Thread: Warning!!! Gift Card Scam

MotherTeresa - 11/28/2006 at 02:14 PM

I heard about this today and I don't want anyone to be a victim so be careful when you purchase store gift cards.This came from the Leon County, FL Sherriff's office.

Tis the Season Well, the crooks have found a way to rob you of your
gift card balance. If you buy Gift Cards from a display rack that has
various store cards you may become a victim of theft. Crooks are now
jotting down the card numbers in the store and then wait a few days and
call to see how much of a balance they have on the card. Once they find
the card is "activated", and then they go online and start shopping. You
may want to purchase your card from a customer service person, where they
do not have the Gift Cards viewable to the public. Please share this with
all your family and friends...

leftyblues - 11/28/2006 at 02:18 PM

good tip..thanks...always nice to know the worthless scumbags of the world are hard at work...

MotherTeresa - 11/28/2006 at 02:34 PM

Yeah I was completely disgusted when I read this in an email this morning. Imagine buying a gift card for someone special for their favorite store and then they go to spend it and the balance is already gone!!! I am sure the store won't do anything about it.

lolasdeb - 11/28/2006 at 03:43 PM

so sad that something that can bring out the best in people (the giving of a gift) can bring out the worst in others ... thanks for this info - had not heard about this.

TopDroog - 11/28/2006 at 03:49 PM

Thanks for posting this. I hadn't heard of this before now. Most of the adults in my extended family have agreed that gift cards are the way to go this year (mom has enough slippers and if I get another sweater I think I'll open a discount sweater shop).

We'll be careful.

LinnieXX - 11/28/2006 at 03:51 PM

hey that makes sense, the cards are just on display everywhere nowadays........

i do the ones from my bank, that way people can use them anywhere.

Peace, thanks for sharing.

Haisija - 11/28/2006 at 04:01 PM

Gift cards don't have that aluminum powder and adhesive mixture covering any numbers on them that has to be scratched off ?

MotherTeresa - 11/28/2006 at 04:42 PM

The one I have in my wallet had that silver stuff on it but I guess a safe bet is to make sure the silver stuff is intact when you buy a gift card. My husband just bought a gift card at Best Buy and I looked at it and it has a really small silver area on it but the card says nothing about scratching it off and it has a number on it in plain sight.

MTB08 - 11/28/2006 at 04:43 PM

hanks for sharing this...Always need to be on our toes or else we'll get screwed many times over...

sixty8 - 11/28/2006 at 05:01 PM

Thank you for this post. I don't usually buy gift cards, but that is good info to have. They should keep all gift cards behind the checkout counter.

RedRider - 11/28/2006 at 06:39 PM

Thanks for the info. Just got one for a Mama to be that doesn't have a whole lot to begin with.....

LinnieXX - 11/28/2006 at 06:44 PM

i just checked these out at the wawa, and sho'nuff they have the numbers right on them. of course, you can't do too much with an online Wawa card.......unless they are shipping hoagies.

MotherTeresa - 11/28/2006 at 09:42 PM

here is some more info on the subject from the Snopes website:

CByrd - 11/28/2006 at 10:01 PM

Thanks for the

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