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Krishna - 12/20/2006 at 05:38 PM

Hey,Brothers & Sisters!

I know how lucky we are to have such wonderful photographers that frequent HTW & share their amazing vision with us all!(Very lucky,in fact!)

I just wanted to turn everyone on to another great photographer(& friend of mine) named Joseph Vala.
You can check out his amazing work at

He has shot for all of our favorite bands,all over the world!
His photos are incredible!~So check them out!

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Brucebcd - 12/20/2006 at 05:43 PM


sure that's not the IRS website???

no, that would be "keepkickingmewhilei'"...

just kidding IRS!!!

my social is 555-555-5555, in case your wondering...

lolasdeb - 12/20/2006 at 06:06 PM

Thanks for sharing, Krishna! Your friend does nice work.

susea - 12/20/2006 at 06:59 PM

Thank you sweet sistah Krishna!!

RobJohnson - 12/20/2006 at 11:03 PM

I've met Joe at various shows and festivals, and he is a cool dude, as well as a top-notch photographer. I actually didn't see him on the road this year, glad to know he's still in the mix.

He had never seen or heard of Colonel Bruce Hampton until I ran into him at a festival, and I proceeded to talk his ear off with the complete history of the Colonel. After he saw the Codetalkers set that night, he became an instant fan!

Krishna - 12/21/2006 at 03:09 AM

Rob....Joe is on myspace,too!
He is a great guy....he told me to tell the Hittin the Note guys hello!(I'm sure that he would like to hear from you)
He has a bunch of Mule/Warren pics that he took for a magazine in Spain....they are so incredible.

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