - 2/25/2007 at 08:45 PM

Hey Leafs, that no beer at the track thing must be a Western Canadian rule. At the CDN GP in MTL, you can bring in beer, I've done it, twice, in 96 and 99. One of my buds in 99, either by being clueless or unfamiliar w/ all the different beers there, mistakenly bought some 0.5% Labatts. We didn't care because it was so bloody hot but we still give him crap about that one.

New topic before we get fully into the season, who is the best racer ever, in any form of motorsport? I vote M Schumacher but if someone wants to go w/ say Mike Hailwood, that would be a great pick. Let's not debate our choices; all answers are correct.

fast43 - 2/25/2007 at 09:10 PM

Best racers ever

A J Foyt
Mario Andretti
Tony Stewart

heineken515 - 2/25/2007 at 09:39 PM

Lot's of folks don't like Tony Stewart for whatever reason, but I agree with you fast43.

No1ToRunWith - 2/26/2007 at 12:53 AM

On 2-22-2007 I posted

What do you think is the top 5 going into California??

Roush is going to be strong. I expect a good run from 17 -Kennseth. Stewart will rebound. Two dark horses are Mark Martin and Clint Boyer

Looks like I was right

For Stweart, you put him in anything and he will win in it. He adapts real quickly.

leafsfan - 2/26/2007 at 02:01 AM

Hey Leafs, that no beer at the track thing must be a Western Canadian rule. At the CDN GP in MTL, you can bring in beer, I've done it, twice, in 96 and 99. One of my buds in 99, either by being clueless or unfamiliar w/ all the different beers there, mistakenly bought some 0.5% Labatts. We didn't care because it was so bloody hot but we still give him crap about that one.

Ya got me there Montreal is a whole different world from the rest of Canada. Way more liberal about indulging then anything to the west. Good story about the 0.5. I can hear your buddy. This beer is amazing i've drank 12 and am feeling nothing, I thought CDN beer packed a punch. Its Just like the beer back home. LOL

No1ToRunWith - 2/26/2007 at 04:43 PM

That crash by the 00, David Reutimann was vicious! Glad he is ok.

MusicCityBluesBro - 2/27/2007 at 02:52 AM

best racer ever:
Tony Stewart

My favorite driver(s) of all time:
2 way tie
Bobby Allison & The Ice Man - Terry Labonte

Who are ya'lls all-time favorite driver(s)?

Bill, you can say yours again.

MusicCityBluesBro - 2/27/2007 at 03:06 AM

Leafsfan, enjoyed reading your Daytona stories. Thanks for sharing.

Brock - 2/27/2007 at 03:34 AM

Per Autoweek, 2-19-07, re the J Villeneuve Busch drive at MTL, "some sources say the deal[between Evernham and JV] is done, but neither side is is ready to make the announcement." So I may be eating some crow, Musiccity. The same article stated, "Evernham has invited Schumacher to un-retire and drive a red Charger." Not a serious possibility, but that would be something. You guys take Autoweek? This fan cannot do w/o it.

No1ToRunWith - 2/27/2007 at 04:15 AM

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----
That crash by the 00, David Reutimann was vicious! Glad he is ok.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

Nascar is saying it was one of the hardest hits ever. DW was correct when he guessed that Reutimann had the wind knocked out of him. He also severely bruised his foot when it got caught in the pedals.

Jeff Gordon's hit a Poconno last year was 60 g's. Jeff Fuller at Ky when asked after he saw the data if it was near Gordon's, he replied "Way More Than Gordon's" . My guess is near or above 100 g's. That seat looked very forward and close to the wheel. I know drivers like Mark Martin sit that close and use their arm to steer thru the corner. Here is Fullers crash....(broken wrist and cracked ribs.)

Fuller Crash

No1ToRunWith - 2/27/2007 at 04:18 AM

Reutimann's Crash

Reutimann's Crash

maximumule - 2/27/2007 at 06:12 PM

Top 3 alltime:

1. Tony Stewart - a. Indy Car title. b. 2 Winston Cup titles.

2. My opinion - the best pure driver of all time. What he did at Daytona 2004 i believe when the car went 360 through the tri-oval grass and to gather it up, siick turn 1 and loose only about three places - damn!

3. The medication - whatever Joe Gibbs boy's have him on to calm his butt down is really working.

Honorable Mention:

1. M.Shumacher - (sp?)

2. D.Earnhardt, Sr.

3. T. Richmond

4. J.Johnson

5. D. Pearson

Sentimental Favorite

K Petty - Rode in his charity bike ride last year and he was a real class act. Does a great job with the Victory Junction.

No1ToRunWith - 2/28/2007 at 02:29 PM

1. Tony Stewart - a. Indy Car title. b. 2 Winston Cup titles.

Do not forget

4 United States Auto Club (USAC) championships

He was the first and only driver to have won championships in stock cars, IROC, Indy cars and open-wheel Midget, Sprint and Silver Crown cars.

maximumule - 2/28/2007 at 04:22 PM

Thanks for the information. Clearly a very accomplished driver.


fast43 - 2/28/2007 at 06:21 PM

I don't buy into Michael Schumacher being an all time best driver. I really don't think he had a lot of competition during his era. Plus IMO you lose credibility when your teammate stops on track so you can win.

If Aryton Senna had lived I believe Schumacher would have been just another F1 driver.

Brock - 2/28/2007 at 06:59 PM

It took me a long while to conclude Schumacher was the best driver ever, as JM Fangio is my hero and frankly I did not want to see his championship record broken. But I had to relent after seeing what he did at Ferrari. It was not only his driving (in the rain, especially), but he was a master tactician and could read the weather and the race like no other. When he came to Ferrari in '96, it was a 2d rate team but Schumacher (and billions of lira) built the team into the envy of the paddock. A great driver, but also superb tactician and fantastic team motivator made him the best (but not necessarily the most likable). But no debating our choices like I said! A shame Senna was not around longer to possibly change my opinion.

Jack - 3/1/2007 at 03:17 PM

My passion is dragracing, especially bikes.Been racing for 25 + years and it's a ton of fun. First big race of the year is Prostar event at South Georgia Motorsports Park ,on this weekend and will be followed by the first ProStock Bike event of the NHRA season at Gainesville Fla. at the Gatornationals. Heroes of this sport are Elmer Trett and Dave Schultz,both now deceased unfortunately.

Our race season up here starts at the end of April. Got a fresh motor and some new paint for the old girl and just waiting for the snow to melt.

MusicCityBluesBro - 3/11/2007 at 07:12 PM

Notebook: Martin reiterates decision to retire at Bristol

By David Caraviello and Joe Menzer, NASCAR.COM
March 10, 2007
12:06 AM EST dex.html


Ya'll ready to Booggity, boys & girls!?!

I know it's gettin' kinda late to be pickin'...

but, who ya pickin'?

I'm going with Kahneseth. Haha! OK, guess I can
only choose one, right...



[Edited on 3/11/2007 by MusicCityBluesBro]

MusicCityBluesBro - 3/13/2007 at 01:45 AM

OTF, congrats on seeing your 1st Cup race LIVE.
Curious what was the one thing that stood out as being different than you expected. Anything?

3 questions for ya:

1. How big of a stock-car fan were you before this weekend?

2. Are you a bigger fan now?

3. Do you want to go to more races, Or prefer watching on TV where
there is NO beer line?

Larry O

MusicCityBluesBro - 3/13/2007 at 04:02 AM

Cool, Thanks for sharing OTF.

An air show AND a race ... ALL IN ONE!

Larry O

Brock - 3/15/2007 at 12:54 PM

Australian GP this weekend. Coverage starts earlier than normal by around 10 hrs. Sebring also this weekend. All on Speed. Hooray!

[Edited on 3/15/2007 by Brock]

Jack - 3/15/2007 at 10:28 PM

NHRA dragracing in Gainesville Florida this weekend , the 38th.annual Gatornationals. This event marks the start of the ProStock Motorcycle series which run at 16 National Events. Big rivalry between American V Twins and import metric bikes. ESPN 2 shows the races but don't know the times. We get it on a delayed basis on TSN in Canada.

MusicCityBluesBro - 3/16/2007 at 04:54 AM

Thanks for the heads up, Jack. I'll have to try and catch that. I love watching the Pro-Stock bikes, too.
Is Angelle still riding?

And speaking of F1...

[Edited on 3/16/2007 by MusicCityBluesBro]

Jack - 3/16/2007 at 01:07 PM

Yes Angelle Sampey as she is now known, is still in PSM along with teammate Antron Brown sponsored by US Army on Don Schumacher's mega team. For a 100 lb. 5" person,she sure makes riding a 320 hp.prostocker look easy and she's certainly not hard on the eyes.

fast43 - 3/16/2007 at 04:32 PM

Yes Angelle Sampey as she is now known, is still in PSM along with teammate Antron Brown sponsored by US Army on Don Schumacher's mega team. For a 100 lb. 5" person,she sure makes riding a 320 hp.prostocker look easy and she's certainly not hard on the eyes.

I like Antron Brown He's has prosthetic legs and runs the bikes. Super nice guy. Met him at the nationals a few years ago, I handed him my program to sign instead of just signing the cover he thumbed through it until he found his picture and signed that page.

Jack - 3/16/2007 at 05:34 PM

Fast,that would be Reggie Showers from Philly not Antron.Reggie lost both legs as a kid and at one time had PDI, a prostetics manufacturer as a sponsor.I had seen him race for 15+ years before I knew he was a double amputee.

Both are good people and it doesn't surprise me that Antron would find the page with his pic to sign. BTW,Antron is Angelle's bro-in law.Off to NHRA's page to check first round qualifying...

No1ToRunWith - 3/18/2007 at 04:25 AM

So far this weekend at Atlanta.

Trucks - Mike Skinner (pulled the Sprauge move and almost turned Clint Boyer)

Busch - Jeff Burton. Kyle Busch was dominant but left a left front lug nut loose on the last stop, ended up 3rd.

fast43 - 3/18/2007 at 11:40 PM

Why didn't NASCAR just stop the race and give it to Johnson?

As soon as Knauss says they don't have enough gas..a debris caution. What BS

No1ToRunWith - 3/19/2007 at 12:17 PM

EXACTLY. They are handing him the championship! Last week with the tire out of the pit box and no penalty. Goes on to win. Then to not race Stewart clean and run him into the wall.

Bhawk - 3/19/2007 at 11:47 PM

Last week with the tire out of the pit box and no penalty

Actually, in that case, the tire left his pit box, but rolled into the next pit box and not over the line onto pit road. Pit road is considered a part of the track, no equipment on the track. Equipment to and fro betwixt the pit boxes, as long as it doesn't go over the line onto pit road, is OK.

Bhawk - 3/19/2007 at 11:58 PM

Personally, I don't think you can cross different eras when deciding the "best driver ever." No disrespect to Tony Stewart, and he's won his share of championships, but Mario Andretti won the Indy 500, the Daytona 500 and the World Championship. Richard Petty won 200 races, that record will stand forever. Michael Schumacher's career numbers are incredible. Who knows how many races David Pearson would have won if would have run full-time all the time. Dale Earnhardt could "see air." Jeff Gordon has done some amazing things, but people hate him so he'll never get his due. Check out John Force's career accomplishments, they are incredible as well. Then there's AJ Foyt, Rick Mears, Fangio, Junior Johnson, Cale Yarborough, ol' DW, the list goes on and on...

As far as this past weekend goes, and I've watched every Grand Prix for the last 15 years, but there's only so much enjoyment one can gather from the polesitter leading the entire race and winning by 10 seconds, again. I thought the coolest thing all weekend was seeing Karen Stoffer pick up a Wally on the motorcycle, especially after that horrible wreck a couple years back.

Brock - 3/20/2007 at 03:37 AM

Another GP fan, great! The Aussie GP was a yawner allright but still interesting w/ the new drivers. Could the announcers have praised Lewis Hamilton any more? Somewhat deserving, but they went way overboard on it. Liked the story of Kimi recently entering a snowmobile race as the late GP driver James Hunt so Ferrari would not find out about it and winning. I'm warming up to him as a racer due to that. And what's up w/ having to run 2 different tire compounds in the race? Who comes up w/ these unnecessary rules? I like the Honda paint scheme (globe), but the cars underneath are lacking. Top 6, Kimi, Alonso, Hamilton, Heidfeld, Fisichella, Massa (my drive of the race having started dead last). BMW looks to be the best of the rest after Ferrari and McLaren. Malaysia 4-8.

Jack - 3/20/2007 at 12:26 PM

Karen Stoffer went from the 16th (last) qualified spot in the quickest PSM field ever to the win at Gainesville. The ladies were flyin' - Angelle set a new ET record at 6.911.

Bhawk - 3/20/2007 at 01:14 PM

Horrible news...

Eric Medlen was injured Monday when his Funny Car crashed during a testing accident at Gainesville Raceway. Medlen suffered undetermined injuries when his entry crashed heavily into the rightside guardwall. He was transported via ShandsCair helicopter to Shands at the University of Florida medical center.

The six-time NHRA tour winner, who participated in Sunday's 38th annual ACDelco NHRA Gatornationals, was being treated in the surgical intensive care unit at Shands. He was listed in critical condition while being further evaluated by medical personnel.

Medical staff will provide a condition update at midday on Tuesday according to John Force Racing sources who emphasized that, at the present time, Medlen is not permitted to have visitors, phone calls, cards or flowers.

“Eric's extended family would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers,” said Kelly Antonelli, spokesperson for JFR. “At the same time, we would ask that you respect the family's privacy at this time and allow the medical staff to do its work.”

A former crewman on boss and teammate John Force's championship-winning Funny Cars, Medlen began his own driving career in 2004, winning a race his first year. He won three more times in 2005 and two times last season in a Funny Car prepared by his father, John Medlen.

No1ToRunWith - 3/20/2007 at 01:22 PM

Wish him a speedy recovery

Jack - 3/23/2007 at 07:30 PM

Medlin is a tough tough kid,his previous rides were 8 seconds on rodeo bulls....hope he comes through with a complete recovery.If you click on the NHRA site,they have set up a message link for Eric.

Ok, Nascar's got the COT at Bristol and IHRA kicks off their dragracing season on San Antonio this weekend. Good luck to Robbie Atchison from London, a 3 time IHRA Alcohol Funny Car champ.

Bhawk - 3/23/2007 at 09:55 PM

Eric Medlen succumbs to injuries suffered in recent testing accident

Eric Medlen, 33, who had emerged as one of the most popular young drivers in the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, succumbed Friday afternoon to injuries suffered when his race car crashed into a guardwall during a Monday test session at Gainesville Raceway.

The talented Funny Car driver never regained consciousness. After being treated at the track, he was transported by ShandsCair helicopter to Shands at the University of Florida medical center where medical staff treated him for four days for a severe closed head injury.

"Eric suffered from severe traumatic brain injury with diffuse axonal injury, or DAI," said Dr. Joseph Layon, Professor of Anesthesiology, Surgery and Medicine and the Chief of Critical Care Medicine at UF. "Survival rates associated with DAI are low.

"On Tuesday, UF and Shands neurosurgery team performed a cranjectomy and removed the front portion of the skull to relieve pressure and attempt to improve blood flow to the brain," Dr. Layon explained. "Despite receiving the most aggressive treatment, Eric continued to have uncontrollable intracranial pressure. His body lost the ability to manage it's salt and water levels and he began displaying the complicating factors associated with DAI.

"That is when Eric's family elected to honor Eric's wishes and remove him from the artificial life support systems. Our hearts go out to Eric's loved ones."

"On behalf of the family, I want to thank the medical staff at Shands not just for giving Eric the very best care he could have received, but for the compassion it showed for Eric and all those close to him," said his father, John Medlen. "I also want to thank the thousands of people who offered their prayers and support to us during this very difficult time."

As recently as Thursday night, more than 100 drivers and crew members representing every Indianapolis-based race team attended a prayer vigil organized by Kelly Bustos, team manager for Tuttle Motorsports, which fields Top Fuel dragsters for 2006 Rookie-of-the-Year J.R. Todd, one of Medlen's closest friends in the sport.

At Louisville, Ky., where BP/Castrol had set up booth space for the Mid-America Trucking Show, fans and well-wishers filled up two giant posters with get well wishes Thursday. Moreover, more than 4,500 individual messages of support were left at a special e-mail address on the first day it was activated.

"Eric Medlen was the son I never had," said team owner John Force. "He was the leader of my next generation of drivers. Robert Hight, my daughter Ashley and I were with the family throughout this very difficult time. This loss is a huge blow not only to the Medlen family, but to drag racing and to John Force Racing. I just want to thank everybody for their support, from Larry Smiley with Racers for Christ to the hospital staff to the whole drag racing community. Our prayers go out to the family."

Little more than three years ago, Medlen took over driving responsibilities in the Funny Car in which Tony Pedregon won the 2003 championship. He had distinguished himself as one of the brightest young stars on the circuit, winning six times in his first three seasons and never finishing outside the top-five in driver points.

A graduate of Oakdale (Calif.) High School, where he was a high school rodeo champion in calf roping, Medlen trained under the watchful eye of two-time PRCA World Champion Jerold Camarillo and had contemplated a career in pro rodeo before his father called in 1996 to offer him a mechanic's job at John Force Racing, Inc.

After spending one season on the team on which his father was crew chief, he moved over one pit stall in 1997 to work on the car driven by 14-time NHRA champion John Force. Serving first as the supercharger technician and later as a clutch specialist, he was a member of a team the crewed Force to 50 tour victories and six championships in seven seasons.

When Tony Pedregon left after the 2003 season to form his own team, Medlen was Force's surprise pick to fill the seat, a move that re-united him with his father on the No. 2 team at JFR.

He was the sport's top Funny Car rookie in 2004, winning at Brainerd, Minn. He won three races in 2005 and two in 2006 including the race contested closest to his hometown -- the Fram/Autolite Nationals at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif.

Jack - 3/24/2007 at 12:15 AM

Sad news ,Godspeed Eric. Prayers to John and the rest of the family.

LexABB - 3/24/2007 at 12:49 PM

Are you guys ready for the "Car Of Tommorrow?"

I think this is a bunch of crap, but i don't work for NASCAR, big hoopla to announce forever that all cars will look the same and run the same, oh yea isn't that IROC?

fast43 - 3/24/2007 at 02:11 PM

I'll see the COT in person next week. I'm getting excited about my trip to Martinsville.

MusicCityBluesBro - 3/25/2007 at 09:38 AM

Anyone watch the IRL season debut last night? A 3-peat for Dan at Miami-Homestead! Nobody had ANYTHING for Dan Wheldon! That was one of the most dominating displays of a perfectly set-up race car that I have witnessed in my 38 years of auto-racing. Reminded me of DW's Bristol domination or Kyle's Rockingham stranglehold from years gone-by. He(Dan Wheldon) had an in-car cam & telemetry package and it was showing 100% throttle all the way through the corners on most of the laps on board with him - others were having to lift or burp it at times, in the center. Even his teammate Dixon, had nothing for him. Team Penske must really be scratching their heads over this level of performance.

Not much of a battle between the ladies tonight. Sarah Fisher, which has just secured a full sponser for '07, qualified good, but her team missed the race set-up altogether, but was able to salvage an 11th place finish with the attrition from other drivers. Danica Patrick had contact with the inside pit-wall after losing it entering pit road, and knocked herself from contention and wound up 14th just minutes after running as high as 7th place.

Oh, and speaking of the battle of the ladies, that battle is about to get a little hotter more ways than one...

Class, say hello to Milka! Type=driver&drivername=Milka%20Duno

...I think Tony George is gonna sell alot more tickets this year...

Milka Duno

Birthday: April 22, 1972
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuala ● Residence: Miami

Milka Duno has attracted attention worldwide for her racing talents and educational background. The 2000 "Venezuelan Auto Racing Driver of the Year" is a Naval Engineer with four master's degrees -- in Organizational Development, Naval Architecture, Maritime Business and Marine Biology. She earned the last three simultaneously. She also has been featured in numerous magazines, including Vogue, Esquire and Selecta. Off the track, she is active as Hispanic spokesperson for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and encourages youngsters to
complete their education.

She will compete in 10 IndyCar Series events this season – including the 91st running of the Indy 500 on May 27. After testing and passing her rookie test in early March, Duno will launch her long-time aspirations April 29 at Kansas Speedway. She'll also compete at Texas Motor Speedway (June 9), Iowa Speedway (June 24), Watkins Glen International (July 8), Nashville Superspeedway (July 14), Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (July 22), Michigan International Speedway (Aug. 5), Kentucky Speedway (Aug. 11) and the season finale at Chicagoland Speedway (Sept. 9).

Results from
Homestead-Miami Speedway :: Sat, 24 Mar 2007

1 Dan Wheldon - Target Chip Ganassi Racing
2 Scott Dixon - Target Chip Ganassi Racing
3 Sam Hornish Jr. - Team Penske
4 Vitor Meira - Delphi - Panther Racing
5 Tony Kanaan - Team 7-Eleven - AGR Racing (Andretti/Green Racing)
6 Ed Carpenter - Vision Racing
7 Dario Franchitti - Canadian Club - AGR Racing
8 Tomas Scheckter - Vision Racing
9 Helio Castroneves - Team Penske
10 Buddy Rice - Dreyer & Reinbold Racing
11 Sarah Fisher - Dreyer & Reinbold Racing
12 Scott Sharp - Patron Sharp/Rahal Letterman Racing
13 Darren Manning - ABC Supply Co./AJ Foyt Racing
14 Danica Patrick - Motorola - AGR Racing
15 Marty Roth - Roth Racing
16 Kosuke Matsuura - Panasonic Panther Racing
17 Jeff Simmons - Rahal Letterman Racing Team Ethanol
18 A.J. Foyt IV - Vision Racing
19 Alex Barron - CURB Records
20 Marco Andretti - NYSE Group - AGR Racing

[Edited on 3/25/2007 by MusicCityBluesBro]

MusicCityBluesBro - 3/25/2007 at 09:48 AM

I like what NASCAR is doing with the COT. I think it will make for more competitive racing, particularly on the "cookie cutter" tracks, and should help lower the cost of racing. But most importantly, and the reason for builing these cars in the first place, it'll make them safer for the drivers.

I have to disagree about these cars becoming "IROC" cars now. The teams still get to build/tune the engines, dial in the chassis, unlike IROC cars which all get +/- 5 h.p. engines, identical spring rates, identical sway bar diameters, identical shock dampening/rebound rates, identical suspension geometry, etc, etc.

The biggest change for the driver is he's going to have to "get up on that wheel", as the announcers like to say. For the crew chief/chassis specialists the big challenge will be building a new notebook.

When you find yourself becoming unhappy with the COT, try to keep in mind WHY NASCAR started building this car seven years ago - so that our drivers, in the event of a bad wreck, could see their families that night, and race again the next weekend. If it succeeds in doing that, then I say WELCOME Car Of Tomorrow!

Larry O

A great primer on the COT can be found at the link below, and includes the 2 topics outlined below and about 17 more.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the COT, but were afraid to ask:

• Four key aspects of the Car of Tomorrow:
A New Era
More Competition
Driver Safety
Cost Management

• Video: Bodine discusses differences of COT
NASCAR's Director of Cost Research and Special Projects, Brett Bodine, explains the differences between the stock car of today and the Car of Tomorrow. Check out all the COT highlights from Bristol.

Car of Tomorrow
2007 races with the COT

Date ---Track

Mar 25 Bristol
Apr 1 Martinsville
Apr 21 Phoenix
May 5 Richmond
May 12 Darlington
Jun 3 Dover
Jun 24 Sonoma
Jul 1 New Hampshire
Aug 12 Watkins Glen
Aug 25 Bristol
Sep 8 Richmond
Sep 16 New Hampshire *
Sep 23 Dover *
Oct 7 Talladega *
Oct 21 Martinsville *
Nov 11 Phoenix *

* = Chase race

fast43 - 3/25/2007 at 02:01 PM

I'm looking forward to seeing the COT.

I like the fact that it has a bigger greenhouse to punch a bigger hole in the air. This should make the racing and drafting like it was 20 years ago. We might actually see a good old fashion slingshot pass again.

Now if they'd stop having a debris caution somewhere in the last 15 laps.

fast43 - 3/26/2007 at 12:08 AM

Kyle Busch should thank his lucky stars that he was racing with Jeff Burton. Just about anyone else would have put him in the wall

No1ToRunWith - 3/26/2007 at 07:21 PM

Johnson again having a hand in getting a teamate a victory

fast43 - 3/28/2007 at 04:46 PM

Getting excited here, starting to pack for Martinsville. I'll be leaving tomorrow.

I don't know if I'll take my camera to race, but I will have some pix of the festivities

LexABB - 3/28/2007 at 05:42 PM

I'm looking forward to seeing the COT.

I like the fact that it has a bigger greenhouse to punch a bigger hole in the air. This should make the racing and drafting like it was 20 years ago. We might actually see a good old fashion slingshot pass again.

Now if they'd stop having a debris caution somewhere in the last 15 laps.

they could throw this flag all day, ashame it always seems like someone benefits in a timely manner when they do

playallnite - 3/30/2007 at 04:02 PM

American Le Mans is on TV Saturday night from St. Pete, FL.

Jack - 3/30/2007 at 05:14 PM

NHRA at Houston and Prostar at Atlanta this weekend. Dragbike .com will have updates on both as will I see that John Force's teams are taking this event off in the wake of Eric Medlin's death at Gainesville.RIP Eric.

maximumule - 4/2/2007 at 03:26 PM

JJ is on a roll. I htought JG was going to send him for a ride but good clean racing.

fast43 - 4/2/2007 at 11:14 PM

JJ is on a roll. I htought JG was going to send him for a ride but good clean racing.

Johnson is protected, that's why he's on a roll. Hendrick told Gordon not to touch him when he was on the radio saying he was going to bump him. First time I've ever heard Gordon curse on the radio. He was not happy with the situation Sunday

MusicCityBluesBro - 4/3/2007 at 04:47 AM

Isn't it ironic that the same guy that Jeff highly recommended for the driving job at Hendrick Motorsports, is now the guy that he is cussing because he wouldn't give him the win! What's up with that!?! Even Jeff said in his post-race interview, right AFTER he b itched about him not "getting out of his way", said "I probably would have raced the same way had I been in his(JJ's) shoes".

Personally, I didn't see anything wrong with the way JJ won, just think the Cry Baby in Jeff Gordon was coming out to play. A little jealous maybe, that his teammate is doing better than him, ... again. Makes me appreciate the Jeff Burton, Mark Martin, etc., style of racing & winning that much more.

Hope you had a great time at both races, Bill. Got any interesting stories/pix for us?

Larry O

MusicCityBluesBro - 4/3/2007 at 06:12 AM

Good point OTF. I guess what I meant was, Johnson is doing better with his 3 wins verses no wins for Gordon. And wins are going to pay off big time starting with this seasons newly restructured points system for The Chase.


I'm glad NASCAR implemented this points update for this season. Drivers just haven't been getting enough of a reward, points-wise for a win, in the previous years. Just my opinion.

Larry O

fast43 - 4/3/2007 at 01:19 PM

I think he was expressing frustration with both johnson and Rick Hendrick. Gordon had the faster car and I think if it weren't a teammate there would have been a bumper put on the 48 car.Hendrick told him not to bump him.

Other than the last 20 laps the COT gave us the worst Martinsville race I've seen. There was little side by side racing anywhere on the track.There has always been a memorable battle for position somewhere during the race, be it for first or 21st but not this year.

I had my scanner on Fox at times during the race. I did hear Mike Joy talk about Martinsville being his favorite short track. I agree with every reason he gave.

fast43 - 4/3/2007 at 01:22 PM

I did see something really funny in the parking lot.

A cardboard stand up of Dale Jr. with a bra, thong, silver high heels and lipstick on.

I wish I had remembered to take my camera to the track with me.

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