Thread: No Great Woods/Tweeter Center show in Mansfield, MA this year???

Barndog57 - 4/3/2007 at 07:39 PM

A big "Howdy" to all you lovable Peach Heads out there!!!!!

I just checked some of the upcoming dates for the Brothers this summer, and found a couple of strange items. First off, thanks to Lana & Rowland, the news that the ABB will be playing the Newport Folk Festival in RI this year (Saturday, August 4th)? Go figure???? This has to be a first, for the ABB. Though to be honest, some of you older fans out there might know better than yours truly? I would have picked them for the Jazz Festival side of things myself, but really who's complaining? Though I do wonder, if they will be forced to play a shorter "festival set?" Frankly, I hope that's not the case, but I would tend to believe they would?

And secondly, and even more shocking to this ABB fan, no shows, down at the Great Woods/Tweeter Center complex (19,000 +) in Mansfield, MA????? This is a real shocker.... For as long as I can remember, certainly back to the re-formed ABB of the early '90's, they have always played down there at least once per summer. In fact, there were several years there where they played two shows, and even one (with Jack Pearson, in the slide chair), where they played three times (beginning, middle & end of season)!!!

Instead, they'll play two shows (Tuesday, August 7th & Wednesday, August 8th) within the significantly intimate confines, of the Bank of America Pavilion (5,000) on Boston Harbor. So, over two nights they'll end up playing for 9,000 less folks, than if they had played just one show at Great Woods/Tweeter Center???? Go figure??? I'm very shocked by this development.

And, what's up with the early to mid week shows (Tues & Wed)? As long as I can remember, they have always played this market on a Friday or Saturday? And that too, kinda sucks.... Again, the Newport Folk Festival gig, is probably the cause of that, seeing as it's on a Saturday??? Just my two cents....

Boston, and the greater New England area, has always been, one of the top music markets in the Nation. And, in particular, very strong with the ABB over the years, through both thick and thin times (see, "An Evening with The Allman Brothers Band - First Set" CD or, "The Live At Great Woods" VHS/DVD., or the just released Boston Common show from the 70's). I'm just kinda shocked by this development? Maybe, it's because they'll be playing in nearby Newport, RI, that they decided to "downsize" to the Pavilion vs. the much larger, Great Woods/Tweeter Center?

Nothing against the Bank of America Pavilion, but there really is no parking lot scene there, whatsoever. I mean, that's one of the best features of a show down at Great Woods/Tweeter center. I'll certainly miss that for sure this year... Bummer....

On the positive side of things, the view by the harbor is quite nice, and the venue is pretty decent. Not great, but decent if you are up close, and in the middle. Off to the sides, it's pretty weak. Though, one does have to contend with noise from both the harbor and from Logan International Airport, just across the way (note, that can be a bummer).

Well, I'm headed down to NYC later this week, and to The Beacon Theater (one of the nicest venues, bar none), to catch our beloved ABB (the best damn band out there, hands down) for two shows, Thursday & Saturday night. Thanks Glenn!!! And man, I can't wait!!!! See ya'll there.... PEACE!!!

nypeachhead - 4/3/2007 at 07:41 PM

How many threads are we going to have on this. People just look around before starting a thread, thats all I ask.LOL!!

There are duplicate threads popping up all over the place lately.

Not trying to single you out Barndog57.

Barndog57 - 4/3/2007 at 09:13 PM

Sorry about that nypeachhead, I didn't mean to add confusion to the mix..... I should have done a better job of scouting out previous entries regarding this topic, and thus, not adding another "thread"... I promise to do so in the future.... PEACE!!!

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